Written by John

16 Feb 2007

My wife Dee and I have a good sex life together. But recently she told me that what we had was not enough. Once every couple of months she had the desire to have a totally lustful session with several men.

I was taken aback by this, but after some discussion we decided it was OK for her to go ahead, as long as I came along to observe. I must admit that the thought of her shagging several men while I watched really turned me on. She was pleased to hear that and promised I would get quite a show.

She made the arrangements. I don't know how, as she would not tell me. As agreed I did not know in advance when it would happen.

One evening I came home from work and she greeted me in her overcoat. "Tonight is the night" she announced. I instantly had an erection. We got in the car and while we drove to the meeting place she told me the ground rules. I could watch and masturbate, but nothing else. She had arranged everything that could be done.

As we stopped in front of our destination she was breathing heavily in anticipation. I kissed her and we went to the door. After we rang a nice looking chap opened the door and introduced himself as Peter. We went in the living room and two more guys were there, who introduced themselves as Ron and Henry.

Dee was helped out of her coat by Peter and there she stood, just dressed in high heels and holdups. She looked fantastic. The guys looked at her and commented she was very sexy. She took turns sitting on their laps, rubbing her bosom in their faces and riding their laps. She then was invited to get them some coffee, which she prepared and served to them, exposing all sides of her to them. I was sitting with the group engaged in polite conversation.

Dee was then asked to sit on a couch across from them spread her legs and pull her labia apart. I thought I would burst when I saw that.She then turned around and pulled her buttocks apart, showing everything from the other side. I could tell by the bulging trousers they liked what they saw.

Peter then decided it was time to get going. He invited as to the basement. We all trooped there and came into a room which was very well equipped indeed. There was a gynaecological table and several video cameras. They were switched on to film the proceedings. Dee was invited to lie on the table. Her legs and body were tied down. I was so excited my cheeks felt hot. I sat down on a stool in the corner.

Dee was given a large black vibrator and asked to satisfy herself. She did that with gusto, screaming loudly when she came as she always does. Now that she was lubricated the guys got naked and showed rather large erections. The table was adjustable in height and was set in such a position that somebody could fuck her, while somebody else could get a blowjob. Peter went first. He slowly slid his tool into Dee's cunt, which caused her to sigh greatfully. In the meantime Heny approached her mouth and offered her his prick which she started sucking eagerly. Ron started working on himself looking at the whole scene. I was wanking furiously.

The atmosphere was electric. Dee moaning and groaning, Peter panting and moving faster and faster, Henry enjoying the feeling with his eyes closed and twitching his face. Everything seemed to accelerate, until Peter released his cum into Dee with several powerful heaves, Dee screaming as the was satisfied again. Moments later Henry came putting so much cum into Dee's mouth that she could not swallow fast enough and had it running over her cheeks. Ron and I stopped wanking for a moment, to give Dee the chance to recuperate a bit. Then Ron entered her. Fucking furiously and cumming in a short time, pumping more seed into her. When he pulled out, it started leaking out of her, which turned me on very much. So I resumed masturbating cumming very soon, spurting my cum onto the floor. Time for a breather. Dee lay there looking very satisfied, glowing.

After some rest the fucking resumed for more than an hour. Dee looking happier all the time. Every time she was satisfied she looked at me smiling. Obviously she liked it.

Then the doorbell rang. Peter went upstairs and came back some minutes later with four guys. " Here she is" he said, pointing at Dee."What is this?" Dee asked. "Well, you wanted to be fucked, here is your chance" Peter said. "But we had not agreed to this". "Too bad" and after that, in spite of Dee's and my protestations the new guys just pulled out their erections and started fucking her, without even talking to her. Dee looked at me while this happened. At first kind of scared, but after a while she obviously started enjoying the unexpected attention and she resumed groaning and moaning and cumming while screaming.After the new guys had had enough ( they had two turns each) they left without even saying goodbye to anybody.

We were all exhausted. Dee was totally gone and could hardly stand, but told us that she had enjoyed it, even the unexpected guests. We were promised copies of the videos and went home. The next week we got them. Ever since then have sex while watching them between sessions with Dee's fuck buddies.Sometimes the sessions turn into gangbangs, as Dee just loves the attention and getting satisfied.