Written by jimmymcjimmy1

1 May 2011

After allowing some time to recompose ourselves, I positioned myself on my knees on the floor at the end of the bed and positioned Janet on her back, legs either side of my head and slightly raised and inserted two fingers into her georgous pussy and started massaging her vaginal walls and in particular the spongy area just up and under the pubic bone as in many women this kind of stimulation will often induce a squirting orgasm or at least will really get the juices flowing. I was really excited at the anticipation of what effect this would have on Janet. Also from this position I was able to stimulate her clit with my free hand and tonge as well.

It was not long before Janet was wimpering with pleasure writhing on the end of my fingers and tonge with John now sitting on the edge of the bed dick in hand shouting let it go Janet! encouraging her to unleash another orgasm. Clearly from her writhing and animal like noises, her next orgasm was fast approaching, so breaking off with my tonge, I really went to work on her with my fingers. It was not long before Janet was squirting over my hand and as I looked up John now knelt beside her was coming over Janets impressive tits and we agreed it was time for another short break.

John took this opportunity to completely undress. Resuming, I positioned Janet on the bed on all fours as I really wanted to get deep into her from behind and John took the opportunity to position himself at the opposite end standing in front of Janet pushing his cock into her mouth while I savoured the wonderful sensation of moving slowly and deeply in and out of Janet, but soon she took up a rythem of her own sliding her pussy up and down my shaft enabling John and I to become almost motionless, allowing Janet to work her magic at both ends.

Soon the contortions on Johns face heralded his next release into Janets mouth but she continued eagerly sucking every last drop that John had left to give, only releasing him from her mouth as his erection subsided which gave me free reign now to thrust into Janet hard and fast from behind while John grabbed his drink sitting close by to watch his wife being fucked hard.

Eventually, my hard thrusting pushed Janet over the top and we both clapsed on the bed in a sweating heap, but she made it clear she was not going let me go until I had come too! and as I laid on my back, Janet soon had me in her mouth with John assuring me that she won't stop until until she gets a result. He was right, her determination to make me cum was impressive and eventually she had me exploding in her mouth too, sucking hard extracting every last drop of semen that she could.

Finally we dressed, had another drink and I wished them both more fun and adventure on their campervan tour and stepped out into the warm summer evening air.