Written by wifesharer2010

1 Jun 2012

Sarah and I had arranged to meet a single guy out in Birmingham; it was going to be her first black guy. I had arranged it, she had approved the photo of him, smiling and looking at the camera with his top off. He was really well built and lived in London; what Sarah didn’t know was that he was really well hung. We had often fantasized about Sarah taking a really big cock, sometimes a black one. The biggest one she had had on a consistent basis was her boyfriends’, which was about 8 inches and pretty thick. Darren’s was, from the look of the photos about 10 inches long and about as wide as a coke can!

We were staying at the Malmaison in the Mailbox and had decided to go out in Birmingham for a few drinks before meeting Darren. It was bout 3 o’clock on a Saturday and the weather was blistering! Sarah wore a little summer dress, finishing just over her knees and no underwear. We went to a few bars in the Mailbox, sitting by the canal. Sarah was drawing a lot of attention from passing guys, I just thought to myself ‘if you only knew!’.

About 4 o’clock we got a text from Darren saying he might not be able to make it. We were both gutted having got a hotel room in an expensive hotel and gotten Sarah all worked up for her first black cock. We just sat there for about an hour coming up with naughty ideas, but none of them worked. We decided to have a nice night and just see what came up.

We continued to drink for a few hours then we went and grabbed some dinner; after that we went to a really nice bar and just started chatting. At about 8 o’clock a vanilla couple we knew, Dan and Vicky, walked in and came over to us and started chatting. We had completely forgotten about Darren now and we were just enjoying a night out with our friends. We moved to a booth for a bit more privacy and started getting stuck into the Gin & Tonics.

I got up to go to the toilet and left my phone on the table. When I came back I could tell something had gone on as Sarah’s face was ashen and Dan and Vicky both looked embarrassed. It turned out that Darren had texted me saying he was available and that he could get up there by about 10 o’clock if that was any good? Plus, he was still looking forward to fucking Sarah and stretching her pussy for me, if that was ok? Dan was holding my phone, just staring at me.

‘You read my text message?’ I asked just a little bit annoyed.

‘It looked interesting,’ he replied, pretty sheepishly. ‘So come on, what the fuck is going on?’

Sarah and I looked at each other, and both shrugged. I thought they could be trusted, particularly because I knew that Vicky had cheated on Dan a few years earlier and never told him, so we had some emotional bargaining. Sarah began telling them that we were swingers and that we loved getting single males over to fuck her and that I loved watching and joining in. The alcohol obviously played a part because Vicky and Dan just looked at each other wide-eyed until Dan said ‘whatever floats your boat, guys!’

The chat then obviously turned to sex and Vicky was very intrigued with Sarah’s stories whilst Dan was quizzing me about how I could let someone else fuck my wife and how it felt and how often we did it. I answered all his questions as honestly and frankly as I could. After about half an hour, I texted Darren back to say ‘come on over, we will be at the hotel in an hour.’ He texted back and said ‘ok.’ Dan looked at me and then looked at Vicky; she smiled back and sort of nodded at Dan.

‘Can we come and watch?’ he asked, now really excited.

I looked at Sarah and she stared blankly back at me for a while until I said ‘Yeah, of course.’

We got up and made our way back to the hotel, me walking with Sarah behind Dan and Vicky. Dan was a pretty good looking guy I knew from my days of playing rugby; Sarah and Vicky had been friends for a while as they knew the same people from Sarah’s school even though they had been in different years. Vicky was very thin, probably a size 6 but she had amazingly long legs and nice fake tits. All in all she was quite attractive, but she looked a little mousey and she could have done more with her hair which was neither blonde nor brown.

The walk back was electrically charged, I could feel the tension from Dan and Vicky in front as we made our way into the lift. No one was really talking, I could feel Sarah’s hand getting sweaty as we neared our floor, and Dan and Vicky were exchanging nervous glances.

We got out of the lift and went to our room. We went inside and I texted Darren the room number, a text pinged back, which jolted everybody into life.

‘5 minutes,’ I said. Sarah started getting ready, wearing just a little teddy, a G-string and some hold ups. She came out of the bathroom and walked over to the bed to put on her high heels. Dan’s eyes were on stalks as he stared at Sarah walking round the room, Vicky looked nervous in the corner so I asked her if she wanted something to drink, which she did. I gave her a glass of Champagne just as the door went. Everybody exchanged glances as I went to open it.

There in the doorway was Darren, a good-looking guy, well built and well presented. I ushered him in. He was obviously a bit taken aback to see three other people in the room. “This is Dan and Vicky,’ I said ‘they’re here to watch, if that’s ok?’ I asked. ‘Sure,’ he replied, ‘the more the merrier!’

