Written by Chris & Linda

7 Feb 2009

We have recently returned from an all inclusive holiday to Cuba. My wife, Linda, 45, 38dd and a smooth pussy decided it was time to have a holiday without the kids as they were old enough to look after themselves. We arrived mid afternoon, checked in, dumped our cases in our room. We changed into our swimming gear and headed for the pool bar. We befriended a group of Canadians who were leaving the next day and were consuming as much alcohol as they could. After about 2 hrs, we managed to get a burger and then continued drinking with our new friends. We ended up with two couples and as the sun set we ended up in a discreet hot tub near their rooms. Brad, one of the Canadians said he was going to his room to get a bottle of rum and some coke a cola. As he returned, Linda nudged me. He was starked bullock naked with an impressive 8 inch prick swinging in between his legs. Linda, whispered in my ear"Bet that's big when its hard" As he got back into the hot tub, his wife Carol discarded her bikini, then Jack and his wife Pam threw their costumes onto the side. Linda and myself looked at each other, and "Hey, your only young once" and took our cosies off. Linda's tits looked great floating on top of the bubbling water. Pam then said " We are swingers, do you swing" I said " No, but you carry on and we will follow" I think the drink had got to me and my inhibitions were gone. Pam the started to snog Brad, Carol kissed Jack. Jack then eased himself onto the side of the top with an impressive 8 inch hard prick, which Carol started to suck. My prick rose to its 7 inches and I started to play with Linda's tits. Brad the stood up showing Linda his 11 inch erect prick, which Pam started to lick and wank. Pam then turned around and offered her pussy to me to fuck doggy style. I looked at Linda, who gently eased me up and guided my prick into Pam's moist pussy and I proceeded to fuck her. I looked around and saw Linda sucking Brad's prick and massaging his balls with her hands. Brad then sat on the side of the tub, Linda turned around, facing me and lowered herself onto Brad's spear. She then started to ride him and after a couple of minutes of going up and down on him, she came with a loud moan. I withdrew from Pam and came over her back. Jack was fucking Carol and exploded up her pussy. Brad moved over to Pam and fucked her mouth and came in her mouth, she swallowed the lot. We all sat back in the tub, cleaned up and had another drink. Brad then invited us back to their room for a nightcap, which ended up with all three women being fucked by all the three men. Early in the morning we went back to our own room to freshen up for breakfast and then to say goodbye to our new friends. The rest of the week continued as our first day. In the week Pam was fucked by five Canadians, two Brits and one Jamaican. I managed to fuck five women. Linda especially like the Jamaican with his 13 inch erect prick, who for the first time let a male fuck her in the arse.It was a great holiday, sunbathing and drinking during the day. At night drinking and getting fucked. It was especially great seeing Linda, a totally new person, being spit roasted and having her tits sucked by a third bloke. Looking forward to next year when we are going to Hedonism in Jamaica for two weeks. Linda says she needs a break at the moment as her pussy is sore from being, fucked and sucked so much.