Written by eyespy2014

2 Jan 2014

Myself and Sue had been out at the pub from 3 in the afternoon just meeting friends and having a drink before Christmas. Sue was looking really good in her short black dress and her black stockings with her high stiletto heels. Her make up and hair as ever immaculate. Long Blonde hair dark eye make up and red lippy, nails on her slim hands painted bright red, she looked great. The time flew as we walked from pub to pub and soon midnight approached. We had met two older guys who we where having a laugh. Sue was as ever flirting all in good fun.We rang for a taxi to be told one hour wait. The two guys Roger and Pete asked if wanted to share theirs, we explained we lived miles away and could drop them first,they insisted we be dropped first as they were enjoying our company. We climbed into the Black Cab I sat on the single seat behind the driver facing the back of the Cab.Roger climbed in and sat on the long bench facing forward, then Sue climbed in as she did her short dress rode up and revealed her stocking tops and white thigh. I saw Roger looking with a smile. Then Pete got in and sat next to Sue so here we are with Sue between Roger and Pete. Roger was still smiling and looking at Sues legs as her dress had ridden up, I asked if he had enjoyed the view? we all laughed as Pete said he had enjoyed a glimpse of Sue's knickers from the rear as she climbed in. I told them that Sue liked to show off her stockings and that she was a tease. Pete asked Sue if she agreed she was a tease? Sue stated that she really enjoyed the attention she received when wearing stockings. Roger said Sue should embrace the present opportunity as she has got the attention of two very interested men. Sue looked at me and saw my agreeing smile so she raised her dress higher and revealed her black lace stocking tops her lovely smooth white thighs and her skimpy black lace knickers. Both Roger and Pete leaned over to have a better view and Pete asked if Sue was turned on. Sue replied very and opened her legs to reveal a damp patch on her lacy knickers. Roger reached down and started to stroke the gusset and the damp patch Sue relaxed back as she enjoyed the stroking of her pussy through her wet knickers. Pete then reached down pulled her knickers to one side exposing her part shaved pussy, he then licked his fingers and pushed them deep into Sue's wet pussy. Both men fingered Sue as we drove along she was in heaven.I saw the driver looking in his mirror he smiled at me and asked if he could pull over to watch as he was being distracted. We pulled into a lay-by on a busy road and he jumped into the back with us. At this point Sue was soaking wet and writhing hard on Pete and Rogers fingers. The driver asked if he could lick Sue's wet snatch, she agreed and held his head as he expertly licked her wet clit she was building to a giant orgasm. The three guys fingered my wife and took turns licking her pussy as she had climax after climax. They asked if they could fuck her and she agreed as one after the other they entered her wet hole. She asked if they would shoot on her face and hair as she wanted to go home looking well used. Roger had a smallish cock but the biggest balls I had ever seen. Sue sucked his cock and stroked his balls for ages and then he exploded he must have shot a pint it was all over Sue who once more exploded her own orgasm with Pete fucking her.I sat through out the experience with a massive hard on but waited till we got home before fucking Sue myself. We got home and as we left the taxi and our new friends we agreed that new year celebrations should be planned.