Written by Rob_Consort

4 Jun 2012

Fellow swing/swap member couple Collette & Gary are in their 40’s…an attractive pairing. Both work in Retail Marketing spots…Collette with a boutique org, and Gary with a major US Retailer. Their respective fashion styling is clearly indicative of their professions. Both of their sexual interactions were also representative of our swing/swap membership. In fact, Collette & Gary were fucking in the same bed as they were living their prior marriages! Caught by their respective spouses…folks who were not sympathetic to our swing/swap genre…

In any case, our group’s gain! Collette & Gary tend to the exhibitionist side of our club…oftentimes serving up an enjoyable late evening entertainment combo…giving guys and gals in the audience hard-ons and wet panties & thongs…readying our own sexual interests. It was a Monday evening…they staged an exciting bit of foreplay…lots of 69 before penetration. Gary positioned Collette in what was going to be a doggy style take. However, rather than cunny move, he gently massaged her anal entrance with some body lotion and lube… Within a few minutes, Gary’s cock…about 7” or so…was positioned at her entry…and he slowly began a deep pump and release motion. Anal fuck for Collette was no ‘new experience’…in addition to her hubby, 2 or 3 of the other members sometimes play with her beautiful, shapely bum!

This evening, however, Gary also orchestrated some of his friends (fellow husbands) to participate at the proper time. As Collette was enjoying her anal fuck, Gary invited Michael to position in front of her…making sure he had stroked and engaged his cock’s readiness. Michael was indeed ready. Once at Collette’s face, he guided his cock into her mouth. Collette had no objection…she was well into her sexual enthusiasm as her husband continued to fuck her ass. Michael was equally as excited to pump Collette’s mouth, looking more like deep-throating her from all appearance.

Perhaps 15-20 minutes into their ‘play’ BOTH Michael and Gary were readying to unload their cream…almost in unison. Michael erupted first…filling Collette’s mouth with his jizz. She couldn’t swallow all of it…cream dribbled from her lips. Almost at same timing, Gary did a firm pump push into his wife’s ass. He held his cock firmly in place…plugged deep in her anal canal…while unloading his juice. It became obvious how effective his ass-fucking was, since even before he started to pull his now limp cock out of her, his cream started to flow out of Collette’s ass crack. Collette appeared in sexual delight…trying to regain her composure before moving about.

Gary, though, had one more move that evening…inviting Edward to come forward. Ali and I know Ed and his wife Delores pretty well. They’re in the 50’s…married for about 18 years…their 2nd. Ed keeps himself in great shape…Delores as well. Gary chose Ed to bring on the ‘final act.’ As Collette was coming out of her sexual stupor, Edward moved to Collette’s face…brought his engaged cock to her mouth…his fingers opened her mouth, and he inserted his hardened cock deep into her mouth’s cavity. Ed, like rest of the guys in the room, was rock hardened…he pushed his cock deep into Collette’s mouth…then pulled entirely out…giving her a chance to catch her breath…AND composure. He then re-inserted…and continued several rounds of this mouth-fuck action. It was exciting for us watching…AND you could tell Collette was enjoying the face fuck as well. Of course, her husband was intermittently massaging & fingering her ass while Ed doing her mouth. Perhaps 30 minutes or so into this sexual exercise, Edward was ready to explode…he couldn’t hold back any more. With a deep plunge into her mouth cavity his sperm seemed to spurt and flow… Once again, Collette couldn’t hold it all. She gagged a bit…swallowed a bit…and allowed the remaining cream to flow off her lips… 3 or 4 of our ‘audience’…including one wife…used their Mobile devices to snap some pictures. The rest of us were transfixed on Collette’s lovely naked body, and her resulting well fucked mouth and anal canal… Only later in the evening, Ali and I shared a thought…that in ALL the activity, NO ONE fucked her cunny during the party… Ali suspected that came about once Gary and Collette got rid of the evening's guests…;);)