Written by anonymous

30 Jan 2008

Just had to get this written down so i can read it myself and think how great it is that it is us.

Me and my girlfriend Lesley went to a car park situated somewhere between Rochester and Chatham town yesterday. We got there at around 6:00ish,it was dark and there were a few cars parked and empty.

We met a guy here last week who introduced Lesley to the delights of dogging by fucking her whilst she sucked/played with my cock. It was an amazing evening and we havent stopped shagging since,its like Lesley is permanently on heat.

After about an hour (during which time i seemed to have a permanent erection) a Black Ford pulled in and parked opposite. Nobody got out and the lights were left on which shone straight at us. After a few minutes this grew a bit annoying but just then the car pulled away and left.

About 10 minutes later it returned and parked alongside.

A guy about late 30s early forties got out and walked around to my side. I buzzed down the window.

\"Are you here for fun\" he said as he looked past me to Lesley.

At this time i had a hand up Lesleys dress (which apart from shoes is all she had on).

I looked at Lesley who smiled at me and opened her door.

What now i thought.

She got out of the car and opened the back door. She got in the back and just sat there looking all innocent.

\"Well\" she said.

Both me and the other guy were kind of frozen for a second then he opened the rear door on my side and got in.

\"Hello\" said Lesley. \"Hello\" said the guy.

We all laughed a nervous laugh for a second then he kissed Lesley who responded eagerly.

I watched as they snogged each other,their tongues flicking each other.

He pulled the straps of her dress down to expose her breasts. He cupped them and licked her nipples as she drew her dress upwards.

One of his hands went straight to her pussy and with one gentle wet rub he inserted two fingers in to her.

He pulled back,sat more upright and undid his trousers,he wore no pants and his cock fell forwards. Although not as thick as mine his seemed longer,thinner but with a large head.

Lesley moved her position and held it at the base,leaning forwards she took it straight in to her mouth,crouched and obviously uncomfortable as he was he moved his hips backwards and forwards sliding his cock around the inside of her mouth.

She sat up and moved to lay on her back but he moved her around so that she was facing away from him. She was face down,head almost rammed in to the opposite door.

He lifted her dress up over her lovely creamy bottom and undid the door,backed out of the car and she backed up.

(Bloody cars,never enough room).

She was now bent over (with more room to breathe)on the back seat,he was reaching in and playing with her pussy. I was still in the front seat,my cock out,wanking like crazy whilst keeping an eye out for other people.

He said something to her and she got out the car and bent over so that the top half of her was inside the back of the car with her breasts exposed and her bottom was in the air.

I watched as he moved behind her,he clearly rubbed himself around her freshly shaven lips for a second and then he pushed his cock all the way in. I looked at her face just as he started to enter/fuck her and she looked so horny. A look of relief,pain and pleasure all in one as she exhaled.

One of his hands gripped her hip the other carressed her back moving down to her bottom.He licked his finger and gently inserted a finger tip in to her. I couldnt see how much of it went in but i watched Lesleys face and knew she was enjoying it.

He was going for it now,really ramming his cock in to her. Lesleys breath was becoming a fast pant as i recognised her orgasm approaching,her breasts jiggling around and her face contorting.

Her tongue was sticking out slightly and looked wet,she started to grin and pant faster then shook as she started to cum. I was wanking like crazy as i heard him groan and thrust himself even harder in to her,gripping her bottom with both hands now.

He was empying himself in to her as i started to cum.

And then we were all just catching our breath.

I was in the front franticly trying to clean myself up,Lesley just lay in the back and closed her eyes.

Our new friend pulled up his trousers and without saying a word wandered around to his car and pulled away.

I took Lesley home who appeared in a dreamy state until after her shower.

We later on fucked like animals and i even fucked her arse with a vibrator as she rode me,something she has always refused in the past. This could open up new opportunities i thought as i imagined another guys cock pumping in to arse as my cock fucked her pussy.(I havent suggested this yet).

No going back now.

I would recommend trying swinging to all couples,it has changed our love life for the better and we are stronger and happier for it.