15 Dec 2015

We decided to to go to our favourite club at the weekend, it was busy but not to busy just the right mix of people in, we sat and chatted to a few other while drinking and after a bit we decided to look around and see what was going on up stairs in the different play room, I was wearing a black babydoll see-through outfit and stockings.

It was pretty quit and not much going on most of the people were in private rooms so we went into the dungeon which was empty and I gave my hubby a blow job, after only a mins this guy came in and stood and watched, I looked at him and invited him to join in, he was a well built guy with a much bigger cock than my hubby so I sucked on his for a while enjoying the whole of his 9 inchs and other started to come in, and wank watching me blowing them, I was on my knee and I had another guy trying to push his way in and I went from cock to cock while this was going on one guy was nelt behind me rubbing my pussy another one had lowered my outfit and was playing with my boobs.

The guy fingering me was getting me all wet and soaked I just carried on blowing 5 guys trying not to leave anyone out, 10 mins in and i looked at my hubby and said shell I get on the table he just nodded and I got up took my outfit off and layed on it, I had cock in my mouth and fingers in my pussy my tit were being played and I had 6 or 7 guys all over me, my pussy now was being rammed with fingers and cock a plenty in my face, it was not long before I was moaning as I started to cum with them all playing hard with my pussy, and the blokes could see that I was arching my back and moaning this just made them even more horny.

Time out I called my pussy was now so sensitive that I could not handle and more fingering, I got of the table and put my outfit back on much to the dismay of the others, I went to the loo and had a drink in the bar area and chilled for a bit.

My hubby said that we should have another look around up stairs and I agreed, once up the lads came and I went into the large play room looked at my hubby and said "let them in one by one" I got on the bed after pull off my thong opened my legs and let them have me, I had 9 one after the other I had to stop then and 5 guys were still waiting my pussy just won't take any more, two of the guys who had huge cocks had forced me so much it was now hurting, the last guy must of though he was gods gift cause I was moaning like he just with him slowly pumping away.

once it had finished we returned to the bar and i could hardly stand, i'd been in the room for short of 2 hours I was well and truly fuck or so I thought, as near the end in the lounge area the guy from the bar who we knew for a while came around and was chatting to us he asked about my night and I told him how sore I felt he then started to rub my pussy in front of everyone and got his fingers in I was sat on a bar stool and he opened my legs wide in front of every one and put his cock in me slowly asking he all the time how does this feel he gently pumped away with his 8 inch cock I was moaning already and had a whole room full watching us as he go more and more into it my pussy was now soaked and my own cum was spilling out of my pussy with every stroke he made, you are going to pull out before you cum I asked, but he pounded me to the point I wa screaming and then I felt him cum deep inside me but I was in heaven and miles away to care my soaked pussy was then lapped up by a guy watching after he had pulled away, I sat on the stool with both my legs being held and a guy drinking all my juices.

What an amazing night, we went home and my hubby had to have a go thankfully he last all of a min he was two excited.