Written by Jacko

15 Feb 2011

After our first experience in the dunes with Trish wanking a stranger off, we were buzzing with sexual excitement. We had talked it over once we got back to the hotel and we both agreed it would be only a holiday thing with complete strangers. I assured Trish that I was happy for her to have any sexual contact with a male who she wished to. We both agreed it would be safe sex at all times and no meant no. The next morning after Trish had another shave to ensure her pussy was silky smooth we set off to the dunes. I made sure I took half a dozen condoms. Trish joked if we used the whole lot in one day she would have a sore pussy. We headed back to the area we had been the day before. It looked like it was going to be another hot day, with a clear blue sky with the sun shining. When we arrived at the spot, it was still only 10 am. We laid our towels out and stripped off. It was still deserted, so I left Trish and went for a walk. I had been away for about 20 minutes and when I got back we had the company of another couple in a hollow to our right, about 15 feet away. They looked in their middle forties and were speaking to each other in German. They stripped off as I stood next to Trish. They nodded to me as they disrobed. They both had all over tans, she had a lovely body and he looked quite fit. He then put up their parasol and they then both started to rub suntan oil over each other’s bodies. I told Trish and she stood up next to me and looked at the other couple just as the woman was rubbing oil around his penis and balls. He started to become erect and the woman continued rubbing his rigid 7 inch erection. Trish said to me “He is a good looking bloke. I’d let him fuck me” They then both laid down on their towels. Trish then sprayed some oil on my prick and rub it around my balls and prick. Anything she can do I can do she told me. She got me erect and then we both kissed and then lay down on our towels to soak up some sunshine.

We must have dozed off in the sunshine for about 40 minutes, when I stirred. I looked up and saw that Trish was well away and her legs were bent but her pussy was exposed as her legs were spread apart, exposing her smooth pussy glistening with oil to all. We had an admirer lying in the sand about 6 foot from us. He was about 40, naked and wanking his erect penis as he looked at Trish’s exposed pussy. I put my left hand onto Trish’s pussy and found her clit and began to rub it. She moaned as it swelled with excitement. I beckoned the bloke forward and he shuffled to about 2 foot from Trish’s feet. I whispered to Trish that we had a visitor. She opened her eyes and raised her head slightly to look at her admirer. I knelt up beside Trish and pulled her legs apart even more and slipped my right hand down to her pussy. I slipped a finger into her moist hole and gently finger fucked her so the bloke had a good view of her exposed love box. Trish then raised her self up on her elbows and started to move her pussy up and down on my finger. She then beckoned the bloke to come up beside her. He did not hesitate and knelt beside her head with his erect 6 inch penis only a couple of inches from her mouth. She turned slightly and took him into her mouth. He then played with her left tit, massaging it in his hand making her nipple erect. I stopped playing with her pussy and knelt beside her and watched. Trish then repositioned her self so she could lick the length of his shaft, taking time around his exposed ruby knob end and lick his balls as she went down the shaft. The bloke then felt her pussy with his left hand. Trish then speeded up her sucking of his prick. He indicated he was coming, he pulled out of her mouth and his prick twitched as he came in several spurts over her breasts. By this time we had two more naked males standing watching the proceedings, one was the young Arab lad form the day before. The first male thanked us in German and walked away. Trish stood up and I passed her a bottle of water and she washed the spunk off her tits. The two males stood wanking as she dried them and re applied more oil to them. The other male wanking his 6 inch erect penis, was about 60. The young Arab was slowly stroking his long erect penis. Trish looked at me, winked and said “In for a penny in for a pound” and waved the two of them over to her. I looked over to the German couple who also had a couple of admirers. I looked and saw that he was on top of her and fucking her, while two males knelt beside her. She was alternating between the two sucking their pricks as her partner fucked her.

I looked at Trish who was now standing between the two naked males. They were having a good grope of her tits and pussy. She had a prick in each hand, wanking them both. They were also kissing Trish. Trish responded with French kisses to them both. My prick was rigid and my balls were tight. I knew if I wanked I would come, so I refrained from touching myself. Trish then sat on her towel and pulled out a couple of condoms from our beach bag. She gave one to each of the blokes. They unwrapped them and put them on their pricks. Trish lay on her back and took hold of the Arab lads hand and guided him in between her legs. He did not need telling what she wanted. He got down and eased his prick into her moist cunt and proceeded to fuck her with long slow strokes. The old boy knelt beside Trish and she took him into her mouth and sucked him. The Arab lad continued to fuck Trish with long slow fucks. He pulled his prick nearly out of her cunt and then slowly pushed it in as far as he could. Trish was now moaning quite loudly with sexual excitement. She pushed the old boy away, raised her legs and bent them allowing the Arab lad to get deeper inside her. He speeded up his fucking of her and she was now shouting out “Fuck me, fuck me hard, come on fuck me big boy, fuck me” she then came with a loud moan, “Yes, yes, yes that’s fucking great, keep fucking me”. Boy, he had some staying power he continued to fuck her. I looked up and saw that the German couple had now joined us. She was kneeling in front of the old boy sucking his condom covered dick and her partner knelt down beside Trish and offered her his prick, which Trish took into her mouth. I went over to the German woman and knelt behind her and stuck my right hand in between her legs. I slipped a finger into her pussy. She then moved up and down on my finger in time to her going up and down on the old boy’s stiff prick. After a couple if minutes she indicated she wanted to lay down. She lay on my towel and guided the old boy around to fuck her. He entered her and started to fuck her. In the meantime Trish was moaning as the Arab lad pounded into her. I knelt next to the German woman and offered her my stiff dick, she took me into her mouth and sucked me as she was fucked by the old boy. I looked over and saw the Arab lad grabbed Trish’s legs and give a cry as he came in time with Trish coming again. The lad withdrew from Trish’s pussy and the German bloke got in between her legs. Trish fumbled in the beach bag and threw him a condom. He slipped it on and entered Trish and proceeded to fuck her. The old boy then came with a grunt and pulled out of the German woman. She then indicated for me to take his place. I went to the beach bag and got a condom and placed on my stiff dick. The woman had now turned on to all fours and was sucking Trish’s left tit as her husband fucked Trish. I entered the woman from behind and fucked her holding on to her hips. Her husband gave a groan as he came and I pumped in and out of the woman’s cunt. The husband withdrew from Trish, took his condom off and offered his dick to his wife. She then set about licking it clean of his spunk and I came with a yell.

The husband went over to their towels and parasol and brought them over to us. We spent the next hour playing with each other’s partners. It turned out that they were staying at the hotel next to ours so we all walked back together. We arranged to meet them that night for a drink. They only had one more full day left. I will continue later with what happened the next day and evening.