Written by Kathy T

5 May 2010

For the longest time one of our fantasies was Dave(my bf) bringing someone over to dinner one night and having me seduce him. My names Kathy and Im 5 ft 7 in, 120lbs brunette with blue eyes and Im a huge flirt and always have guys flirting back. Dave would always say our guest should be someone like his boss or someone we owed a lot of money to (or even better, a stranger!!)and it was understood that I was to make it a fun night to remember with dinner, drinks and dancing. This play fantasy always ended up getting my panties wet and Dave pounding hard on top of me by the end of the night. One Friday afternoon Dave called on his way home saying he ran into an old friend at the bar and invited him over for dinner and drinks and hoped it wasn’t too much of a bother. Our nights of wild play often started like this so I said no problem and got dressed nice and sexy/slutty and got dinner ready. I was standing in the kitchen doing a few dishes in my black heels, black thigh highs with black garters holding them up, and my french cut black lace panties with matching lace bra when I heard my baby clear his throat and call my name. Knowing he was standing behind me and admiring the view, I bent forward a bit and raised my ass high and shook it from side to side before I slowly turned to my sexy man and got the shock of a lifetime when I saw he wasn’t alone. There stood my man with and an older black gentleman smiling wide with flowers in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. I screamed,” Oh my god, I’ll be right back!” as I ran downstairs to our room. I quickly through on a short sexy sun dress that barely covered the tops of my thigh highs and ran back upstairs. They were kinda laughing as my baby gave me a quick kiss and walked me in front of our guest. There stood a mid 60ish, pretty tall but kind of chubby, graying and balding black man. He was breathing hard and his dark eyes were taking in the tight white body before him. “Honey, this is Ramone. He’s an old friend from my neighborhood and he insisted on the flowers and wine. Ramone, this is the girl I told you all about, Kathy.” He handed me the flowers which were purple tulips (my favorite) and said, “You didn’t have to change on my account sweety..really!” He opened both arms wide for a hug and I had no choice but to oblige or offend our guest. As we broke the hug, he held me from the hips for a few seconds and looked me up and down, almost licking his lips saying, “ Damn Dave, you were right. Words cant really describe how incredibly beautiful your woman is!”

I sat them both at the dinner table and we had a light dinner and went through his bottle of wine and two more of ours. They already seemed pretty drunk and I tried catching up. The chatter around the table almost instantly was of a sexual nature. Ramone couldn’t believe how lucky a man could be to have me dressed up waiting over the kitchen sink. A picture, he said, he hopes never leaves his mind. Dave asked Ramone if he had ever been with a white girl. His response was he had never even kissed a white girl but dreams about doing that and a lot more. Then Dave says , “ Hey, if we get Kathy drunk enough your dreams may come true!” Ramone says, “Then drink up Kathy!!” as he filled my glass to the top. After dinner (leaving the dining room and kitchen for later)we all went into the living room to continue conversation ,put on some music and drink some more. We all sat on the couch that fits three nice and snug(me in the middle of course)as Dave begins with “You know Ramone, Kathy here is the best kisser Ive ever kissed…” We all laughed it off as Dave was practically asking me to kiss his old friend since he had never kissed a white girl in his life. Actually, when he put it that way, it sounded almost sweet ,or it could have been the wine. Ramone told Dave to stop fooling around with him and that I was too incredibly hot to ever want to kiss him, but that he’d be up to it if I was. I didn’t even answer him. I turned to him and slowly went in for a kiss. He wasn’t the first black man Ive had the pleasure of kissing but the feel of a black mans big lips and breath and passion is something that gives me tingles just thinking about it. We lightly kissed a few times, opened mouth but no tongue really. They were slow, soft and romantic kisses. I was surprised how good of a kisser this old ,out of shape black man was and how hot(and wet) he was quickly getting me. As I opened my eyes and pulled away his eyes were lit up like christmas. He was very thankful(so was Dave) and I said it was no problem and should have left it at that but somehow I whispered aloud that it really wasn’t that bad. Ramone was sooo flattered, and drunk. He stood and held out his hand to me saying Dave promised him dinner and dancing and as I took it I whispered aloud again saying, “Yeah, what else did Dave promise?” we all laughed as this chubbed black man my dads age took me in his arms and held me tight as we drunkenly swayed to the slow R&B. Dave got up and said he was going to clean the dinner mess and get the dishes and stuff done but to save him a dance too. If I know Dave, there would be little cleaning up done. I didn’t know from where, but I knew he’d be spying on us with his cock out. From the moment we started dancing, I already noticed the poor old guy had the hard-on of his life. It was obvious when he stood up before me and now as it was jabbing at my stomach just under my tits. I closed my eyes and could feel the heat of his hard cock against me. I couldn’t help but finally look down and he said he was sorry about that. He couldn’t prevent that in a million years saying it was really my fault. Then he said he was actually proud of it at the moment, finally kissing a white dream girl. That sounded so sweet and I whispered again aloud, “I m glad I could help.” The guy must’ve been on cloud nine because he bent his head down and started kissing me again. This time with full tongue and more passion. I guess my head was somewhere in the clouds too because I was kissing him back. As we passionately kissed right there in our living room, one of my hands slipped between us and started rubbing his hard black cock slowly. He started to moan loud saying he was about to cum in his pants so I quickly unzipped him and pulled out his rock hard, dripping black cock and bent over, wrapping my sweet red lips around him and just as I began to suck he came fat loads of warm juice in my mouth which I swallowed and swallowed. This guy couldn’t believe his luck. We sat back down on the couch as Dave walked in.

It was getting late and we all decided to call it a night.