Written by bandyscoot1974

22 Apr 2015

Last year I was lucky enough to be flown out for a sales conference in Mexico, I have been on a few of these and from experience they can be lot of fun. The mixture of beach bodies and all inclusive bar usually means there are a lot of horny people.

On this occasion I experienced something slightly more memorable than just a few one nighters with random women.

The first day I got down the pool and I couldn't help but notice a gorgeous woman sat next to her husband, she was wearing a tiny white bikini over a body she clearly worked hard to get. she was about my age, late 20's early 30's. quite petite but with lovely curves, long light brown hair and when she stood up I couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous round bum, she must have been about a size 6 but nicely sized boobs to match, as I stood up to get in the pool (with a slight semi) I saw her look in my direction and give a little smile. To be fair I was in quite good shape, I'm just under 6ft with a reasonable body, compared to her husband who looked quite short and a little chubby, a few years older too.

Later that evening I was getting ready in my room to go to the works cocktail night, I jumped out the shower, put a towel on and went to stand on the balcony to cool down and was pleasantly surprised to see the hot woman from the pool standing in just her bath robe smoking a cigarette.

We looked at each other for a second before she broke my perverted stare by saying 'did you like what you saw by the pool?' I was a little surprised but replied 'yes your boyfriend is a lucky man'. Her name was Claire, we chatted for a few minutes and she explained it was actually her husband Dave and they were on their honeymoon. They had already been here a week with another week to go. I jokingly said 'well dont worry about keeping the noise down later, im sure ill be banging the headboards just as hard' she laughed and said they have had some fun as they have always promised once they got married they would try new things, to which she ended the conversation by saying she had better go and join him in the shower and as she looked over and said 'see you again soon' she dropped her dressing gown and walked back in the room. I had just enough time to get a view of that perfect little body. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

Later that night after many drinks I took one of the sales ladies from our Liverpool branch back to my room, nice looking tall blonde but i couldn't get Claire out of my mind, I fucked her hard, up against the wall and on the bed making sure the head boards were banging, not only was i thinking about Claire I wanted her to hear us.

The next day at the pool Claire and Dave were in the same spot, I spent most of my day staring at her again before retreating to my room to have a shower. After dinner I went for a drink at the bar to see if there was any females worth chatting up, as I was ordering a drink at the bar Claire came and stood next to me. 'sounds like you had a good night last night' I smiled at her. She asked if i would like to join them for drinks, so i followed her and sat down.

We had a great night, lots of drinks and the conversation got a little naughty, Claire jokingly said she wished Dave would fuck her like I fucked that girl last night, Dave very drunk at this point surprisingly said 'I would love to see that, Ive always wanted to watch you get fucked by another guy' Claire looked surprised but laughed and sarcastically said 'ok Dave, i will take him back to the room and get started, come up and watch in a bit'. Dave said OK Hun see you in a bit.

She stood up and took me by the hand, i wasn't sure if this was serious or not so as we walked off i asked if we were actually going to do this to which she replied 'well it was his idea and you have have been dying to bend me over since you got here!'

We jumped in the lift and before the doors had even closed Claire dropped down to her knees and pulled my shorts down. I'm a pretty decent size 7" but got so turned on when she grabbed it and said 'mmm much bigger than Dave" I was hard within seconds and with her wasting no time taking it deep into her mouth before i knew it the doors opened at our floor, she carried on for a minute before standing back up with my cock in her hand and led me to her room.

She led me straight over to the bed which i sat on as she slid out of her little dress, turning round and bending over as she removed her knickers leaving nothing but her heels left on. 'I have an idea she said' as she got her phone out of her bag and made a call. 'look up at the balcony' is all she said then she asked me to follow her, she put the balcony light on and went and bent over the rails looking over her shoulder 'fuck me like you fucked her last night' i quickly pulled my clothes off and grabbed her perfect arse cheeks before sliding my rock hard cock slowly inside her tight but soaking wet pussy. she let out a quiet moan as i slid deeper inside her, i didn't wait for long to start fucking her harder and faster reaching round to grab her firm tits as i did.

"Dave is watching, fuck me harder" I Lent over her shoulder to see Dave looking up with his hand down his shorts. This made me want to make her scream so I smacked her arse and pulled her hair tight in one hand and pulled back on it as i fucked as hard as i could, she was moaning very loud now and after a minute she said 'im going to cum, make me cum over your hard fucking cock' i pulled her towards me and fucked hard as i grabbed her boob in my hand 'fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUUCK' she screamed out as I slapped her tits. I felt her knees go week and a rush of wetness all over my cock. She looked down at Dave and signalled for him to come up.

She led me back into the room and dropped to her knees with her back against the wall. 'I want you to fuck my face as Dave walks in' i grabbed her arms and pinned them against the wall and began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth, i was shocked at how easily she took it, Dave walked in and without saying anything went and sat in a chair in the corner of the room and got his cock out to wank.

I was really getting into it now so i grabbed my cock and slapped it round her face. she looked over at Dave and said 'you like seeing me get used and fucked?' 'god yes!' he replied 'use her like a fuck doll' I was more than happy too, i stood her up and slapped her tits hard, grabbed her by the throat and threw her on the edge of the bed, she put her legs around me and with my hands around her throat I fucked as deep and as hard as i could, i could feel her cumming again and as i let go of her throat she let out a scream. I carried on fucking her but i couldn't hold it much longer, she knew i was about to cum when she said 'i want you to cum all over my face infornt of Dave' i let her up and walked over to Dave, she got on her knees and sucked my cock deep and fast then opened her mouth wanking my cock as fast as she could 'cum in my slutty little mouth' she said. within seconds I shot a huge load of cum, some in her mouth the rest shooting all over her face. Moments later Dave stood up and grabbed her head pushing his cock into her mouth 'u filthy slut' he shouted as he filled her mouth with cum.

After a few moments catching our breath, i grabbed my things saying goodbye to Dave, as Claire saw me out she whispered 'ill be knocking on your door before he wakes up in the morning'

to be continued..............................