There was a nervous tension I hadn’t felt before, maybe because I was picking up on the feelings of Dan and Vicky, maybe because this was the first time I was going to share my wife with someone in front of non-swingers.

Sarah walked up the Darren and starting kissing him whilst still standing up, right in front of Dan who was sat on the bed. I looked at his crotch as Darren started to run his hands up and down Sarah’s bum, pulling her closer. Dan was obviously excited by this as he had a massive bulge in his trousers and he started stroking himself, almost subconsciously.

I went and sat by Vicky, who was now transfixed with the action. She was intrigued and never took her eyes off the action even as I asked her if she was ok. She just nodded and watched as Darren lay Sarah on the bed and removed her knickers.

‘Wow,’ said Darren as he looked at Sarah’s shaved pussy. He then knelt down and started licking her out. Dan by this time had loosed his cock from his trousers and was wanking away slowly whilst watching Sarah getting her pussy eaten out by this huge black guy.

Vicky was wearing tight jeans and high heels with a white blouse and a black bra. I was staring at her when she looked up at me and her face was a picture. I could tell she was really horny but not sure what to do. I just took her by the hand and took her over to the bed and laid her down next to Sarah, who reached out and grabbed her hand whilst moaning. I looked at Dan who was still transfixed with Sarah’s pussy; he was sat upright and was watching as Darren’s huge tongue and fingers worked their way into Sarah.

I undid Vicky’s belt and started to remove her jeans. She looked up at me like a startled rabbit so I looked at Dan. He stopped wanking and came over, his trousers around his ankles, which he stepped out of, his cock swinging freely now. It wasn’t massive but it was quite thick with a big head on it.

‘Are you ok with this?’ he asked Vicky. She looked back, unsure of what to say.

‘Do you want to do this?’ she asked, looking for an answer.

‘Yes, but only if you’re ok with it’ he replied.

She nodded back to him and then leant over and grabbed his cock. That was all I needed so I removed her jeans and knickers in one. She had a beautiful little pussy, it looked perfect and tight. I spread her legs a bit with my hands and began licking her pussy. It was very wet indeed. I looked up at Dan, who was still staring at Sarah’s pussy and was obviously very intrigued. He looked down at me and winked.

Darren then stood up and took off his shirt revealing lots of tribal tattoos and a very well toned body. Sarah sat up on the bed and shuffled to the edge and undid his belt and let his trousers drop to the floor.

She gasped when she pulled down his boxers to reveal what was the biggest cock I think we have all ever seen. Dan’s eyes widened and Vicky sat up to see what all the fuss was about. She too stared for a bit before she looked up at Dan. Dan just nodded back and smiled.

Sarah looked at me and I felt so happy, as my petite little slut wife was going to get stretched and pounded by a huge black cock, hopefully ending with him cumming deep inside her and leaving her fully satisfied, and a bit sore. Sarah looked at it, 11 inches and nearly as thick as a coke can. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go and tried to get it all in but failed. She kept trying until eventually she got the head in and started sucking. I went and set up the video camera and looked at Dan for his approval. He nodded and kept staring as Sarah tried to get Darren‘s cock into her mouth.

Vicky sat up and moved forwards, placing her hand on my hips. I looked at Dan who looked at Vicky. He smiled and that was all she needed. She loosened my belt and pulled down my trousers in one move, letting my dick fly up from the elasticated waistband of my boxers, she eagerly started sucking as Dan repositioned her on all fours and pushed his cock up against the entrance to her cunt. I felt her push back then moan softly as he broke into her juicy and now very wet cunt with almost no resistance.

After a few minutes of Sarah trying to get Darren in her mouth, she looked at me and smiled. She shimmied back up the bed, laid her head on the pillows and opened her legs as wide as they could go. I withdrew my cock from Vicky's mouth and moved up to Sarah’s head. I held her hand as Darren moved up the bed like a tiger, his cock in his hand all the while staring at Sarah.

He placed his cock at her cunt and then let his weight fall. Sarah let out a gasp as this huge cock forced it’s way into her tight little cunt. The teddy made her breasts rise and fall with an exaggerated heave. This huge cock spreading Sarah’s pussy lips open now transfixed Vicky, who started to come loudly.

Darren was struggling to get his entire dick into Sarah, slowly pushing inch by inch then retreating to build up more force. It must have taken him two or three minutes but eventually he was nearly all the way in. Dan withdrew from Vicky and made his way over to Sarah, where he presented her with his cock, which she eagerly sucked on. Vicky just laid there, her pussy wet and exposed. I made my way to the foot of the bed so I could see Darren's cock pistoning out of Sarah’s cunt. Sarah was moaning as Dan tried to get his cock all the way down her throat, so I grabbed Vicky and pulled her towards me. I got her off the bed and onto all fours so she and I could both see this black dick nearly split Sarah in two.

