Written by Taster

27 Jun 2007

my girlfriend Iva is an adventuresome sort when she sucked me off she would hold my cum in her mouth and then french kiss me so that I would swallow some of my own cum. One afternoon she asked me if I would lick her cunny after I had cum inside her; I readily agreed and we were both delighted that I loved the taste of her freshly fucked cunt because she loved my tongue on her nether lips.

A few weeks ago she was out for some after work drinks with her office crew and she came home a little tipsy and somewhat disheveled. She was very romantic and practically dragged me into bed. I wanted to fuck her but she insisted I eat her first. The smell of her cunt was intoxicating and I licked and kissed her cunny with enthusiasm. She was very wet and shortly after I started I had the distinct sense of fluids flowing out of her cunt, it was salty and pungent. I was very excited because I believed it was cum from another cock. I licked and sucked until there was no more and then I rammed my raging hardon into her cunt. While we were making love she told me that two of her office mate had shagged her and that it was a thrill for her to know I would be cleaning their loads out with my tongue; she then slid down and took my cock into her mouth and took what seemed like a huge load of cum which she then shared with me. I decided I like the taste of my own cum the best. Iva wants me to come on her next office party so that I can meet her mates and maybe take a load directly from the source.