Written by camberley1973

5 Nov 2007

First let me tell you that my husband has been telling me that he wanted me to have sex with someone else for some time and I would not of done what I did if I knew he would be upset. So one day at work a coworker and I where in the basement of the place we work researching thought some papers. Paul is a nice looking man. He’s about six feet tall nice build and 44 years old. All the women in the office are always checking him out.

It was after every one had left the office we had been flirting with each other for about an hour, Paul would sneak looks down my blouse and he smelt damn good. We were standing close to each other working when he looked at me putting his hand on the back of my head and pulled me towards him and kissed me. My knees went weak as he kissed me. I started to say something and he put his finger to my lips and said I’m going to fuck you. Looking in those pretty green eyes and the smell of his cologne put me out of reach of any common sense and we started kissing again. Paul set me on the desk unbuttoned my blouse. I unhooked my bra and he started sucking my breast. Then he laid me back took off my shoes and sock pulled my pants off and took my underwear off, started kissing me at my feet down my leg and licked my pussy. Paul stepped back pulled his pants and boxers down when he stood back up his shirt tail was standing straight out. Paul unbuttoned his shirt and there was this nice thick dick, pointing strait at my pussy. I grabbed and stoked it as we kissed each other. I could taste my pussy as his tongue darted in my mouth; his finger was playing with my clit. I got down on the floor on my knees and started sucking him. His dick filled my mouth and tasted good, I could hear him moan and his dick would twitch as I licked his head and cupped his balls in my hand. Paul then laid me on the floor and got between my legs and kisses me while he pushed his self in me. It felt so good that all I could do was hold my breath as he slid deep in me stretching me. Paul kissed me and massaged my breast and told me erotic things, as he moved in and out of me. When he saw I was about to cum he stopped, looked in my I eyes held his dick deep in me and said come on girl cum for me come on and cum. I let out a squeal and squinted cum on him. Paul then raised my legs over his shoulder and started pounding me hard and fast. I grabbed his arms and started screaming fuck my cunt!! Fuck my cunt!! And then I had the longest orgasm in my life. I kept cumin and cumin. Paul pushed his self in me and I could feel his dick explode inside me his semen filled my pussy; I felt his dick twitching inside me as he was squirting in me. When he pulled out of me I saw our cum dripping off the end of his dick. It was running down my ass and on the floor. I could smell our sex as I laid there patting and light headed. Paul helped me up off the floor and I went in the bathroom and cleaned up and Paul cleaned the mess we made on the floor. Before we left Paul put his hand on my face and told me how pretty I was and how good I made his body feel. I told him that I had never been with another man except my husband before. He said that he would not tell anyone and not to worry. I got to admit I did fell a little sheepish at first but the sex was so good that it didn’t last long. I told my husband about it a couple of days later during sex and he went wild and shot his cum everywhere and asked if I would do it a again while he watched.