Written by Engwife

10 Jun 2010

Hi Leesa here again. The last time I wrote I told you about the fact that I was sleeping separately with my best friend Jenny and her husband Gary and that neither of them new about the other and how the secrecy was making it all the more exciting.

Well last week all that changed, Jenny had come around for lunch while Gary was at work and afterwards we had settled into our usual afternoon of sex. We had started with shaving each other’s pussies and the close contact had rapidly developed into a lovely 69. At that point I pulled out a dolphin vibrator and started working it in and out of Jennies cunt, she was moaning quietly when I felt something brush against my hair. It was Gary’s cock, apparently he had dropped in during the day for quickie, although startled at being caught I still had the vibrator working in Jennies pussy and she hadn’t realised that Gary was there. Gary put his finger to his lips for me to remain quiet while Jenny approached her orgasm and I was grinding my pussy into Jennies face so she couldn’t see anything The shock of being caught was exhilarating and scary and I started to convulse with excitement. Jenny took this as her cue and started her orgasm. Jennies legs were over the end of the bed throughout our 69 and as I removed the vibrator Gary stepped between Jennies legs and roughly thrust his cock into her pussy. Jenny had no idea whose cock had suddenly penetrated her as I was still straddled over her face. She started to buck around in shock but was stuck between Gary’s raging cock that was thrusting into her and me sitting on her face as I couldn’t get off quick enough. Gary quickly came in less than 5 strokes and Jenny recognised his grunts as those of her husband. She then lay frozen on the bed while he finished off and I was able to get off her.

Jenny realising that she had been caught started to cry but Gary just rolled her over on to all fours on the bed and entered her again, incredibly he was still hard from the excitement and he dominately thrust his cock into her. Watching them was exciting and I had not had yet orgasmed so I crawled under Jenny in a 69 where Jenny sucked my clit and I sucked Gary’s balls. We kept this up for a short while before I exploded in a shattering orgasm and Gary followed.

Afterwards there were a few harsh words but we are now working our way through the issues. The important thing is that no one wants to stop and our special relationship looks like continuing into the future.