Written by PW

30 Oct 2017

This just happened last night, and I want to get it wrote down before I forget anything.

I took my wife to a casino in the next town over from ours. We just moved to this state not long ago , and the chances of running into anyone we knew were slim to none.

When we got to the casino bar I told my wife I was going to the restroom . But instead I went to the hotel that was attached to the casino. And rented a room. It was early , around 10 am. Then I went to our car and got the suitcase I had packed. In it was my wifes sexy short black dress and heels. Some massage oil and condoms.

When I got back to her she was alittle upset I took so long. But after a few shots of tequila , all was well. She looked very sexy in her tight jeans , cowgirl boots and a loose fitting top. But that wasnt going to work for what I had planned.

Now that she had her tequila buzz on, I asked her to go for a walk around casino to see it as we have never been here before. I steered her towards the hotel , she wanted to know what I was up to , as she knows me well . Always planning something. So I told her I rented a room. When we got into the room we started making out , kissing and groping each other. I got out the secret suitcase , and brought out the massage oil. I undressed her and had her lay on the bed for her massage.

I took my time massaging her long sexy legs , coming close to her smooth shaven pussy but never touching it. After doing her back,I had here turn over and again went for her legs and worked up . Passing over her pussy again. Rubbing oil on her belly and tits until her nipples were very hard. I let my hand slowly go down over her belly and slid between her legs , her legs parted and I felt how wet she was already. I stroked her clit for only a minute , then stopped everything and told her to go take a shower . She couldnt believe it , She wanted sex. I said no , get your shower and wash off the massage oil.

When she came back into the room after her shower , wearing only a towel , I put my arms around her , tossed off her towel . Kissing her deeply and squeezing her tight little ass. One hand going between her legs grabbing her pussy hard . I put her on the bed and went quickly to sucking her clit and licking her hot pussy. Damn she tastes so good .

With my hands I was pinching her nipples , keeping them nice and hard. She was bucking and moaning her pleasure. Telling me to suck her pussy . I stood and grabbed my cock which was so hard I thought it would explode. I put the head of my cock against her soaking wet slit and just rubbed it up and down her sweet crack. She was pushing her hips forward trying to get it inside her. Stopped her cold again. I stood up and started getting dressed.

She asked what the hell was I doing. She wanted fucked. As soon as I sipped up my pants I handed her her little black dress and heels. All her other cloths that she had were already in the suitcase . No bra no panties just the dress and heels. I told her to put dress on and heels and meet me at the bar when she was ready. Out I went with the suitcase . I took it to the car. Then went to the bar and found a table as far from the bar as possible.

I watched as she walked in , so fucking sexy . Her legs looked so hot in her heels , the sexy little dress showed off her hot body. Easily could see her nipples still semi hard. I walked over to her told her how hot she looked and then told her that I wasnt going to fuck her until she flirted with other guys. And she was to pick up a guy to take to the room to fuck her. I gave her the room key and told her that the next time she comes walking into the bar she better look like she was just fucked. She gave me a wicked smile then kissed me , her hot tongue darting into my mouth. I have never let her go off to fuck alone this would be her first time solo and she was very turned on . We both told each other how much we love each other. Then off I went to find a good place to watch her.

She wasnt alone very long. The first couple of guys she passed on quickly. But the alcohol was calling me so I headed to the restroom. On the way back I stopped and played a few games thinking i had alittle time to kill. But I was wrong , I got back to find her gone from the bar and walking with a guy towards the elevator. I waited about 20 mins then headed up to the room . She had the only key. I stopped near the door but couldnt hear anything. I was getting nervous and went back to the bar. An hour later I saw her walking back , alittle tipsy from the booze. She walked straight to me , leaning over so I could see down her dress . She asked if I could see the dried cum on her tits. And I could. My cock was rock hard. I wanted to goto the room now to fuck her. But she turned the tables on me and said no. She wasnt done yet. The guy she took to the room was meeting a friend and wanted her to come to his room and they both wanted to fuck her. She let me feel her pussy to show me how wet she was , then took off to his room.