Written by wifesharer2010

10 Jan 2012

We have been doing the hot wife thing for a while now and it seems to be working. Sarah has discovered her slutty side, and after a few reassurances from me, she now is ok and that I am not playing any games - I genuinely do enjoy sharing my wife. (See the stories from 10th and 17th November 2010).

I will keep the preamble I know this isn’t the bit you want to read. Basically, Sarah has been with her boyfriend Paul for about 12 months now, but it has always been between just the three of us. Sarah was having a birthday party and to celebrate we had invited a few friends and their partners. The evening was a success and all in all there were about 25 people there. Throughout the night I noticed Sarah kept disappearing, but I thought nothing of it. The evening started to slow down and most of our guests began to leave, except the couple who were staying overnight, Jo and Rich.

Rich and I ended up in the living room whilst the girls tidied up a bit. It was about 3:30 in the morning when the door bell went. I went to the front door and standing there was Paul with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Somewhat shocked I almost dismissed him out of hand, but Sarah quickly came running over and welcomed Paul in. She took me to one side and said ‘Trust me, you’ll love this.’

Sarah took Paul into the kitchen with the girls and shooed me into the living room. ‘Who was that?’ Rich asked. ‘Erm, just an old friend,’ I said, somewhat unconvinced myself. We carried on chatting for a few minutes until I realised all had gone quiet in the kitchen. So I went to investigate.

No one was in the kitchen and my heart started to race. I had no problem with Sarah fucking Paul, but I wasn’t sure how it would go down with our overnight friends.

I found Sarah and Jo in the snug just chatting and talking as if everything was normal. Now, everybody had had a few to drink, me included, but I did feel a bit odd about this. I took Sarah by the arm and led her out into the hallway and asked her what was going on. She replied that she and Jo had been talking about their sex lives a few months ago and Jo was thinking of cheating on Rich. Sarah, who became good friends with Jo about 5 years ago when they met at a mutual friends’ Hen Party had let slip that cheating wasn’t the answer and perhaps Rich would be into another scenario. Jo, who I had always thought was a bit naughty listened intently to everything Sarah had to say and was fascinated by our ‘arrangement’. Jo had mentioned to Rich that she would like to try a threesome and Paul had immediately suggested another guy. It turns out that he really wanted to watch Jo with another man. I nodded and went back to find Rich.

‘Who is that?’ Rich asked. ‘Paul, a friend,’ I replied, matter of factly. ‘Sarah’s boyfriend.’

At first he seemed shocked but given the conversation I’d just had with Sarah I knew this was to preserve his masculinity. We discussed it for a while and I answered all his questions, most of them were positive.

‘I think Jo has got ideas now,’ said Rich. ‘And to be honest, I want to try it....’

‘Everyone should try it, at least once’ I said before I suggested we go and found out what our other halves were up to.

I walked into the snug and Sarah was sat on Paul’s lap, running her fingers through his hair. “Rich, meet Sarah’s boyfriend Paul,’ I said matter of factly. Jo blurted out that she loved the idea and turned to me and asked ‘How do you feel about it, Tom?’

‘I love it, I really do. Our sex life has improved so much and we don’t worry about cheating on each other as it is just so easy now. When Sarah has an itch, she scratches it and that is Paul.’

Sarah turned round and started kissing Paul passionately, pulling her top off to reveal her beautiful pert tits encased in a stunning bra Paul had bought her for one of their first weekends away. I got instantly hard and began unbuttoning my flies. Their kissing was rampant now, his hands running all over her body, lifting up her skirt and undoing her bra. They were carrying on like there was no one else in the room. I presume this show was for me and our guests!

After a few minutes, Sarah undid Paul’s trousers and unleashed his huge cock. Fully erect it was about 9 inches, but very thick. Sarah stood up momentarily to take off her skirt and g-string before straddling Paul and guiding his thick shaft towards her pussy. She was very wet indeed, and given the amount of attention Paul had been lavishing on her recently, her pussy had become more accommodated to his size.

They began to fuck quite hard, Sarah bouncing up and down, riding him hard. I looked round at Jo and Rich who were transfixed with the action but were holding hands. I motioned for both of them to sit next to Sarah and Paul, which they did.

