Written by smoothwelshboy2

17 Feb 2015

My wife and I have just come back from a short post christmas break in Feurteventura.

We'd picked an adult only hotel, to get away from all the screaming kids, it was quiet with a nice pool. Just what we wnated.

During the day we'd sunbathe by the pool. We're in our late 40's with good bodies that we like to show off. As we wern't sure what type of hotel it was we brought a selection of swimware from large to very small. One the first day we went for th safe option but by the end of the day had noticed other women going topless.

That evening, over a few drinks, we agreed to be a bit more daring the following day. My wife had bought me a very small pair of Speedos, and I'd got her a single piece thong. WE found a quiet area around the pool and settled down. Around mid day we noticed another couple, in their twenties, were sitting opposite us.

My wife and I went for a swim and when we came back noticed that the couple had moved their sun loungers so they were looking directly at us. We lay down and my wife started to open we legs slowly. The thong I bought her had ne lining as as it was wet perfectly showed off her lips, especially as she started to puul the thomg higher up.

With this the other couple got up, so we thought we had scared them off.

30 minutes later they came back. The woman was no topless with a micro thong one and the guy was waring white tight speedos. They asked us if we wanted to go into the spa and try out the baht in there.

We go up and followed them and when we got there we were the only ones in there. We sat and chatted for a while and then we asked them if we minded if we took our swinwear off. They said no.

We chatted for a while longer with both of us men admiring our wives tits as they floated freely in the water. As time got on we sat closer together and I noticed his wifes hand touching my wifes tits. She said she didn't mind and sat closer to each other and started to kiss and then suck each others tits. My wife them sat on the side and allowed the woman to lick her pussy and then moved forward so the ass was avalable. The woman's tongue flitted between my wifes pussy and ass.

As we we watching I felt his hand on my cock, stroking it slowly and first and then building up speed. I got onto my knees and he started to play with my balls and explore my ass. I lent over and started to kiss him and with this he began to push a finger into my ass.

We all got out of the pool and over to the sauna where I got downa nd took his full length into my mouth. While this was happening I looked over to my wife whose legs were spread open with the other woman having 5 fingers up my wifes pussy and 3 up her ass.

I turned around and got on all fours and I felt his cock press into my arse, it was long and thick and he pushed it in slowly at first. Building up the speed later. By now I just wanted his spunk inside me and the sight of his wife fucking my wife was amazing.

He tensed up and shot his load in me. Then, as he was pulling his cock out his wife came over and licked his cum from my ass. As he moved around in from of me and forced his still hard cock, covered in spunk and smelling of my ass, into my mouth.

And this was only our 2nd day!!!