Written by Andy and Di

24 Feb 2007

I've never met a man who didn't like watching his wife give herself to another man. But I could never talk my wife Dianne into it until in her mid 30's, it seemed to click with her, that you don't have to love someone to enjoy fucking them. We had been married over ten years and in an effort to stop our love life getting jaded, we had written our top ten fantasy's down and we compared what we both wanted to do. It was interesting to read that she wanted a threesome and to taste more cocks (she's always loved my cock in her mouth). Although she was luke warm about fucking another woman she didn't dismiss it. "If I met the right woman, who knows?" she said. I suggested that we tried a swingers club and after a little thought she agreed

After a couple of weeks of research we found ourselves in a swingers club in Rochdale. Dianne looked ravishing, she's 5'3 and has long brown hair and a lovely curvy size 12 figure with bouncy 36d boobs and she had worn a skin tight black dress, stockings and no bra. We had picked a couples night to start us off and when we walked in there were about 10 couples of all ages around the club, some in towels and others dressed in sexy clothes. We were given the tour and there was no pressure put on us.

To go upstairs to the swinger rooms you had to undress and put a towel on so after a couple of drinks I asked Dianne if she wanted to go upstairs and without hesitating she said yes. We got a couple of towels and went to the changing room. Dianne had only removed her shoes when another couple came in to get changed "Do you mind?" they asked. "No" said Dianne a little uncertainly. The couple introduced themselves as Ian and Deb, Ian was slim shaven headed, about 6ft and Deb was about 5'4 slim with a great figure and short red hair. Thet took no time in stripping and I thought " when in rome " and also started to strip. Dianne undid her dress and let it drop to the floor and her breasts were exposed to this stranger, she slipped off her stockings, all the time making small talk with our new acquaintances. By now Ian was naked but making no attempt to put his towel on. I glanced at Deb as she stepped out of her panties and was naked in front of me. Exposing her neatly shaved pussy for a few seconds before putting her towel on. Dianne followed suit and slipped her panties off. She carried on chatting with Ian as he blatantly looked at her naked tits and shaven fanny. After she put her towel on he said "see you upstairs" covered his semi stiff cock with his towel and left. How did that make you feel I asked her "Fucking horny!" she said and we went upstairs. All the rooms were occupied, in facy Ian and Deb were already engaged with another couple and not knowing the etiquette we didn't want to intrude although we did watch though the window for a little while and Dianne commented on what a big boy Ian was.

We decided to relax in the sauna for a while and as we entered there was another couple sat in it, both in there 50's both a little over weight and both naked. Dianne took her towel off and I followed suit. Dianne sat opposite this old guy and sat with her legs open so he could see her slit and as his dick stiffened it was obvious he was enjoying the view. We chatted and I made sure a Gave this naked older woman a good looking over. Her husband was a little embarrassed that his dick was showing what he was thinking. Dianne giggled and whispered with his wife and after a slight nod from her, she moved over and sat with him and gently said "you look like you need a little help". She took his cock in her hand and started to wank him off, slowly at first, but then she speeded up and he started to feel up her tits. After about a minute he shot his spunk over Dianne's hand and his wife licked the spunk of Diannes hand. Moments later they thanked us and left. I asked Dianne why she'd wanked him off and she replied that we were hear for sex weren't we and that it had turned her on , having him looking at her cunt. "in that case" I said " fuck the towel off and have some fun". So she did, we left the Sauna with Dianne naked and I went to get a couple of drinks. When I got back two couples were chatting to my naked wife and Ian was resting his hand on her thigh and both men were admiring her naked body.

At Ian's suggestion we went in a room with him Deb and the other couple who we learned were called John and Julie. Julie was no looker except that she had a massive pair of tits. We all joined Dianne in being nude and Ian spread Dianne's legs and started to lick her bald fanny John was having his cock sucked by Deb, so I joined in by licking out Julie's hairy pussy. After a little of this I lay on my back and Julie slipped a condom on me and started to ride me as I watched my wife acting like a cheap slut just inches from me. She was sucking Ian off. He was much bigger than me and it seemed to be stretching her mouth to fit all of his knob end in her pretty little mouth. She gripped his hairy arse and I knew she was going to swallow his spunk. Sure enough I saw his buttocks clench and he shot his sperm into my wife's mouth. She awallowed every drop and licked him dry. He then came over and started mauling Julies tits and french kissed her as she bounced up and down on my cock. Dianne wasn't left unattended for long as John moved over to her and and seconds later she was riding him as Deb sucked Dianne's tits and groped her arse. I was so turned on I spunked and spunked up Julies pussy and around the same time John emptied his balls into my wife's cunt. It was only when he pulled out I saw he wasn't wearing a condom and his sperm mixed with Dianne's cum dripped down her legs. I don't think Julie was happy about the "no condom" as she then made him leave. But at least he thanked Dianne and Deb giving their tits a quick squeeze on his way out. We sat there recovering and chatting all naked and Deb was stroking Dianne's tits. Eventually she kissed Dianne full on the mouth and Dianne kissed her back. They soon had their fingers up each others cunts and quite roughly fingered each other. After watching this for a couple of minutes Ian and I were soon hard again and he pulled Dianne to him and slipped his dick into her. He took his time, enjoying the feeling of being in her cunt and I was soon inside his wife's pussy. Dianne was playing with Debs nipples as Ian shagged her. Deb was soon moaning and shouting that she was cumming. After which she said me " Stick your dick in her mouth and give her a threesome". So I put my cock, still covered in Debs juices into Dianne's mouth. She loved it and sucked me hard as Ian started to really ram his big cock into her. Deb got behind me and started to lick my arse hole I was so turned on that I shot my load into Dianne's mouth. She swallowed her second load of the night and licked my limp cock clean. I then sat back and fingered Deb, while for what seemed like ages Ian fucked my wife before he finally shot his spunk deep into Dianne's well used cunt.

We swapped phone numbers and all said we had to do it again. On the way home both Dianne and I were so turned on by what we had just done. That I ended up turning into a back alley and fucking her again quick , hot and dirty as she told me what each man had felt like in her mouth , cunt and hand and what the different spunk had tasted like.

We couldn't wait till we saw Ian and Deb again but Dianne confessed that she wanted to try more , different dicks and after Deb she wanted to try licking a fanny. Well who am I to say no?