Written by n & c

25 May 2008

Ross and I have a fantastic sex life, we often fantasise about having another couple or bi female to join us. We decided to try out a swingers party last week and our fantasy became a reality.

On the way there, I was very horny & excited, I couldn’t help but slip my hand down between my legs to play with my clit.

Once inside, we introduced ourselves to the hosts, then started to mingle with the other couples, we soon got talking to another couple, Anne & Andrew.

Anne was wearing a low cut top and short skirt which you could easily see her stocking tops. Ross has a thing for stockings, so he was enjoying the view as well.

Throughout our conversations all I could imagine, was what may happen by the end of the night. It wasn’t long before the four of us went upstairs, to one of the private rooms.

Anne & I started things off by taking each others tops off. Anne started to suck on my nipples which made my pussy juicier. After a minute or two we were both naked, I moved my hand between Anne’s legs and slid a finger inside her wet pussy. I turned round to see the boys, who were now both naked, wanking their cocks at the sight of us on the bed.

I slowly moved down to her pussy & flicked my tongue over her clit, she was already nicely wet, which helped me to push my tongue into her nice and deep. All of a sudden, I felt a hard dick pressing against my pussy lips, I looked back to see it was Andrew.

He then slowly entered me inch by inch from behind & filled me right to the hilt, he began slowly thrusting in and out. Ross went around to offer his dick for Anne to suck, which she did. This was such a turn on to see Ross at one end while I was at the other being fucked by a guy who we had only just met. I started to cum straight away, my fanny was squelching as Andrew pumped his meaty cock into me harder and faster.

After a few minutes Ross withdrew & wanked his cock for the final time as splashes of cum shot in & around Anne’s open mouth. The sight must have been too much for Andrew, as he said he was about to cum up me, I soon felt jet after jet of his warm sperm shoot deep inside my willing pussy.

Anne laid down and asked me to crouch over her face so she could lick up the mess her husband had deposited up me. She licked away for ages making sure she had every last bit. Ross & Andy were stood at the end of the bed watching the two of us.

We all had a good time and agreed to meet up with each other again very soon. Ross and I left them to enjoy each other while we went and spent the rest of the night in the Jacuzzi. We got talking to another couple, & I ended up sucking off the husband as Ross fucked his wife.

Nikki, Cornwall