Written by 5fingers

18 Jun 2008

Roy wasnt the guy down the street from me. I;d starting talking to him one day thinking he was a neighbour. He suggested I thought all black guys looked the same! It wasn;t that, but in the gym I wasn;t wearing my glasses. So we continued to chat regularly after that. One day a woman started chatting to me in the sauna at the gym. This was pretty unusual. The straight guys tried chatting up the women but that was just automatic for them. I was still feeling surprised when Roy came in and said hello. We all three chatted away and then they floored me by telling me they were married to each other. Days went by and Diana, Roy and I socialized at the gym and when we meet in the supermarket. Then one day in the sauna Diana asked if I was gay. I said I was and she seemed pleased to have been proved right. It seems she had been teasing Roy that I was coming on to him. I tried to deny this but ended up agreeing that he was a good looking guy, but I;d always expected him to be straight and wasn;t after his body. She said don’t you fancy him then

It isn;t that I said, because he isn;t available.

What if he was available?

Well that would be different

I could make him available


Would you like that?

But what would you want to do that for?

She told me a long story about him trying to take her arse one night and her screaming the house down to kicking him out of bed. Since then his requests to try again nicely had all been refused. But now she was getting to feel like trying again. In the past she countered his pleading by offering him the chance to bugger her after she;d seem him buggered first. However, this seemed to have turned him on from the way his cock worked her, although he always said no way. Another point was the size of his cock. She asked if mine was smaller. I said I didn;t know. She was surprised I hadn;t been watching him in the showers. I said it was difficult to judge how a soft cock would grow. So you have been looking. I had to confess. She reached across the sauna and put her hand on my cock. I wasn;t hard, but I could get that way... She then said you see I think it would be a good idea if my first cock up there was smaller than Ray;s

As I was fully hard by now I pulled my cock out of my trunks and gave her the chance to accurately judge it. Her hand wrapped round it and she pulled on me firmly but gently and I was in heaven. Yes, you are just about perfect. Shall we try today What? I panted as she let me go and I tucked myself away. Come back to mine and break me in. Then I;ll be ready for Roy.

We left the gym and back to their flat. She told me she had been planning this for some time. It was difficult finding a man who would suit. She had ruled out all their friends. Roy won;t have accepted any of his work mates and his friends as things could go horribly wrong if they talked. She showed me through to the bed room and suggested we strip off and get on the bed. This was all a bit clinical and I wasn;t at all hard. She dropped to her knees and starting blowing me. That didn;t help and I asked her to slow down. Let;s get into bed and warm up together. She was still too keen to grab at me so I asked her to turn away from me so I could hold her from behind. I think she must have thought I;d be straight up her in that position so she turned over and stuck her bum out. I held her in my arms and started to caress her body. Women are so much more softer and rounder than men that I got quite into the feel of her. I just love men;s muscular chests and hard little nipples. Hers of course were so different. Her breasts were soft and hand filling. Her nipples were so much bigger than what I was used to but at the same time soft and flexible. I moved my other arm under her neck so that I could use both my hands on her hardening nipples. This brought my nose into her soft sweet smelling hair. It seemed essential to start kissing her neck. Her groaning showed I was doing the right things. My prick was responding to this erotic situation. As it hardened it slipped up over the back of her thigh and poked her as we wriggled together. I slipped my hand down between her legs and pulled my cock into the top of her thighs. No longer poking my prick slid in and out of her warm wet crutch. This was great. I could nibble her ear lobe and lick up behind her ear as my cock got harder and wetter. As I pushed my body against her she rolled forward and onto her front, then I was laying on her back with my cock running up her labia. We started humping in unison. My cock was hitting her pubic bone as she twisted her pelvis back to offer herself to me. We levered our buttocks off the bed into a doggy position and in my enthusiastic thrusting I slipped into her juicy vagina. We both gasped as this happened. My gasp was the surprise at finding myself fucking a woman;s vagina. Her gasp was the beginning of an orgasm. I held still as she jumped around under me. She was pushing on and off my cock and grunting in time to her movements. With a jolt and a grunt she sunk back down onto the bed leaving me looming over her. This was my chance to get back to business. She was moist and relaxed and my cock was very hard and lubricated. I held it against her bum hole and pushed gently. It required a little effort to pass the ring of muscles, quite unlike her welcoming vagina, but I knew that once past the first inch I could keep feeding more and more into her. Now I was back on familiar territory. I can plough an arse deep and shallow, long and slow or fast and juicy. She was still relaxed from her orgasm and I went at my own speed to get to mine. With my elbows at her side I held her tits and lost myself in the heat of the moment. By the time my orgasm was building she was back in what was happening. I think she might have been a bit uncomfortable losing her anal virginity but as it was her idea to do this she didn;t complain, but I could tell she was moving about to try and minimise the pain that was coming with the new pleasure of this sex. I told her I was about to cum and she said oh god, yes, fill me up.... And so I enjoyed doing just that. No sooner had I stopped still and begun to go soft than she wriggled me out of her and turned over. She lay next to me, us both panting. When she spoke she said I;m so going to enjoy seeing Roy get that!