Written by meforfuncpl

17 Jan 2010

Well how and where do i start ?

we are a happily married cpl of 20yrs and have been dabbling with sexual encounters for probably 15 yrs the experience we wish to share with you did happen and its true we always read stories and say yeah right !! but this is true and i still think to myself how lucky we have been.

Names have been changed obviously.

It started quite innocently both me (chris ) and Donna (wife) were friendly with a cpl in the same village their names are David and Rachel we all got on really well and with Christmas coming we all made plans to have some nights together as our kids were all the same age and it started the night that the village lights were being turned on and by the end of the night not the only thing that was turned on!!

We made our way up to David and Rachel house after the lights had been turned on we between us have 4 young kids and when we got home they were all ready for their beds David suggested that they stay over and we have a drink this wasn’t the first time that they have stayed over at either house so didn’t seem out of character.

The wine and lager was flowing freely now and after a couple of hours of chatting drinking the subject turned to sex we were all falling about laughing when David suggested we played cards Donna asked if it was strip poker we all looked at each other and basically said what the hell ! you could sense the atmosphere change completely we all sat on the floor in a circle and when David produced the cards they weren’t a normal set they had porno pics on them.

Well as the game progressed rachel was sat on my right side and with Donna losing almost every hand it wasn’t long before she was down to her knickers and bra and both david and rachel couldn’t take their eyes of her me i was watching david in his pants with what looked like a massive hard on , me i was lucky with my cards i had just lost my socks so far and the same with rachel as we were all dressed in casual clothes the next hand saw Donna slowly remove her bra her nipples were extremely hard as well as my cock as i was thinking ahead of the game and what was gonna happen once she was naked!

David lost the next hand and only had his pants on so up he stood and in front of the 3 of us slid his pants down his legs to reveal an impressive hard-on probably because he had been sat looking at Donna for sometime in her thong next hand Donna lost again and now we all sat staring at her as she peeled her thong off im sure i could smell her pussy and the thoughts rushing through my mind of what was gonna happen next we were all laughing mainly through nervousness i suppose but both myself and rachel were still left almost fully clothed withn Donna and david naked so i don’t know who was more shocked when again Donna lost a hand we all looked at each other and i asked well she’s naked what happens now??david piped up well she has to do a forfeit and chris has to pick what that is.........well because he was stood there with a stiff cock and i caught Donna looking at it quite a bit i said fuck it Donna you need to suck Davids cock , my own cock was aching to get out by now but Donna duly moved nearer to david and sunk her head towards Davids cock with his helmet glistening she took hold of it with her hand and then closed her lips around it and moved up and down his shaft i had to rub my cock now as i was as horny as hell and with rachel at my side i could tell she was too as she kept closing and opening her legs, Donna continued to suck brains cock and we had to time it for a minute when this stopped we both had to stop them laughing said that was more than a minute, i so wanted to feel donnas pussy as i was sure she’d be dripping wet the way i know she goes when she is horny

Unbelievably david lost and Rachel said she wanted to watch Donna lie on the dining table open her legs and have david place his cock into her ..........god both myself and rachel followed them into the dining room remember myself and rachel had everything but our socks on and when Donna laid on the table i could see from her cunt lips that she was very very wet and her facial expressions told me that she was infact ready now to take brains stiff cock! We didn’t have protection and it was agreed that he couldn’t cum in donnas pussy rachel stood next to me and started to rub my thigh as she watched her husband place his bell end against donnas pussy and gently rub it up and down and then with a push

david was deep in donnas pussy by now rachel was rubbing at my cock and i was feeling her tits her nipples were huge and rock hard! We watched closely as david pushed his cock in and out of donnas eager pussy the way she likes it hard and fast now the game was abandoned we all went back into the living room and i cant remember how but we were all naked now and when i looked at Donna she was again knelt in front of david with his cock in her mouth i had rachel on her back and was licking my way down her body until i got to her pussy she was soaking wet and with my fingers slipping in

and out she was moaning quite loudly Donna was now positioning herself onto brains cock who was now sat on the couch we moved over to them both and i took the opportunity to put my cock into her mouth and with rachel licking her clitty she was moaning loudly i was so excited i could hardly contain myself and said that i was near with this rachel popped her head up kissed me deeply so i could taste donnas pussy from her tongue and then joined Donna suckin my cock this i found to much and started to pump my spunk all over them both they kissed with tongues out and shared my sticky mess between them by now Donna was really jumping up and down on his cock and i had to remind them both that they were not protected at this Donna jumped off his cock and started to wank his hard on all over her tits as his spunk rushed out there was loads of it!!

I was now playing with rachel pussy again and now started to push my cock into her she was soaking wet and started to cum on my cock just as i was putting it in she said that she was as horny as fuck snap i said its not going to be long before i pump my cum into you as id had the snip sometime before it was ok for me to cum in her pussy and cum i did god this was the most horniest event id ever know!!

We were all naked and fucked the room was full of the smell of sex and boy was it good by now it was the early hrs of the morning and we were all knackered , we left the kids and walked it home when we got home all we could do was laugh and when we climbed into bed we fucked each other and fell asleep .

All true with more to cum!!