Written by drunkenmunky69

7 Jan 2011

Following on from the first threesome experience with my wife Melissa which I posted on the site last month 'Long Overdue Slut Wife' we have not met up with John the male involved since and Melissa has been reluctant to talk about the encounter and felt somewhat embarassed when I tried to prompt discussion about repeating it.

The threesome left me with a mixture of feelings, it was just as horny and exciting as I imagined and regularly wanked off to the thoughts of that magical night but I felt anxious to repeat it and was disappointed at my wifes reluctance even though it was quite obvious she enjoyed it.

We have just returned from spending the christmas holiday in Las Vegas at which time we engaged in another sexual encounter which i wish to share, for those of you who did not read my previous post Melissa is 23, 5'11, size 10, 32d, long brunette hair.

The whole episode began on our second day in Vegas when we decided to go shopping, Melissa has quite extravagant tastes and was shopping in various high end boutiques for a new handbag, in one of these boutiques we was approached by a well groomed, tanned male, about 6ft with a shaven head, and tight fitting clothes asking if we needed any help finding anything.

The man whose name is Julio as depicted by his name badge, was very camp, his mannerisms, voice and clothing demonstrated as much. One thing Melissa enjoyed about expensive shops was when spending any money the staff would run around and treat you almost like royalty, Julio was very flamboyant and more than excedded this.

Julio continually expressed how gorgeous Melissa was and how lovely her long brunette locks were, as we were shopping Julio gave us both a drink and also commented on my physique and asked if i worked out which Melissa found amusing watching my discomfort discussing with a camp man.

During our time in the shopping Julio asked questions regarding our accent and how much he loved it along with what our plans were for our trip, "we don't have much plans to be honest, we just want to chill out and see what happens" said Melissa, "well darling, if you like clubbing you must go to Pure at Caesars Palace whilst your here, you would love it" exclaimed Julio.

We thanked him for the advice and left with Melissa's new purchase, that night we went out for a meal, I was wearing a suit jacket with jeans and Melissa wore a figure hugging red dress and stilettos that gets alot of attention when she goes out. Upon finishing our meal we walked back up the strip deciding what to do for the rest of the night, every 100 yards you get stopped by people promoting shows and nightclubs, after turning down various offers of entertainment we were stopped by a guy offering free entry to the club Julio recommended called Pure, "thats the club the guy in the shop was on about, why dont we check out? its free what do we have to lose" said Melissa.

So I agreed to go to the nightclub, it was full of many well dressed people, women wearing outfits with little left to the imagination, good music, we were knocking back the drinks for a couple of hours and having a good time dancing together, we were both having a great time and soon feeling tipsy.

All of a sudden out of nowhere Julio appeared and gave Melissa a hug and saying how hot she looked, "darling you look amazing you must come have a drink with me and my friends! we love the English" shouted Julio in his camp voice. We agreed to follow Julio and sat down with him and 2 other camp looking guys who were all drinking champagne, it was very obvious they were all gay or bi at least. I have never been a big fan of this type of company but Melissa was enchanted by Julio so i just went along with it, and they were all very nice people.

We sat laughing and drinking with Julio and his two friends for another couple hours when his two friends decided they were going to retire for the night, this left the three of us and we finished off the rest of the champagne in the bottles, Melissa decided her feet were aching and had enough dancing, "why don't you come back to our hotel suite and we can carry on drinking there" Melissa said to Julio, they were both very giggily and Melissa loved his company.

Upon reaching our hotel Melissa and Julio carried on up to the suite whilst I got some champagne and glasses from the bar, I entered the room, Melissa and Julio were both sat on the sofa talking very loudly and laughing, "about time" said Melissa, "did you know Julio is actually bisexual not gay as you thought"

"Thanks, for telling him that, thought that would be private" I said to Melissa, the conversation continued from there on the subject of sex and soon we were talking about our threesome with John, the drink had obviously loosened Melissa up and she openly described the encounter clearly to Julio and moaned how I keep asking to repeat it.

"So why don't you repeat it" said Julio, "I just enjoy sex with us two, i don't want other things to ruin it" said Melissa

"Darling aslong as you are both comfortable with it don't worry, see how badly he wants it" "make him earn it" said Julio

Melissa then lifted up here dress removed her g string, but her feet on the table in front of the sofa with her legs spread revealing her shaven pussy, "lick my arsehole and i will fuck Julio" said Melissa, I choked on my champagne, "you what?!" I said laughing, "you heard, you want another threesome, lick my aresehole"

I didn't need asking again, Melissa enjoyed anal sex but never asked me to lick her arse, I got down on all fours but her legs over my shoulders and began to licking her arsehole, Melissa was moaning and began to play with her pussy, I could feel her pussy getting wet on my nose as I licked around her hole.

Julio removed his trousers and pants to unveil a monster long cock, it was skinny but the longest cock I had seen, he offered semi-erect up to Melissas face and she took it on her hand before flopping it in her mouth, Melissa worked Julio's cock back and forth as i continued to lick her arse and pussy, I decided i wanted some of the action and got up from my knees.

My cock was solid by now and i removed my clothes as Melissa gave Julio a good suck, Julio got off of the sofa and stood next to me, Melissa got on her knees and alternated sucking one cock to the other, she rubbed our bellends together I had never been with a guy before but was so horny I didn't mind, Melissa continued to suck our cocks, Julio began to feel my arse and as i looked at him began to kiss me, we snogged as Melissa sucked us off, I felt Julios fingers began to massage my arsehole, my first bi experience.

Melissa stood up and walked us to the bed by our hard cocks, we all lay on the bed, kissing, stroking, wanking and fingering each other, the horniest experience of my life, my bellend was wet with precum and Melissa's clit had grown and throbbing more than i had ever seen, Melissa straddled me and positioned my cock into her wet pussy, Julio positoned himself so Melissa could suck his cock as she rode me, then Melissa grabbed Julios cock and put it up to my lips, i opened my mouth and Julios warm length entered, Melissa rode more rampant and was screaming watching her husband try to take his first cock.

I was struggling with its size and inexperience in cock sucking, Melissa grabbed his cock and sucked it rapidly, it wasn't long before Julio shot his load in Melissa's mouth, Melissa who was still riding my cock, slowed down and leant forward to kiss me, she passed Julio's warm load into my mouth and we snogged, my first taste of spunk and i loved it.

Melissa got up of my cock and grabbed the lube from her suitcase, "fuck Julio for me" she said as she kissed him.

They kissed on the bed, as Melissa lubed up his arsehole and began to finger it, after a few minutes watching and wanking, Julio bent over on all fours with his arse gaping, I got behind him like i had done many times to my wife and pressed my bellend against his arsehole, and eased in my fat cock, i began to push in and out and pumped more as it loosened up, just like fucking Melissa's arse just with a set of balls slapping my balls.

Melissa positioned herself below Julio so she could suck his long cock as i fucked him and Julio could lick Melissa's pussy, everyone was satisfied and everyone now and then Melissa would remove my cock from Julios arse and suck it, i was so turned on and after a short time shot my load deep into Julios arse.

I walked to the bathroom to clean myself up, whilst in the bathroom i could hear Melissa began to moan louder, and could only guess she was fucking Julios long cock, i returned to the bedroom to find her legs in the air on his shoulders and Julio ploughing her deep, Melissa was screaming louder than i had ever heard before, she come over and over until after 15 mins or so, Julio bolted his hips and cum deep inside her.

Julio stayed in our king size bed that night, and we had sex with each other for hours, i never found the courage to try taking Julios big cock in my arse, but never the less a well enjoyed night by all.