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Author's Notes

"Very long however an account of how lust turned to passion and one day who knows to what"

We have had a good year with the both of us exploring other people . We usually are home together 3 nights if not 4 of the week , this is when we exchange notes on our experiences. We are happy that our relationship has reached a place where we are no longer dependent on just each other for our sexual pleasures .

We have had mmf and mff almost twice a month in addition to the playing we do outside the marriage .

We decided to do a road trip when friends invited us to join them for a weekend of celebration at their country estate . We decided not to stay on their premises ( although it was a large Manor House ) as we wanted our freedom to be outdoors , naked and enjoy the experiences that brought with it . We chose a nice country house hotel about 15 mins from them .

The first night was scintillating as we arrived with Ruth wearing nearly nothing under her over coat , we checked in and were shown to our suite . I intentionally lingered longer along the lobby while Ruth was shown to the room by the two bellmen carrying our luggage . One was a seasoned gentleman and his junior was a young tall chap whom Ruth took to instantly. I knew then she would want to tease him. As I arrived to the room the seasoned chap was gone , the young man was helping Ruth unpack , now you could see her lovely cleavage and nipples and almost all the way to up her thighs .

I loudly asked her to change out of her travel wear and taking the cue she swiftly undressed right u front of us both . Standing there naked . The young man look mesmerised then shy and looked away . I immediately asked him to continue to help Ruth and not to worry about her state of dress . He seemed to fumble about and this led to Ruth heading to the dresser and getting a robe and covering up . Once unpacked we showered ,changed and headed to the bar .

Ruth was wearing a shortish skirt no knickers , white see thru shirt and a jacket which did nothing to hide her boobs.

The crowd at the bar was a mix of all ages . A particular couple caught our eye . The man seemed to be in his early 40’s fit like an athlete and the woman was larger taller with the most incredible rack . We decided to get a table facing them and ordered a bottle of champagne . As we chatted with the server and asked about hot spots in the neighbourhood the conversation turned to Ruth asking the server where would we go for a walk post dinner, the server said it maybe raining to which Ruth naughtily replied that she enjoyed getting wet . This was possibly louder than usual and seemed to catch the attention of the woman and I saw her now almost staring at us. I smiled at her with lust and couldn’t take my eyes of her large boobs .

We continued to chat about various things and shortly the server brought canapés. Ruth again struck a conversation with him and asked about restaurants to visit nearby , the server was clearly busy and not interested and asked her to check with the concierge . In the meanwhile the woman perked up and said there are quite a few spots within an hours reach and blurted out some names . I took to cue , got up and introduced myself , the man stood and introduced himself as Robert and his partner Clara . Robert was actually 47 and Clara 41 as we found out later .

Having gone past introductions we started to chat , found out they were both on their second marriage. Clara opened up as we all sat together and drank more and more champagne as the evening wore on . We invited them to join us in the hotel’s fine dining for dinner which they accepted as they had a reservation too . We got a nice table by a far end which enabled us to have a view of the Restuarant and gave us just about the privacy to have a proper conversation .

We chatted about how they met , Clara became more and more vivacious as the champagne wore on , she claimed to be one of the more popular ones from her village and had married early and had children . Then got caught by her husband while she continued to be popular . Robert seemed to be confident and unnerved by Clara sharing the story about her infidelity , at this point Ruth asked Robert how did they meet , to which he shared that they were Set up thru common friends in london . Robert is an investor and works with a company doing a.i research on behavioural science , in which he had invested in 2019 as he sold his business in 2016 and came into substantial capital . Clara is a property lawyer who moved to london a few years ago post her divorce from her first husband .

It was refreshing to find out that they both now lived in london .

We exchanged notes on restaurants , travel , theatre and the markets .

