Written by truffles11

10 May 2012

A few years ago, I arrived home early and caught my wife “red handed” cheating on me. At first, I was so very hurt and angry. At first, I was all for either throwing her out of our house or moving out myself. I can’t really remember now, as at the time so many negative thoughts were spinning around my head. Our children had left home. I simply just could not believe she would have an affair...which I now know lasted aprox 2 months. As time went on, we decided to give our marriage another go and she gave me the inevitable reasons for her affair, which basically boiled down to my lack of attention combined with the thrill of a younger person paying her lots of attention. The strangest part of it all, was as time went on, I wanted to know more i.e. how, why, where when etc and the more she was explaining where, when and how, the more I was getting the biggest erection ever and we ended up f******g like rabbits! Eventually, we even visited some of the places where she said they went and I asked her to re-enact what they did, which after an initial bit of shyness she did. Sometimes, she got that carried away that she was even calling out his name whilst we having sex , which turned me on even more!! It also quickly became obvious that I had / have cuckold tendencies, which we now “exploit” to the full. Once or twice a month we will visit a nice, upmarket hotel (separately) and sit in the cocktail lounge. We find midweek, around 6pm the best time. It never takes long for a single attractive lady to catch the eye of a bored, away from home, businessman. Whilst being chatted up, Sue will make her excuse to use the ladies and will then keep me informed by txt of how things are developing. She will only agree to go back to a room if a) she feels comfortable with the situation and b) always tells me the room number. Occasionally, I have even invited up to the room to watch! My turn on is watching her being “chatted up” by another man and Sue later on, describing in detail everything that went on in the bedroom. I also just love watching her come back to the bar with that contended, flushed look on her face!! The end result is she never has had either the desire or need to wander again and I get all my cuckold fantasies fulfilled. We have an extremely happy and secure marriage and have no hesitations in discussing our likes / dislikes etc. I am not suggesting this is the perfect answer to everybody whose marriage has at one time or another suffered a setback, but for us........we have never been so happy. I honestly believe, a fantasy of 90% + of married men, there is a desire to watch their wife / partner being fucked by a well hung stud?? Thanks for reading this 100% true account of events and hope it may help others in a similar situation