Written by terryb

6 Aug 2012

Having gone downstairs for breakfast at the farmhouse I saw Kevin had over a slip of paper to Carol saying you know what to do if you want more fucking.We drove over to the caravan park that we had booked and looking forward to catching some sun and bit of rest, the park was beautiful set on a hill side overlooking the sea as it was in March there wasnt many people on the site about 6 couples in all [ we later found out]. On the saturday the weather was really nice and Carol went out and sat outside wearing a pink two peiece swimsuit with thin straps that tied at the back and tied at the hips her tits looked fucking fantastic plenty off deep cleavage on show that just covered her nipples.

The couple in the next van Helen and James came out and started to speak to carol saying what a beautiful day it was and that she [ Helen was hoping to get a bit of sun aswell.Helen was a tall woman about 5ft 9in late forties very slim size 10 not much in the tit department , however she had fantastic legs, James was 5ft 10in slim with grey hair he later told me he was 63 years old.I could see him looking at Carols tits when she was looking the other way while I was loving Helens long legs. We decided that we would go out for a meal on the Sunday night and share a bottle or two. That night I fucked Carol really hard while she teased me about me looking at Helens legs saying " i bet you would love to have them wrapped around your waist", i got her to ride me like a bitch saying " i will send you to James if you keep on teasing me" oh please she said I will shake my big tits at him, he couldnt keep is eyes off them the dirty old bastard".

On the Sunday we went out and brought some sexy clothes for Carol just in case anything might happen, I brought her a black all in one that showed her tits which came with black tassles that she could place over her nipples, with black hold ups to match.

On the night I worn a siut and Carol worn a short black leather skirt 4in above the knee . knee lenght boots , black boob tube and was braless, my cock was dripping just thinking about what might happen. Helen worn a white shirt tied just under her small tits 34a and a long skirt, James had a siut on aswell. I drove us all into Helston to a pub where we had a nice meal and we all got to know each other, the drink started to flow however James and I didnt has we both drive and dont drink.The grils got quite pissed and started to laugh and joke about us men, Carol saying that" Terry loved your legs Helen", Helen then said that James loved her tits and wanted to know if they are real".

I looked at James and said " oh they are real mate and maybe you will find out later if your lucky". We got back at around 1100pm and and James asked us if we would like to come in for a night cap and a little fun. We got back and James too me to one side and said that he would love to see Carols big tits has he had never seen suck a big and beautiful pair and said to him that I loved his wifes legs and I would love to run my hands all over them.So we played strip poker, Carol sat next to me oppsite Jams and Helen oppsite me, however Carol got up and said no am not ready for this and went back to our van saying see you in 10mins, carol came back and smiled at me and said right lets play.

James and I lost our clothes quite easy so we came down to the nitty gritty, Helen was only in her bra and knickers while Carol was in her stockings and a black jumper with buttons from the next down all fastened.Carol lost the next hand and so therefore she had to lose her jumper, she looked at me and said can James undone the buttons, oh fucking please darling I said. James reached across and slowly opened her jumper by now my cock was rock hard and Helen took it in her mouth, watched as James undid the last button and open her jumper, Carol had gone back to the van a had put on the new outfit I brought her that day.Her tits were held up in the outfit and she had the tassles on her tits and started to swing them at James, he started to lick the sides of her tits while carol pulled on his large fat cock.

We moved off from the table and I had helen on her back licking her pussy making her moan out loud, and when I looked over at Carol she was sucking James cock pulling his foreskin back and teasing it with her tongue.He kept on saying you dirty fucking big titted bitch and going to have you all night take your tassels off i want to suck and bite your tits so you will have more bites on them. He asked if I had done this , Carol told him while she was tit wanking him about the men on the farm and how they both had used her for the night before sending her back to me, he loved it and said that she sould fuck someone while we all watch[ maybe I will said carol] now you need to get your cock up my pussy you old bastard.

By this time I was up to my balls in Helen sucking her small tits while her legs were wrapped around my waist. James got up and left the room returning with a tie , he got carol to put her arms behind he back then he sat her on his cock.There she was hands tied behind her back slowly riding his cock saying that she loved his old cock and she would let him sleep with her one night but only if he made her come and did dirty things to her. James had both of his hands under her tits lifting them up together while he slowly pushed his cock in and out of her. I want your nipples you slut can i have them now bitch or i will stop fucking your pussy, please James pull off my tassels and fuck me like the dirty bitch i am.James pulled them off and chewed on her tits making her scream and come all over his cock begging him to untie her hands so she could hold and kiss him.

It was then that Helen said that James and Carol can have the bedroom , while Helen and I would sleep in the kitchen area if thats okay with us all.So thats just what happened I fucked Helen very hard telling her that she is a dirty bitch and thatI loved watching James droole all over carols tits, Mean while I looked through the bedroom door and saw james fucking carol like there was no tomorrow doggie style [ carol loves it like this] he was smacking her arse and pulling her big tits causing her to scream plaese more more you twat.I fell asleep in the arms of Helen only to be woken up at 0600 , Helen wasnt in my bed , I looked into the bedroom and there was Carol sitting on James cock with helen smacking her arse and sucking her tits, I started to wank my cock, carol came very hard while James shot his load up her pussy, still recovering from coming hard , Helen pushed carol on to her back and started to eat her pussy licking her clean removing james cum. Carol fuvcking screamed fucking hell Helen lick me lick me I fucking love it.

more to come if you want to hear it-

about the night James had carol on his own