Written by Jenny

3 Jan 2008

Christmas eve and the kids were finally in bed.

\"Open this one while we\'re alone\" she said with a quirky grin.

Tenderly I unwrapped the gift paper to reveal the silkiest sexiest underwear set I had seen in my life. Brilliant white bra, french knickers and suspenders with white lace top stockings.

\"You\'re going to look amazing in these\" I beamed back at her.

\"Oh but they are not for me\" she whispered \"go and try them on, call me if you need any help\"

Sheepishly I went to our bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed starring in awe at the sight of this splendid lingerie. \"what on earth does she have in mind\" I muttered under my breath.

After struggling for a while I called for help. Bras are so easy to undo, but putting one on.

Guidance was given, as was for the stockings and suspenders. Suitable padding was used and then all hell broke loose. I have never seen her so rampant.

In the early hours of Christmas morning, footsteps awoke us and I remembered the lingerie that I was still wearing, carefully removing it and slipping on a dressing gown so that no marks would be seen.

Nothing more was said of it till new years eve.

\"Just taking the kids to my mums for the night. Bye\" she shouted and the door slammed shut before I could reply.

An hour and a half later she waltzed back in wearing a huge grin. \"Bathroom now\" she said

I looked at her quizzically but did as I was told.

\"We\'re going out tonight and I will have my fun. Here, let me help you\" taking my razor she began to shave me, \"not done yet, legs too\"

Once finished and taken through to the bedroom I saw that the lingerie had reappeared.

Having put on the bra and french knickers I was helped again with the stockings. A blue bag was pulled from the under the bed \"These will help somewhat.\" and into my bra was placed some rather large breast forms. Jeez they were cold but they soon warmed up. Once the straps were properly adjusted I could feel the weight, and they were heavy on my chest.

\"Hang on\" I protested \"What do you me, were going out tonight? not like this\"

\"Like I said, I will have my fun, shut up and enjoy the experience. You loved it last week\"

An hour or so later I was ready, full make up, wig, white sheer blouse which clearly showed my bra and a knee length full skirt, finished off with 3\" heels.

I was totally amazed when I looked in the mirror.

I was allowed to practice walking as she got ready.

Soon enough we were in town in a well known gay club. I was really beginning to enjoy the way the skirt rubbed my legs but how my feet ached.

\"Enjoying being a woman?\" Sue asked \"there\'s more to come\" and she disappeared for a short while.

\"Promise me you\'ll do everything I ask of you tonight and I will make it up to you. Promise?\" she pleaded.

By this time the wine was taking effect so I hastily agreed, big mistake.

Before I knew it, I was down on my knees with a cock deep in my mouth. Sue was beaming in delight and rubbiing herself vigorously. It wasn\'t long before I felt the explosion of cum hit the back of my throat, swallowing furiously to avoid chocking.

\"Quick kiss me\" she urged and I rose to my throbbing feet and kissed her so passionately and watched as the unknown guy pulled his fly up thanked me and walked off.

\"Jenny, you were amazing, yes Jenny is your name tonight\"

Surprised at the taste of the cum I was in no hurry to wash it away but my lipstick was a mess.

I was taken into the Ladies, what a sight that was, and Sue repaired my makeup.

\"I need to get these heels off for a while me feet are killing me\" I pleaded.

We found a table, but Sue was soon up and dancing with some other girls and I was encouraged to do the same whilst receiving compliments about my looks and attire.

Midnight came and went and I was beginning to enjoy be female for the night.

When time came to leave I was informed that we weren\'t going home but we were to continue my \"education\"

We left with another couple and headed to their place, a few drinks and then a foursome. Sue was soon undressing the other woman and I fould feel the arousal as my knickers took the strain.

Sure enough I found myself with another cock in my mouth. Was I really beginning to enjoy sucking cock or was I enjoying the girlie side. Admittedly the clothes looked and felt great.

Something took over me, I slowly slid the cock from my mouth, lifted my skirt and took off my knickers, Sue stared at me urging me on.

Slowly, whilst still rubbing this fantastic cock, I went down on all fours, pulled my skirt up around my waist and pleaded \"fuck me\"

I felt the tip push against me, soon a sharp pain and then pure pleasure as it was pushed in and out up to its hilt. I found myself pushing back in rhythm, all to quick I welcomed the gush of hot cum inside me and I collapsed on the floor exhausted.

Having regained my composure I joined the girls for some fun with them where I was introduced to the delights of a strapon.

Eventually sleep took ahold of us.

I awoke around 6, I could feel cum on my face and my makeup was a mess, Sue laughed at me saying \"I now know how she feels\"

After a quick wash and fresh make up, I had no guy clothes so I had to look the part again, we had some breakfast.

Sue asked if I fancied a quicky before we left. Thinking that she meant with her I agreed.

Wrong, this time I was on top riding that cock for all my worth and loving it. Feeling he was about to cum, I thrust harder and harder so the seed was planted deep with in me.

\"Come on we need to go, you hussy\" Sue giggled

\"let me put my Knickers on\" I said

\"Not this time my girl, you can walk home like that\" she smiled.

So we make our farewells and I felt good about what had happen but nervous about the walk, especially in heels.

My worries soon changed as a few minutes into the walk, which was very quiet thankfully I turned to Sue and said worryingly \"I can feel cum dribbling down my legs\"

\"Yes, its wonderful isn\'t it? Here put this in\" she reached into her bag and handed me a tampon.

We went behind a bush and with ease it slipped into place.

Finally we got home, yes I loved the feel of the skirt and my new hobby of crossdressing but those heels, they were soon off though they will be worn again.

We showered together and went to bed.

Holding me tight Sue said \"thanks for being Jenny, tomorrow we\'ll go shopping for some kickers of your own.\"