Written by Asian

26 Oct 2016

Were an asian couple visiting club f. My partner is 5 ft 1" tall size petite. Huge breasts. We been here a few times.

Mainly fuked in front of others. Well on this occasion we were fuking and men generally line up at the side of the bed and start jerking off.

On this occasion she was on top of me and noticed a young white lad with a huge penis. Must have been 12 " plus. She stroked it whilst on top of me and called him over.

She forgot the lube and condoms in the locker so went down to get them. Whilst she was gone i was trying to imagine how this monster cok would fit in her.

She came back, shot on the condom n lube, got on top and gradually inserted his huge cok up her. It was never ending. She later told me, it felt like it was piercing her back.

Well she started to grind him, he initially started to move, but she told him to stay still. He hardly touched her. She had her tiny hands on his toned chest. She later told me, his body was rock hard. Well he did not last long. Within 3 minutes he blew his load and caressed her huge tits gently.

Size does matter but he left her gasping for more.