Written by Sally-Anne

15 Aug 2009

Sorry to share a Christmas story in August but here goes:

The bloke and I had been on a black tie Christmas weekend away with friends. It was getting late and the other couples said their goodnights and went off to bed leaving Pete, Kate the bloke and I. We were playing half hearted drinking games when Pete asked me if I wanted to take him upstairs and take all his clothes off, I said yes but didn’t think much of it. He soon asked me if I meant what I said and I replied yes, I wasn’t sure if Kate noticed but the bloke did and didn’t object.

We set off towards the bedrooms and reached ours first where we continued to chat whilst all I wanted to do was fuck, preferably with Pete.

Soon, there was a nod between the guys, the bloke went off with Kate and Pete and I went into the bedroom.

As soon as we were through the door, we were snogging hard and Pete quickly unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I stepped out of my dress and pulled off his tux. However, faced with a bow tie and cufflinks I left him to the top half whilst I got down on my knees to deal with my territory, belts and zips. Whilst Pete took off tie, cuff links and shirt I was faced with boxers with an encouraging bulge. I slipped out his cock, peeled back his foreskin and started to suck and lick his swollen end. As I sucked him in and out, he unclipped my bra and started squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples.

After a while, we pulled apart and I sat on the side of the bed to remove my stockings. Pete stopped me, removed his remaining clothing and knelt in front of me and started to kiss and lick the sensitive skin between the tops of my stockings and my very wet knickers. He slipped a finger into my gagging pussy and rubbed my clit with his thumb then replaced both with his tongue. It didn’t take much of that treatment to start me coming, the first of many that night.

Pete then took off my knickers and with me still on the edge of the bed rubbed the end of his cock up and down the outside of my pussy and with exquisite timing slid it all the way in. He was not all that big but his swollen bulbous end more than made up for the lack of inches and soon he was driving hard into me as another orgasm ripped through me. With hardly a break in his vigorous thrusts, he lifted me fully onto the bed and had me crying out and scratching his back as I came yet again.

I needed to calm things down a bit so I rolled him off and went down to suck his still hard cock and tasted my pussy juices. I then climbed on top and used his cock to pleasure myself, grinding hard down on him and rubbing my tits on his chest. After a while, and another orgasm, he turned me over, got me on my knees and slipped his cock in from behind.

This is probably my favorite position and Pete took full advantage and thrust into me harder and harder with his balls slapping against me and even with my head stuffed into the pillows I’m sure our friends in the next room could hear me coming again. This time, Pete grabbed me round the waist and pulled me hard onto his thrusting cock and shot his hot spunk deep inside me.

I eventually rolled over and fell into a deep, drunken and well fucked sleep. I was oblivious to Pete leaving and the bloke returning. In the morning, I woke to the bloke rubbing his leg against my arse which was still wet from the flow of Pete’s cum from my pussy. At first, I was unsure but soon it was obvious that the bloke found it all a big turn on and was soon shagging me from behind and as I orgasmed again he joined me and added to my spunk filled pussy.