Written by stax69

6 Nov 2012

You may recall from my last posting how we met Mike and Gemma on our French holiday. Basically we took their 'swinging cherry' although the whole experience was probably a little too rushed for my liking. However, they were kind enough to leave their mobile number and e mail addy for us to contact them once we returned to the UK. When we did arrive back, my husband Joe, did send a short message to them asking if they were still looking to meet up.I suppose a first swinging experience for a couple ( especially one that was unplanned and rather spontaneous ) can go a number of ways. For some it is something they would not wish to repeat, for others it is something they might like to try again. Others become hugely enthusiastic. We were delighted to hear back from them quite literally within hours of e mailing them, so that evening I chatted with Gemma on the phone.

It did take us a while to sort out a particular weekend when we could all meet. They wanted us to stay at theirs which was fine by us. Our 'kids' were in the annoying habit of dropping in unannounced while at Uni and so planning anything that was home based was impossible. Mike and Gemma lived a fair distance from us so on the Saturday morning we headed off to meet them. We still get nervous about meets and this was no exception, but on arriving and being re acquainted once more, we all hit it off fine.It was a gorgeous early autumn afternoon, and we sat on their patio chatting about our holiday. They had managed to spend a couple of days at Cap D'Agde and another naturist beach in the area. " No tan lines then" said Joe winking at Gemma. " You can check that out later " she laughed. They asked us about our holiday. Had we managed to get any 'playtime' in? We hadn't. " You must be looking to make up for lost time?" said Mike. " Yes" I replied. " Is that an offer?"

The conversation got around to our swinging experiences again. Mike asked our thoughts on separate room fun. It was something we had not practiced as a rule although there was one party we attended where I took on 3 guys while Joe was playing with another couple in different bedroom. "It was horny talking about it afterwards and describing what we got up to." " We were thinking" said Gemma " that it was something we would like to try". Joe looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. " Fine by us" said Joe. " Game for anything really" I added. Pretty soon Joe was leading Gemma by the hand upstairs. Mike began snogging me in the kitchen running his hands over my boobs feeling my nipples harden under my blouse and bra. I reached for his cock which was already stiffening. I unzipped him and his semi erection sprang out. Crouching down I began to suck on it taking great delight in tasting his pre cum as his dick grew harder in my mouth. After a couple of minutes Mike pulled away. " Aw! Spoilsport" I said. " I think we had better go upstairs. I came far too quickly last time I fucked you Dawn. I don't want that to happen again." On our way to the spare room we looked in on Joe and Gemma. They were already naked and Gemma was sucking on Joe's cock. " You're keen" said Mike. She looked up. "Sod off. Don't interrupt me in my work" "And don't you speak with your mouth full". he threw back.

Once in the bedroom Mike began to undress me unclipping my bra and spending ages tweaking and sucking my nipples. I slid my skirt off as he did so and slid his hand under my thong stroking my shaven pussy lips as he did so. I shivered with pleasure and excitement. I lay back on the bed and removed my thong. Mike was scrambling to get the rest of his clothes off so I teasingly spread for him. Needless to say, by now I was absolutely sopping wet and in no time at all Mike was tonguing my clit and running his tongue around the folds of my labia. He spent ages doing this and as he did so he ran his hands up and down my body. I was on the brink of cumming when I could hear Gemma in the next room crying out loudly as she had her first orgasm. Within seconds I was doing the same. It was strangely erotic hearing the noise of sexual activity going on in the next room but not being able to see anything. Mike then began to fuck me. Slowly at first then building up a steady rhythm as his cock pistoned in and out of me. His balls slapped against my arse as he shagged me relentlessly for what seemed like ages. He withdrew after a while and hardly pausing for breath got me on all fours and began fucking me from behind. My pussy juices had been dripping out of me leaving my anus well lubricated. Mike slipped a finger in, then his thumb and then two fingers while continued to fuck me.I squirmed with pleasure and began rubbing my clitty. Having both holes so well attended it didn't take long for a huge orgasm to roar through me as I frigged myself off. I collapsed on the bed and Mike withdrew as I did so. After a couple of minutes I had recovered enough for Mike to start fucking me again. I was so turned on he could have done what ever he liked to me. By now Gemma and Joe were standing in the doorway of the bedroom both naked, although her boobs seemed to have taken a fair share of Joe's spunk! Eventually Joe was on the point of cumming and pulling his condom off wanted to unload over my boobs as well. Cock in hand he straddled me and with breathless grunt wanked a huge load over me. The first jet hit my hair and the pillow, then four thick strings splattered over my tits. I milked the last drop out of Joe's dick with my hand and mouth. I must have looked like a right slut. Spunk in my hair and my boobs plastered with cum. " Bravo" said Joe and Gemma in unison as they clapped their hands. " Bloody hell. That was good Mike" I said. " Just making up for cumming too quickly last time, Dawn" he replied. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek and then went over and put his arm around Gemma's waist. " Had a good time darling?" he asked. "Mmmm, you might say that" she replied. Joe joined me on the bed and put his arm around me. We all chatted briefly for a while and then showered and got dressed.

By now it was early evening so we decided to go out for something to eat and a couple of drinks at the local. Obviously on returning, the fun continued. We all ended up naked in the living room. Joe and Mike got their cameras out and we all took it turns taking pics of the action. For a new swinging couple, Mike and Gemma were as keen as mustard and if they did have any inhibitions, they certainly weren't showing any. Both myself and our hostess were spitroasted by the guys and Gemma and myself had a long lingering lezzie session on the sofa. By the end of the night we were absolutely worn out but well satisfied.