25 Jun 2017

This is a true story

We don't live handy to Chameleons so we have to travel a good distance so we make a weekend of it which involves shopping and meals out which adds to the fun.

We had been on the Saturday night which was very busy but we still had a time watching and playing with ourselves as we are strangers to the club anyway we had a great evening with lots of bonking and watching.

I suggested on the Sunday that we go again to Chameleons and Mrs Wicked says yes I explained that there would be single gents there but No still means No so she had nothing to worry about.

So after a fine lunch and lots to drink we find ourshelves at Chamelons again we enter and find it much quieter there was more couples than we expected and it seemed more friendly we even manage to chat to a few couples.

After a drink we go for a wonder and end up in the hot tub and we watch a very attractive young lady been pleasured by all the gents in the tub a very erotic sight after the tub we head for the cinema we enter there was a couple at the front and she was been fisted and was very noisy and a large pool of whatever on the floor there was also a few gents in so we make our way up to the back and watch the porno the single gents start to circle round us getting closer wanking their cocks I could see Mrs Wicked was not looking very comfortable so I suggest that we go to the round bed room which was empty and we get on the bed for a kiss and cuddle thankfully one of the gents had the brains to follow us into the room he apologised if he had put us off in the cinema and we said no it was the couple making all the noise that put us off so he asks if we mind if he watches I tell Mrs Wicked and she says ok Mrs Wicked is sat upright on the bed wanking my cock and we continue to play together so I whispered into Mrs Wickeds ear shall we let him touch her tits she agreed and I placed his hand on her tits and he starts to have a good feel,of her tits as Mrs Wicked is wanking my cock I whispered again to her she has two hands and look as she reaches out for his cock so he's feeling her tits and she is wanking two cocks then he asks can he touch her pussy again I ask her and she says yes I give him the nod and watch as his hand leaves her tits and goes between her legs and she positions her herself so he can have full access to her pussy and he starts fingering away and I can hear a slurping noise and I know she's very wet then he asks can I taste her again I ask her and she says yes and she moves more onto the bed and lays back as I watch his head disappear between her legs she waves me onto the bed wanting my cock in her mouth so here I am having a blow job watching this stranger between my wife's legs he mus have been good as Mrs Wicked starts to giggle that means she's had an orgasm by this time another gent has joined the room and asks can he touch Mrs Wicked but I didn't want to spook Mrs Wicked and said no so he respectfully moved back to watch and wank by this time the young lady from the hot tub had joined the room with line of of gents so this takes the heat of us our gent comes up for air and moves onto the bed I think he was expecting his cock to be sucked by Mrs Wicked but it just didn't happen and he seen the the other young lady and left us.

So we happily continued fucking until I blew my load.

This is a honest account of a wife's first experience with single gents and we hope to build on it

We got back to our hotel and bonked each other's brains out again swinging at its best

Maybe a little tame but we hope you all enjoy reading our true story.