Written by cuckold hubby

18 May 2012

My wife and I have been swingers for many years and have met many couples in that time for foursomes. We have also attended many parties and been to clubs where we have enjoyed group sex on many occasions. Over hte years my wife's tastes have evolved from soft swinging with mutual wanking to full sex swapping and her favourite sex now is to be spitroasted by two young men. She is in her 50's but has no problem getting young men to fuck her as she is a blonde with 36D tits,a size 10 figure and a bubbly attitude with no problems about men feeling her up, wanking her or fucking her in public. She also wanks off in public after a good sex session with men which often attracts other men to fuck her. The average age of the men who fuck my wife is mid-30's. As you can guess I have no problem about other men fucking my wife and encourage her to meet men for sex.

Over the years I have developed a taste for being cuckolded by her in clubs/parties particularly now that her taste is for multiple sex with single men and we only now attend places where there are single men allowed so that she can have this form of sex. At the last club we attended she had two spitroasts and her first gangbang, with four men taking her at the same time - she is now ready for another gangbang experience and we will be going back to that club on gangbang night in the near future.

Whlist I love to see men shagging her the highlights for me are the cuckolding parts outside the actual shagging. The night begins with me watching her get ready and depending on the venue seeing her choose a suitable outfit. We only now go to clubs in Europe as they really know how to organise sex clubs with licensed bars and excellent facilities with few watchers attending and virtually all the people going there to have as much full sex as they can - no-one has ever asked my wife if she wants to be shagged as it is expected in the cclubs we attend and soft swapping is not an option. We much prefer this as it takes all the guesswork out about people's sex limits and the problams of overstepping them. My wife goes to this type of club to be fucked by several men and that is the way we like it.

At some clubs she wears very classy outfits with a dress not showing too much cleavage or leg and stockings; this is expected in some clubs and part of the fun is watching her being undressed by another man while she undresses the man - for me this is a cuckolding highlight and gets my cock really hard, even more than the sex that follows. The part where the man buys her a drink and dances with her is also wonderful as I can watch her being chatted up and see the gradual buildup from meeting a man to her having sex with him, all in front of me.

At other clubs we like it is expected for the men only to wear shorts and the women to wear virtually nothing all evening - towels are frowned upon, except for lying on when having sex on the club seats if the woman wants it there instead of the playroom. This is also a great experience watching her put on a topless basque and stockings in the hotel and then go in a taxi wearing only this and a coat so that if she opened the coat her cunt and tits would be on show to the driver. One club we go to has a lot of taxi drivers in the city that know it and the last time we went he had only just returned from delivering a man there. He knew it was gangbang night and asked us if we were aware of it. As my wife said "that is why we are going" he felt free to say she would have a good time and did she know about the dress code. At this she opened her coat for him and he got an eyeful of her tits and cunt. He asked her to travel in the front of the taxi and I sat in the back, but I could see he was feeling her tits and fingering her between her legs all the way there, as she did not close her coat again. He arranged to pick us up from the club later and on the way back my wife wanked him off and sat in the front of the taxi not wearing a coat. Outside the hotel she sucked him off and swallowed his cum while he had a good feel up her cunt. Another cuckold experience as I sat in the back and waited for her to finish him off.

Although that night she had several cocks up her the best bits for me was when our friends arrived and the girls freely chatted about the men they fancied while we two husbands talked about other everyday things.

There were two young Turkish men in the club and I heard my wife say to her friend " I fancy the shorter one - why don't you have the taller one and I will have the other one". Her friend said "OK, they look as though they have stamina". This made my cock go really hard. Our wives went up to the men and told them they wanted to be shagged and off the four of them went. After about half an hour they returned and my wife said" He was lovely; you should have come in and watched; he gave me three orgasms and his friend gave me a good seeing to as well" This was a cuckold highlight and I was glad I had enjoyed a hard-on at the bar all the time my wife was being fucked somewhere in the club.

Later I returned to the bar to find a young man, my wife and our friends chatting. As I arrived my wife said " I am going with him for a fuck, OK?" I Saiud " Enjoy him". A little later she took the man's hand and put it on her cunt and asked him "Are you ready for it now?" He said he was and as my cock grew agaqin I saw him lead my eife off to a playroom for a fuck. Watching her with her tits and cunt on show as she walked across the dancefloor hand in hand with him was so sexy.

After twenty minutes the wife of our friends said she was going to look in on my wife to see how she was getting on. She did not return so we husbands decided to goand see for ourselves. In the playroom a man was on his back with his cock in my wife's mouth and her hand was wanking off another man standing over her. Anothyer man had his cock up her cunt and was fucking her. The other lady was on her knees sucking off a man while she wanked another. When she saw me she said " I am keeping them ready for her". When the three men had finished with my wife her friend handed over the two men she had been sucking and wanking; one went straight up my wife's cunt and the other went in her mouth. Her friend took her husband's cock out and mine and told us to watch while she sucked and wanked us both off - she loves the taste of spunk and we both spunked in her mouth which she wanted. The two men fucked my wife until they too spunked and left us.

My wife then lay back and started to wank off so her friend joined her and they both lay back, legs open, wanking off in front of us. My wife said " I liked the second cock best although the last one was good too. Lets come back tomorrow night". This is exactly what we did and both ladies were fucked agin by a succession of men. My wife also wanked off our friend's husband into his wife's mouth at the end of the evening and then the two ladies kissed, open mouthed, so they shared his spunk. My wife knows the taste of his spunk very well because she has been swallowing it for ten years now. He has fucked her very many times and knows very well how to get her to cum and cum again while he is shagging her.

I continue to encourage my wife to open her legs for men and but her lots of condoms to be fucked with, sexy outfits to wear for them and take her to Europe as often as I can. But still the best bits are the dressing up, actually going to the club, watching men undress her and watching her chat up men with a view to shagging with them.