Written by Jimmy Lam

15 Jan 2008

My gal and I have had our first experience with a guy and that progressed to more wild and exciting things. One day while at work I got the usual “hello” call. We discussed plans for dinner and I told her I was running late and that I would just some takeaway on the way home. I hung-up and didn’t think too much about it.

Late in the evening; I packed my bag and prepared to leave for the day. I called Mel to tell her I was on the way home. She picked up the phone and told me not to worry about dinner as she was already home. She did ask me to stop at the bottle shop down the road from where we live but to call her there as she decided what she wanted for dinner.

40 minutes later I was in the shop and called her. I thought it was strange that she wanted to choose the wine only when I was in the shop. Moreover; Mel is not a huge wine fan and often just prefers me to pick the wine. I rang Mel and the phone rang-out. I tried again and she picked up apologizing for missing the call. She told me that she was in the shower. I got a bit annoyed when she picked up the phone and told me that it was my choice and to just pick something nice.

Anyway, I made my selection and walked home. We live on the 3rd storey of an apartment block and as I looked up; the apartment was blanketed in darkness. As I walked up the stairs (I do this as a daily exercise routine) I smiled to myself. Only 3 years ago when we first moved in; Mel hated being at home alone let alone to be in darkness. She soon embraced my favorite pastime of a shower bathed in the glow of a candle with some soft music playing which we both now did quite often; either together or by ourselves.

I walked upstairs and approached the front door. Inserted the key and entered. I almost fell over a small stool that was placed in the doorway. “What the hell!” I mumbled. On the stool there laid a single sheet of paper. Intrigued I read the note in Mel’s writing. In it she wrote that I was to undress and enter the room where she was waiting fro me. She wrote that she may be playing with herself and if I was lucky and very quiet; I may catch her in the act.

Now apartment layout is such that our bedroom is at the end of a long passage and was the room at the other end of the apartment. I knew she must have heard me coming in and crashing into the stool but thought I would play along. I undressed as instructed and walked towards the closed room door.

I put my ear close to the door and was greeted with the sound of soft moaning. My pulsed raced and my cock stirred immediately. I could see the flicker of a candle light under the door. I put my hand gently on the door handle and opened the door.

I could not comprehend what I was seeing. My mind was racing and as silly as it sounds; part of me thought I had for some bizarre reason walked into the wrong apartment.

Standing in front of me was another man totally nude with his back to me. And kneeling in front of him; though I couldn’t see her face; was my lover equally as bare as he was. Soft moans escaping her as she sucked on his cock. I stood there completely shocked. Frozen to the floor, I would see the motions of Mel giving this guys a blowjob but could not really see much from where I was standing. I walked into the room and shut the door behind me making some noise.

Mel looked around the standing male. A look of total lust in her eyes. Taking her mouth off his cock, she smiled and said hello. The guy turned around and smiled at me too. Mel introduced him as Dave; a “friend of hers”. I stood there feeling pretty stupid shaking the hand of a guy I had never met; standing in my bedroom with my woman kneeling before him sucking on his cock.

“Well it looks like you like your surprise” Mel quipped pointing to my cock. I smiled sheepishly and before I could say another thing; Mel asked me if I could please go get her a glass of water. She looked up at Dave and asked him if he wanted anything to which he declined her offer.

I turned around and proceeded to the kitchen. I was totally numb. Standing at the sink; I could replayed the situation in my mind. I realized that Mel had planned this fantasy of ours. I got her a glass of water and walked back to the room.

Back at the room; Mel was still sucking of Dave. I walked around the couple and sat on our bed as I watched Mel suck Dave off. She is a brilliant cocksucker my gal and she was moaning in pleasure as she sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow.

She withdrew his cock and took the glass of water form my hand. While she was drinking, she continued to play with Dave’s cock. She then asked me what I thought of Dave’s cock. I replied that it was really nice and she asked me to come join her on the ground and taste it. I wasn’t too keen on this as though we have fantasized about this many times before; I felt I wasn’t really prepared for it. I made some sort of excuse on her finishing off what she was doing. She pouted and in a astern voice told me that since I wasn’t keen on playing maybe I should just leave them alone.

I thought she was joking till I saw the look on her face. Dave had the audacity to put his hands on his hips and tell me off for not appreciating his cock. I decided to play along for now and asked her why she didn’t want me around to which she replied that she wanted her new lover all to herself.

I decided to see how daring she would get and proceeded to walk past them and close the door behind me. I told Mel through the door that I was going for a run and would be back soon. I waited for her reply but was greeted by Dave’s voice telling her to suck his cock and not to worry as her boyfriend wasn’t around to watch what a slut she was.

I waited for about 3-4 minutes and went up to the front door; opened it and slammed it shut softly, just loud enough for them to hear me from the room. I then walked into the spare room and sat down on the bed and waited. I heard the room door open; I quickly hid behind the other side of the bed; I watched Dave walk towards the front door and turn around entering the room as he shut the door behind him.

My heart was racing a million miles a minute. Those of you who have been in a similar position; of knowing that our partner is about to fuck another man…with your full blessing. You know what its like to feel that you have the power to stop it or to allow another man to plunge his cock into her.

I walked towards the bedroom and could hear the bed creaking as Mel begged him to fuck her hard before I got back. I was filled with slight pang of jealousy yet I felt a surge of dominance. I listen as he told her to take his cock and she reciprocated in equally foul language. This went on for a while. I was surprised that Mel was so vocal and forward about what she wanted.