I lined my cock up for her pussy and pushed. I glided in very easily as Dan had loosened her up a treat for me. I looked up at Dan who was now staring at Vicky. I couldn’t see her face but when I watched the video back later I could see she was really turned on, her face screwed up and smiling as I entered her.

I continued to fuck Vicky for a while until Sarah began cumming. Darren quickened his pace and although Sarah came first Darren then flooded her cunt with his spunk. As he withdrew Dan looked at me and quickly took his place. In one swift movement he pushed all the way into Sarah and forced some of Darren's cum out of her. I began to quicken the pace in Vicky who also started moaning. Although she didn’t come I think she was really turned on by watching Dan fuck Sarah’s cum-filled cunt. Dan grunted and moaned and quickened the pace until he grunted and tensed his buttocks. He was obviously dumping his spunk up Sarah, who was just lying there in a post-orgasmic daze. This pushed me over the edge and I came in Vicky's pussy.

I looked over and Darren was sitting in a chair just wanking slowly trying to regain his hard on. We all sat up for a bit, obviously spent and needing some recovery. I withdrew from Vicky’s sticky pussy and made my way up the bed where Sarah was still lying with her legs open, cum slowly oozing out of her. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, feeling Dan and Darren’s cum between my fingers. I then looked at Vicky and told her to clean up her boyfriend’s mess with me. She came over and tentatively started licking Sarah’s pussy with me; me on the outside licking her pussy lips and her lapping at the spunk flowing out from the now wide hole.

‘I want Vicky to sit on my face’ Sarah said. So Vicky got up and sat on Sarah’s face so they were in a 69 position. I could hear Sarah eagerly lapping at Vicky’s pussy, sucking my cum from her.

Dan and Darren were both sat down watching the show and getting back to full strength. I could see their cocks getting harder as they enjoyed Vicky and I licking their cum from Sarah’s pussy.

Dan and Darren were making small talk then Darren asked if he wanted Dan to fuck Vicky. Vicky lifted her head with a smile and nodded.

Darren then got up and lifted Vicky off Sarah and placed her on the bed face down. He positioned his cock against Vicky’s pussy and pushed with a considerable amount of force. His roughness made Vicky gasp but I could tell she was in heaven. Darren went right up to the hilt and bottomed out in Vicky, her pussy now able to accommodate his length and girth after my cum lubricated the way. He fucked her very hard holding her down by the shoulders and ramming her with all the force he could muster.

Dan came over and started playing with Sarah’s tits and watching his girlfriend get fucked by Darren. Dan lay down on the bed and Sarah positioned herself on top of him, guiding his cock into her again. I got behind her and pushed my cock up her cunt too, so she now had two cocks in her pussy. This wasn’t a problem though as she was well lubricated from the two loads of cum she had just had and stretched from Darren’s huge cock earlier. We both started fucking Sarah as hard as we could, almost competing with each other to make her gasp and moan.

Vicky was now moaning very loudly and saying she was going to cum. Darren started grunting, knowing that was his cue. They came almost together, Darren first which obviously pushed Vicky over the edge. In turn I started to cum and I filled Sarah with what spunk I could, coating Dan’s cock in the process. Her pussy now made sloshy sounds as Dan continued to fuck her as hard as he could. I withdrew my cock and watched Dan fuck Sarah with all his energy; my spunk was making its way out of her pussy and down Dan’s shaft and onto his balls.

I looked over and Darren was kissing Vicky passionately and running his hand through her hair whilst grabbing her ass. Vicky was straddling Darren and I could see his cum dripping from her pussy and onto his leg.

Dan started to cum and was pulling Sarah’s arse cheeks apart so I could see everything, her little pussy now filled with spunk and a cock, I was in heaven. He grunted and held her down on him, trying to get as deep in her as possible. His cock spasmed inside my wife and I watched his legs tense. He let out a stifled moan as Sarah moved on top of him and withdrew his cock for him. A glob of cum rolled from her pussy onto the bed as she turned and kissed me. Darren and Vicky were now kissing passionately, Darren’s huge frame and Vicky’s tiny body now in complete contrast as his big black hands wrapped around her and her slight legs met around the small of his back.

They noticed we were watching and finished kissing, but not before Vicky turned to Dan and asked whether they could do this with Darren again. Dan looked a bit taken aback and looked at me. I just smiled and said ‘good luck, mate!’

Darren got up and left soon after, leaving Dan, Vicky, Sarah and I to continue the party long into the night. We will be seeing them again, no doubt. Vicky has asked for Darren’s number there so I hope Dan is ready for what is to come!