Sarah was moaning loudly now, so I told her to turn round. She did so, and straddled him, her back to him with her feet on his knees. I opened up her pussy whilst she guided him back into her. They were really getting into it so I got down between Sarah’s open legs and began licking her clit whilst Paul was fucking her cunt for all he was worth.

Sarah began to cum loudly, letting our guests know that Paul was hitting the spot. I turned to Jo and Rich and asked them if they wanted to join in.

‘Yes, if that’s ok?’ Paul said, almost gingerly. ‘Yeah, of course,’ I replied. ‘What do you want to do?’ I asked looking at Jo; she looked at Rich and hesitated. Rich nodded, almost urging her and telling her it was ok. ‘I want to fuck Paul,’ she said, meekly.

Sarah withdrew Paul’s huge cock from her pussy and walked over to Jo. Slowly she removed Jo’s dress and began to remove her underwear. Now Sarah and Jo couldn’t have been more different in build; Sarah 5’2, a curvy size 10 with 36DD tits, really firm ass and a lovely little waist. Jo on the other was 5’10 and a size 6 with hardly any tits at all. She was very slim but had the most amazing legs, they went on forever.

Sarah removed Jo’s pants and let them fall to the floor. Jo just stood there whilst Paul and I both stared at her thin little body in amazement. Sarah led Jo over to Paul by the hand, almost ceremonially. Sarah placed Jo’s hand in Paul’s an said ‘Enjoy!’ to both of them. Then she went and sat with Rich and began to slowly wank him through his jeans. Rich looked at me and I just winked at him.

Jo, by this time had straddled Paul and had his huge dick and the entrance to her skinny little cunt. Paul grabbed her by the hips and slowly pulled her down all the way on to his cock. Jo let out a little whimper and looked over her shoulder at Rich who was transfixed with the action and was now getting a blow job from Sarah.

Jo then turned her attentions back to Paul and began to get into the swing of things. She started bouncing up and down, trying to get as much of him in her as possible. I remember thinking how sexy Jo was as I watched her takeSarah’s boyfriend’s cock all the way in her. She had a fantastic pair of legs and was so slender she hardly had an ass at all. But when she grounded out on Paul’s huge cock, her cheeks would wrinkle up and look so sexy.

I went to join Rich and Sarah and immediately took Sarah doggy style whilst she was sucking Rich’s cock. We looked at each other and smiled; he had never been involved in anything like this before and I could tell it was all a bit much for him. He kept looking down at Sarah as if someone was tickling him; I knew that feeling all too well and told Sarah to stop. She withdrew his cock from her mouth and asked why. I told her I wanted a creampie to fuck. Rich looked at me quizzically and then in a second was round the back of Sarah rubbing himself up against the entrance to her slit. In this position he could see Jo getting the fucking of her life and see my slut wife get a good fucking from an over enthusiastic first time wife sharer.

Within a few seconds it was too much for Rich and he came in Sarah; he seemed to come for quite a while, moaning and groaning which made Jo look back over her shoulder and come again too. Paul continued to fuck Jo really hard whilst Rich withdrew from Sarah. As he did I could see a huge amount of some on his cock, so I could only hope that there was much more inside my filthy wife. Sarah smiled at me and said ‘hold on, I have an idea,’ and with that she stood up and went over to Paul and Jo. She whispered something to Jo and she got off Paul. Sarah mounted Paul, sliding her come filled cunt down over his shaft and just stopped there, then she began to move her hips back and forward. Paul began to moan and hold her hips, moving her in time with her.

After a minute, Paul began to come. He shot his load up Sarah and she stood up immediately afterwards, come dribbling down her thighs and came and mounted me. I couldn’t believe it, a double creampie. I was in heaven as I felt how sloppy her pussy was. I didn’t last long as I was in heaven. I looked over at Jo, who was now showing Rich her well fucked pussy; this pushed me over the edge and my come shot into Sarah and joined Rich and Paul’s.

The night didn’t end there as Sarah and Jo put on a show with Jo sucking all the come from Sarah’s pussy. We all fooled around for a bit more then we went to bed; except I went with Jo and Sarah took Paul and Rich. We have quite thin walls in our house and we were all in adjacent rooms, so we could all hear what was going one. Heaven!