Written by James

29 Jun 2007

In our younger days my wife and I fantasised about her taking a black lover and as normal this ended in a fantastic session - then one weekend I used a large black plastic cock on her and she went mad for it and I simply said "imagine if this was for real". Her reply was yes please.

We discussed this over a long period of time and eventually advertised in a contact mag. (SH was not around in those days) Simple as that. Over the next few weeks we had several replies and eventually after some correspondence chose a local fellow who sounded nice with a reportably thick 8 incher. We arranged to meet him socially first and this went well, we just clicked so made arrangements to meet the following weekend. Well that week she was "hot" to say the least - I was knacker-ed!!!

Saturday came and so did he. We were nervous as hell and after a few drinks he suggested we go upstairs. He went to the loo and I said to my wife are you still up for it and got a resounding yes. We all settled down to kissing cuddling and clothes came off - he had undersold his assetts. She sucked his bulbous helmet while I ate her pussy. He then went down on her as we just kissed, he put her hand around his cock which she slowly wanked. It was wet with precum and she just pulled him into her pussy. At this stage I was shaking with excitement seeing my wife impaled on a black cock but was also concerned as no condom had been used and she was unprotected. I asked him to pull out but she just said no let me feel him properly first and asked him not to cum in her, and he said "OK". (first big mistake but in the heat of the moment!)Well they fucked all ways then he said he was about to cum and she just wrapped her legs around him so tight and said no not yet - she was bucking and he tried to pull out (seemingly) but could'nt and came in her deep and she said I can feel it.

When he eventually plopped out there was the evidence ,not just seeping out but pouring out and they made me clean both him and her up and whilst I was lapping her pussy he fed his cock into her again with me trapped underneath and with urgency came in her again. After that I was told to get some drinks and on my return she was straddling him again. This went on for about 2 hours - he must have cum 3 times before they finished and he left leaving his phone number and a parting comment to me "she likes what I have she is mine".

She was very sore for the next few days and we discussed the situation and said well we have done it - it was great but no more and she took the morning after pill.

However it did'nt end there, she has phoned him and told me he will be returning soon and has promised to use condoms. Well he has been back and has used protection and she is enjoying her new lover - me I can watch and clean up after and no fucking .

This went on for several months and one day I returned from work to find her very tearfull and sorry for herself - eventually she told me that she could'nt get enough of him and he had been visiting her whilst I was at work but today came with his mate and you can imagine the rest and she had to visit the chemist again.

Well she never contacted him again and we are back fucking like rabbits but recently the black plastic cock has been used and she has intimated that if we are more carefull in choice and she goes on the pill!!! watch this space.