Written by AliG

18 Jan 2018

Linda had worked for me for a couple of years and we had developed a "flirty" relationship , like a lot of married women its nice to be recognised as a woman, an attractive women, not just a wife or mother. Linda looked after herself doing aerobics and weekly visits to the gym, and despite being six years older than me ,had something about her. I asked her one day if she had ever "gone overboard", she knew exactly what I meant and said that anyone she had been interested as she was "too married". When I pressed her if she would she just said "I might, depends who with" with a little wink.

A few weeks before Christmas I was queuing to pay in Marks and Spencer ,when I noticed stocking or more accurately Hold -ups on a display.As I stood in the queue and idea started to creep in. Not being able to decide which colour, I bought the Nearly Black and a Tan pair . Next day Linda was in so I left the bag on her chair. When she came in she picked up the bag

"Whose are these? "she called to me

"Yours" I replied, "Part of the new company uniform"

"I'd like to see you wear them" she answered me back.

"No I would much rather see you wearing them. In fact just them and a pair of stilettos" I replied.

"Would you now, I think you might be a bit disappointed, I'm a older than you, dont forget".

"Looks pretty good from where I'm sitting "I said with a little wink.

"I'm not sure what Andy will think, I haven't worn stockings in years. Then again there are a lot of things I haven't done in years!"

The stockings had been received better than I had hoped for.

Linda goes home at lunch time, and when she returned it didn't take me long to notice she was wearing heels and presumably her new black stockings or Hold ups. She never said anything during the afternoon ,but I her skirt rode a little higher shwoing more thigh, and when I chatted with her she seemed to make a point of crossing or uncrossing here legs, even at one point giving me a glimpse of lace top ,before casually adjusting here skirt to cover it. Definitely causing my cock to stir.

At 5pm she packed up and popped her head into the office to say goodbye.

"Like your new uniform then?".

"Actually I do ,I forgot how sexy stockings feel" she replied.

" I do think I need to check them out to make sure they fit properly, duty of care and all that stuff"

Linda stepped back against the office door bent forward and pulled the hem of her skirt up with both hands, "accidentally" lifting a little too high and showing her black lace ,thong which formed acute V shape between here thighs.

"Woops" she said, "a little too much, I think " before lowering the skirt. "What do you think Sir" she asked me ,her head tilted slightly to one side. "do you approve".

"Very nice and what a fabulous pair of legs". I said subconsciously adjusting myself.

"So I see " she smiled " Nice to know I can still cause a reaction".

I stepped forward closer to her and put my hand on her waist, pulling her slightly closer before kissing her gently. I pulled back then pulled her closer kissing her hard on the lips, then going to her neck ,gently biting her, my cupping her breast through her shirt and bra.

"Wow" Linda said as he pulled away "If that what stockings do to you in the office what happens in the bedroom?"

A few days later we are sitting next to each other at the company Christmas do in our local pub. Linda's wearing a midi length maroon wrap skirt and black leather boots ,maroon shirt with a wide black belt. The shirt is unbuttoned not quiet to the neck. As the red wine flows I compliment here of how good she looks, hair and make up ,but suggest that she might want to undo some buttons. Discretely well as discretely as you can at table full of people she undoes two buttons, immediately from where I am sitting I can see a black lace bra, and as she moves ,the cup falls away and briefly a the dark aureole of her nipple.


"Oh much better" I say as I shift to get myself comfortable in my jeans .I put my hand of her leg on the pretext of steadying myself to retrieve my napkin ,as I do I feel the unmistakable feeling of a suspender belt. I look at her.

"Yes I am, before you ask"

I work my hand under the folds of her skirt and feel the warm soft flesh of thigh, I stretch my hand open and touch the lace of stickling top and the unmistakable feeling the lace of her panties. I move my hand so my little finger is pressing against her mound, and very slowly stroke up and down the crease I feel below. She moves slowly against my hand shifting to give me better access, so I take the hint and slide my finger under the fabric and feel the warm and smooth skin of her labia, I push a little and my finger slides into her slit ,which is surprisingly wet. I feel the little knub of her clitoris against my finger and hear her gasp ,fortunately very quietly. Her legs snap together and I withdraw my hand .Linda adjusts her skirt and crosses her legs. I put my finger to my mouth and suck the moisture from my finger.

Linda leans across

"Meet me in your office when we leave".

I cant wait and take every opportunity I can to put my hand on her leg and feel beneath. Linda places her hand on my leg and casually runs it up she has her hand on the bulge in the front of my jeans and gives me a little squeeze, feeling my hard cock swell beneath her fingers.

We all say our goodbyes and go in different directions. Linda air kisses me and whispers

"See you in 5 mins"

We both walk off in different directions me straight to the office, Linda towards her home. She cuts through the alley by the shops and arrives in the office 2 minutes after I open the door and turn off the alarm. We both fall into the office onto the sofa kissing and groping at each other .I pull open her shirt and pull her bra cups up to reveal to hard dark red nipples which I take in my mouth and suck on hard, whilst my free hand goes under her skirt and runs up the nylon clad flesh over the smooth skin to find her now knickerless pussy.

I pull up and look at her

" I took them off when we left the pub" she answers.

Two fingers slide easily into her soaking pussy and she open hers legs wider to allow me access. "You cant fuck me, but anything else goes " she adds

"There's something I've always wanted to do I say as I gently lay her back against back of the sofa and slide on the floor between her legs .I pull to the edge of cushion and plunge down onto her neatly trimmed pussy. I spread her labia with my thumbs and lick up to the clitoris, she squirms against me ,so I lick down into the wetness of her pussy then down to perineum ,slowly licking to her little puckered hole were I stick my tongue in deep and before reversing up along her perineum once more to her clit which I tease with by swirling my tongue around it. She suddenly shudders and stiffens and I get a warm sensation against my chin ,I tease on whilst she arches her back before slumping down ,her hands in inside her shirt where she has been pulling and rolling her nipples.

"Oh my god I so sorry I have never done that before "she apologises,

"I've heard about women gushing when they come, but never believed it. That was just so intense. My turn now, swap places " a new tone to her voice ,strong and confident. We swap places and I lay against the sofa a finally release my swollen cock which Linda eagerly grasps and pulls my foreskin down hard enough to make me jump.

"Sorry" she says and takes me into her mouth, she keeps going until she gags slightly then wraps her lips and me and slides back up to the ridge of my helmet, swirling her tongue around it, then pushing it into the slit on the end .She repeats this several times until she feels me start to shake.

I erupt into her mouth ,she just keeps sucking , teasing and swallowing until finally I calm down.

"Wow, not done that in a long time "she says. "I think Andy might be in for a surprise tonight"

"Lucky sod" I say. "Patience ,lets see what happens, you seem to have reignited something I thought had gone out in me .I'm feeling very rude and always wondered what's it called a spit something" " A spit roast" I correct. "Sounds fun". We tidy ourselves up and slip out into the night.

Lucky Andy, I think as Linda turns the corner home..