This went on for what seem like ages; but according to my watch only 10 minutes. I could hear them both get off the bed and the old large dressing table creaked under the weight of what was obviously one of the two inside. I looked through the keyhole and was greeted with the sight of Mel standing with her back to the door; facing the mirror while Dave fucked her form the back.


I opened the door quietly and Mel immediately saw me in the mirror. Dave still hadn’t had realized I was in the room. Mel began to ask her if he liked her cunt and if she was tight enough for him. He replied yes on both counts.

My cock was ready to explode by now. Looking straight at me; Mel asked Dave if he would let me suck his cock. Dave released I was in room. He turned around and told me what a sweet tight cunt Mel had and that she could take a big cock really well in her mouth and her pussy.

I asked him if he thought she could take it in her arse. “Hold it boys” she interrupted. She then told me to come in and shut the door and for Dave to sit on the bed. She then told me to fuck her. I didn’t waste any time and began fucking her. we could both see Dave in the mirror as he stroked his cock. Suddenly Mel stopped me and moved away. She told me that she wasn’t being satisfied enough and told Dave to come over and show me how it was done.

Dave pushed me aside and entered her in one thrust. She threw her head back and in a calm collected voice just said “Yeeesssssssssss… that’s good Dave”. I was feeling a little inadequate by this stage and sure I was getting the raw side of the bargain.

Mel then told Dave to stop. She asked me if I thought I could do better to which I nodded. I positioned myself behind Mel and began fucking her but in less than a minute she harshly rebuked me for not paying attention.

She then instructed me to sit down on the floor under her pussy as Dave mounted her again. She told me to watch how it was done. I was humiliated at this stage but complied.

I could see Dave’s cock slamming into her cunt and her juices was running down the side of her thighs. Mel was squatting a little to allow her pussy to rub against my face while it was being fucked.

She then told Dave to stop and remain in her while I was to lick her. I could not do this without also licking the shaft of Dave’s cock. She looked own and encouraged me, telling me how nasty I was for licking another man’s cock.

This went on for a while. She then told Dave to withdraw but before I could get up she ordered me to remain on the floor. She then held Dave’s cock and rubbed it all over my face asking me if I enjoyed it. She then told me to hold it and jack it off. To play with it. Then holding my hand, she guided it to my mouth telling me to open up.

I yielded and took Dave’s cock in my mouth. It tasted of Mel’s sweet pussy. Dave pushed it deeper and deeper till I gagged. Mel told me to relax and to take it. I continued sucking on Dave’s cock while she asked Dave if I was doing a good job.

After a while she told me to stop. I thought I was now going to get my reward as we all moved onto the bed. Dave lied back and Mel instructed me to carry on sucking on his cock. I exhaled in defeat and moved over to his cock. I carried on where I left off before. While doing this, Mel moved down to me cock and started sucking my throbbing member. Soon the 3 of us were in a daisy-chain with only the sounds of full mouths moaning audible in the room. To have this beautiful cock in my mouth while sweet soft lips engulfed mine was making me close to cumming.

We soon disengaged and with the ice broken; we were all more comfortable. Mel quickly got on all fours and asked me to fuck her while Dave was to feed his cock into her mouth. We spit-roasted Mel all the while calling her a sexy slut. There was lots of moaning and groaning. Dave and I switched places. Then Mel and I shared Dave’s cock once again. We sucked and played with it between our mouths, Shoving it into each other’s mouth.

Dave’s cock was now glistening with our spit. We jacked him off while spitting on his cock and I held it and played with his balls. We were having so much fun with this real cock which was a far cry from the rubber ones we had played with all this time.

Dave then told Mel that he was ready to cum and that he wanted another quick fuck first. Here I was in the same room and a guy was telling my girlfriend that he needed her to fuck him so he could cum.

Se obeyed and Dave proceeded to fuck her. She kept telling him how very good it felt. Dave was now pounding her like there was tomorrow. Mel was crying out in ecstasy and I watched in total wonder and her cunt getting the fuck of it’s life. Dave soon cried that he was close to cumming. Mel told me to get on all fours next to her.

Here we were in parallel with Mel getting fucked behind and me feeling really weird with my ass in the air like as if I was getting ready to be fucked. She then told Dave then when he was about to cum, she wanted him to cum all over my back. Soon hot spurts of thick cum could be felt along my back. Mel had sat up and was massaging the last of Dave’s cum onto my back.

She then moved him away and sat on my back rubbing his cum with her pussy all over my back. She was sliding up and down and began to shudder with an orgasm. I didn’t realize it but Dave was soon under me sucking on my cock. All this was just to much for me and I shot deep into his mouth.

I have never been sucked off by a guy but again; those of you when in the throes of ecstasy; tell me honestly that you really care who is sucking you off?

We all fell in a heap of sweaty bodies. Mel came over and rubbed her wet pussy now slicked with Dave’s cum all over my face. I didn’t hesitate at all and began to slowly clean her up. Dave then moved up to my face and together we licked her twat as he unloaded his mouthful of my cum all over her pussy. My face was awash with Dave and my own cum. Mel turned over and started to kiss my face and lick the remnants of all the cum over our faces. She concentrated on Dave and soon they were snowballing both our cum. It was bizarre to see another man share my cum with my lover. I moved away to watch and was surprised to feel my cock get hard again……