By the time we went thru starters and were waiting for mains Robert with a straight face said to Ruth that he enjoyed her sense of fashion and asked if she always dressed in a similar manner , Ruth wasted no time and responded that her favourite was to be as she was born in her natural state and she worked hard at keeping her self in top form . The word hard stuck in the conversation and Robert said he was having a hard time looking away even with what she had on . To this I invited him to see Ruth in her favourite state post dinner and invited them both to our suite . Clara seemed to be delighted ( which was a relief ) and she announced she was bisexual and it wouldn’t be Robert alone who was ogling away at Ruth . At this point I confessed to Clara I was mesmerised with boobs and asked if she would be be generous enough to be in her natural state as well . This turned her silent , she looked at Robert for a moment and then said yes she would love to .

The mains arrived we ate , the air of formality had been lifted . The conversation had turned to sex . Robert now squarely focused on Ruth and I on Clara . Robert asked Ruth a lot of questions about what she enjoyed , how , intensity , positions , actions , etc and I interrupted asking if he was doing research or building an a.i muse . We all laughed . I got to ask Clara about her preferences and experience which was rather varied . She even had kept a meticulous list of all the men and women she had slept with . She handed me her phone and as I went thru the list it contained details of intensity and Clara had numbered her experiences as a result it turns out she had a count of 238 . To which I said post tonight it maybe 240 . I asked Robert how he felt about this ? Robert said the honesty of it had been refreshing for him and that is what had keeps him with Clara . Robert then shared his story on how his ex wife had been cheating on him for years and he hadn’t known . He only found out once they divorced as she went and married within weeks of their divorce to a chap whom she had known since her university days.

We finished mains , passed on desert , ordered coffees . I ordered two bottles of champagne to our suite .

Clara jumped in and said we should first go for a walk and winked at Ruth saying she shouldn’t be denied the chance to get wet . Ruth replied that she was wet thinking of Robert and what he was going to do with all the data she had shared on her path to pleasure . We laughed finished the champagne , Ruth had a cognac to end the dinner .

We headed out with Clara and I in the lead with Robert and Ruth following . As we ventured beyond the lights of the hotel we switched on the powerful torches given by the concierge and walked .

Soon my hands were from Clara’s wait to her boobs and hers were in my pants . My cock was rock hard . She was delighted to feel that I was completely shaved without any public hair and I told her so was ruth . She shared that she was completely shaven however Robert had a trimmed patch . Which I told her if he can keep up shouldn’t be a problem as Ruth loves athletic men who can keep going at it .

We kissed , as we stopped we realised that Ruth and Robert were no where in sight . Post a moment of wondering we forgot about them and concentrated on each other . As we heard the sound of a motor we continued to walk . Clara asked if we prefer same or separate rooms I told her same bed for the four of us . I shared with her that we had recently had many experiences and we both loved watching each other with other people . Clara seemed to love it and said she is looking forward to tasting Ruth . With that I took her and turned around and we headed back hoping to find Robert and Ruth .

We got to the hotel didn’t see them , went to our suite . As we entered we heard noises , saw Ruth and robert enjoying them selves with Robert banging her doggy . This sent me over the edge , I got out of my clothes and nearly tore off Clara’s . I lay her down in the bed and ate her and then mounted her bareback . After more than 20 mins I needed to catch my breath. Clara jumped up and put her gorgeous boobs around my cock and gave me an amazing tit wank . I stopped her after five mins as I didn’t wish to cum yet .

Robert and Ruth had changed positions Ruth was riding robert while he inserted her toy in her ass . Ruth asked Clara to help her lube the dildo a little more . Clara said she would do one better . With that she put a rover around her which barely fit and didn’t hide much . She then strutted out of the suite . I was baffled . I started to suck Ruth’s nipples and spoke to Robert and Ruth on how I enjoy watching Ruth fuck and love seconds . I encouraged him to cum inside Ruth if he wished . Ruth said she rather swallow and taste his sperm . We continued talking in between my sucking Ruth’s nipples .

