Written by mally4u

14 Apr 2008

ok this night me and my wife decided on a bit of outdoor fun . so we headed for chiswick lovers lane . am dressed as normal ...she is wearing black leather stilletto boots a full body stocking crotchless .and a white flowing miniskirt with her jacket on over the top till we get there ..her pussy has just been waxed that day so is completely baldy .on the way there am telling her of all the possible scenarios that could happen when we get there . so by the time we arrive she is horny as fuck . by the way shes only 22 years old . and rude . so we arrive and when we park up . a while later a car pulls up alongside us . so i say to her where on . so she says ok get your cock out . so i do and am rock hard with excitement .. she leans over and starts to suck the cock off me . then i motion to the man in the car to come and watch . which he does . he stands next to my window at first so hes got a full veiw.of her sucking away . as he watches he starts to rub himself through his trousers as hes getting a hard on . then he goes round to the other side of the car so he can see her arse through the window . as hes watching i lift her skirt so he can see all her arse and pussy .. and i tell her hes watching her arse and he loves it . so now shes getting hornier . my cocks getting pure sucked then he pulls out his cock . and starts stroking it . i tell her all whats going on as she sucks . am also fingering her arsehole at the same time . then hes dripping pre cum . i say to her am going to open the window so he can stroke your arse and pussy from behind .. so i wind down the electric window and he reaches in and strokes her she loves it she pushes herself back against his hand so hes starts to finger her . then after a bit she turns round and sits in her seat .. by then his cock is soaked and is standing by her face . so i tell her to suck it.. so she dont hesitata and its straight in her mouth . as shes sucking shes stroking all his balls..i ask him does he wanna see her get fucked he says yes so we get out the car and i bend her over and give her a fuck . then as i know she loves it up the arse i start to fuck her arse . shes loving it i say to her do you want him to fuck you as well i know she does but is acting shy . she says yes . so i pass him a condom . the i tell her to bend over . then i tell him fuck her arse she loves it . well he does and she is horny as fuck . we do this for a while till we all com e and then its adios till we come back to chiswick soon in two weeks time