Written by Scott

3 Jan 2016

We are from Phoenix USA. There are a few clubs but we like one called Jaguars.

It has entertainment, strippers, lap dancers, and always plenty of people. They also have fight nights and amateur strip nights where girls can get up on stage. Lots of fun.

My wife chooses when we go, she has to be in the mood to party.

Not every time we go but often we find someone she is happy with. Its quite easy. She dresses right and she is as hot as any of the dancers there. She will find someone hunky (her favourite word) and if his mouth matches his looks then he is lucky.

I am always with her. It’s never seems to stop guys coming on to her. She has done the strip night and that always leads to plenty of attention.

If she is happy with the guy she will ask me and she will suggest to him that we go to a hotel. I like to hear her ask him.

We always go to the La Quinta which is not far away.

This is the part I really get off on. When I walk in a book a room and my wife and the guy are behind me holding hands, maybe kissing. I always ask for a room with a king bed. The hotel clerk may say why not a room with 2 queen beds. I reply that I will not be staying. Always get a reaction.

I know two of the clerks recognise me and probably my wife and realise she has been with different guys. So cool.

Depending on the guy and how things go I will get into it with them. Sometimes I watch and then fuck her after him. That works with most. Guys will freak two males get too close.

We have a code. If she then says I hope this place has a good breakfast then that means she wants to stay the night with the guy. I will reply that I am sure they do and she will then tell the guy that I am going home and do they want to stay the night. Most do.

I then go home and let the sitter go. My wife will get a cab home. It could be a few hours later or next morning. The longest she has been is just before lunch at 11. He was a marine home visiting family.

She doesn’t want the same guys and we have only repeated it with the same guy once who just happened to be there on the night we went again. She never gives her cell number or the correct one.

She likes the sex with different guys and always says to me that they aren’t better than me just different.

She had lots of sex with different guys before we were married and still likes that. We were together 3 years before she suggested that I let her play around. I though why not.