In the meanwhile Clara returned with a strap on dildo which also had a string vibrate mode . She went and washed it , applied an anti viral , put on a condom on the dildo strapped it on and then there was Ruth being double penetrated by Robert and Clara . I simple loved it , the sight is etched in my memory . Ruth was in 7 th heaven , Robert under her , Clara behind her with me struggling to play with her small tits.

Within mins Robert announced he was going to cum , Clara jumped off and so did Ruth and they both sucked Robert and most of his cum was in Ruth’s belly .

I grabbed and kissed Clara turned her to suck my cock and shortly after I lay her down mounted her and banged away . Ruth came and started to rim me , I was over the edge . I announced I was going to cum . Clara asked me to cum on her boobs and I immediately got off her , Clara went on her haunches as I came all over her boobs and face. Ruth eagerly mauled Clara’s boobs and Clara loved that .

We all broke up and went and used the two toilets in the suite , cleaned up .

I came out , had a cialis and offered Robert one . He said he had already had one . Ruth came out first and then Clara from the other bathroom .

We sat with each others wives , I saw Robert had a nice big cock maybe an inch longer than mine but thinner which made it look longer . We chatted on how it was liberating meeting like minded people . I was still playing with Clara’s boobs and nipples and Ruth was sitting with Robert with his arms around her .

We invited them to stay the night in our suite as surely the girls would want more . Robert agreed but reluctantly as Clara was still excited and said she surely wanted to have sex with Ruth , I said then go for it as it will encourage our cocks to get ready . With that Clara went and grabbed Ruth to lay her down on the bed and started to eat her nicely fucked pussy . I started talking dirty and said if she fucked her pussy then I would get thirds not seconds . Clara ignored , Ruth moaned and I joined them with me sucking Ruth’s nipples . Ruth was now in heaven again . Clara then put the strap on changed the condom and fucked Ruth doggy style . I stood behind Clara moved with her movements and held Clara by her big boobs while feeling her nipples gently between my fingers.

After what seemed like ages , we were sweaty however my hardon had returned . Feeling my cock harden , Clara asked me to come and offer Ruth my cock and I did . I saw Robert was wanking his cock which was still flaccid . After another few mins Ruth stopped sucking my cock and concentrated on her orgasm .

Ruth came with a force of pleasure . Clara stopped fucking Ruth . Robert seemed to have enjoyed watching Ruth and was now hard . He took Ruth into his arms and kissed her passionately . I loved watching this . Clara and I spoke how they both seem better suited to each other . Don’t know if our brains were working , I responded and told Clara that I have always wanted a partner like her with massive natural boobs , vivacious and positively sexually charged at all times .

We kissed and went to the bed and I mounted Clara and made love to her and came inside her . As I tried to get up Clara held me tight and inside her for another few mins . Something happened then , I felt like I haven’t previously which is a feeling of a strong connect . I verbalised this with Clara and she didn’t respond and just kissed me passionately . We continued to lay in bed ignorant of Ruth and Robert .

Robert spoke and asked if I had cum inside his wife to which I responded a thumping yes . There was silence, Clara said that she wanted to spend the night in bed with me and offered Ruth to do the same with Robert .

Ruth was happy to and it seemed Robert too . I encouraged Robert to head back to his room with Ruth .

After they were gone Clara and I had a long chat about our likes , dislikes, passions , travels and life . Seems we have more compatibility than with our partners . We fell asleep and woke up and it was almost 10:30 am . We freshened up and then made move again , this time I came inside her for the second time .

As I just finished cumming in Clara I heard the door open and in came Robert and Ruth . They saw my sperm down the thighs of Clara and Robert asked if I and cum inside his wife again to my delight I responded yes and asked if he had hopefully done the same . He didn’t respond . Ruth seemed a bit cross . Suddenly there was a bit of stress in the air . I put my arm around Clara and said I believe I have found a good friend and joked with Robert if he didn’t watch out I would take Clara away from him and he would be stuck with Ruth . That didn’t go down well . Ruth announced she was going to shower .

Robert said he would l head back to shower , I asked him to join Ruth and fuck her again and cum inside her if he wished . He seemed ti like that and went to the showers . They came out cleaned up with Ruth dressed and Robert in the bathrobe . No they hadn’t fucked in the shower . Ruth asked what did Clara and I plan to do , I responded to stay in bed and fuck more . Ruth said enjoy and left the room . Robert left as well .

After an hour of chatting Clara and I got ready she went back to her room . We met for lunch there was a bit of stress in the air which Clara broke and addressed Robert stating he knows what she is like and if she would like to spend today with me since they leave tomorrow . Ruth said that was fine as long as Robert can fuck her and said to me that she would probably find one more man around to fuck her. I encouraged her to have a gang bang if she wished . All I wanted to do was make love to Clara .

Clara and I Went for a walk , ate dinner just the two of us l we didn’t see Robert and Ruth until post dinner when they walked into the hotel clearly tipsy .

They had been to a restaurant around 30 mins away. Ruth was dressed in stockings a short dress which barely hid anything . Her small tits had love bites , her thighs were red on the sides . Her lipstick gone . She looked like she had been given a proper seeing to . That was very arousing . Clara and I both found it fascinating . We returned to our suite and Robert narrated how they had first gone to the pub nearby and then for dinner to a restaurant further . At the pub Ruth had flirted with a bunch of men of all ages . Until she fancied a young lad whom they invited to dinner with them . Ruth then took the lad outside and had him fuck her doggy style while Robert played with her tits and nipples , unfortunately the lad came too soon and Ruth announced her let him cum inside her and she stilll had his dried sperm on her stockings . I asked had they driven , to which they said they had not and the cab they asked for got a free viewing of Ruth’s tits , a feel for her pussy . Ruth had sat in the front playing with the drivers cock and he had one hand in her crotch the whole time . I said she should’ve taken his number and shagged him too . Robert perked up and said he was going to do that now and add to the young lads cum. I loved it , encouraged then to head up and said we are coming up to watch .

We got to the room and Ruth was still a woman on heat , Robert was semi erect , I asked Clara to suck his cock . To my surprise she sucked his cock and fingered his ass which got him really hard , Robert then banged Ruth doggy style , we watched . Clara and I started kissing and getting undressed . We went on to the bed and made love passionately . Ruth and Robert finished with Robert cumming inside her . It was a sight which sent me over the edge and I came with force and this time all over Clara’s face . She went and immediately kissed Ruth passionately .

Both the girls went to the loo and came out after what seemed to an hour . Clara then grabbed Robert and said good night , we fixed to have breakfast together before they left the next morning .

I showered and got ready for bed . I was woken up in the middle of the night by Ruth trying to suck my cock . I was exhausted , pushed her away and went to sleep .

next morning Ruth sucked my cock , however I didn’t want to cum . I wanted one last go at Clara . Ruth sensed it and asked if it was Clara would I still hold back , I said I was only holding back wishing I could get a final go at her . To my surprise Ruth said meet her in london and fuck her as much as you wish however , at the moment she wanted to get fucked . Ruth started talking dirty about the night before and how she had let the boys at the pub feel her about , the young lad who couldn’t fuck for more than two mins and came . This sent me over the edge and I mounted her and fucked her for a while and finished with my cum inside her .

We showered and headed for breakfast. Clara and Robert were already there . They seemed to have had a fight . Clara was very very warm but Robert was distant specially with me.

Clara gave me her number in the presence of Robert . We said goodbye and hoped to see them in london . Clara responded by saying don’t make us wait long . Robert was silent . Ruth went and gave a proper snog to Robert which seemed to bring a smile to his face and they left .

We discussed what happened and Ruth was a bit jealous of my connect with Clara , I know she is going to read this as a result I shall say no more .

Rest of the trip was a non event . We did have sex every day and spoke about Clara .

Written by Hari69

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