24 Sep 2017

Part 5 by Cindy

So as you are aware from my hubby posts so far it was our anniversary weekend and I was cucking him and not letting him cum I love being a bitch

So I walked out of the room leaving him tied to the bed with just my tiny thong on covering his tiny dick I was gonna go to the bar for only one drink to tease him then return and put on a show for him with my big 9 inch black dildo I had got earlier as I know he loves the thought of me fucking a big black cock . But while at the bar I was feeling really dirty again when two young black men started to chat with me this gave me a little tingle in my pussy as the thought of giving my husband the fantasy he craves and me getting the fucking of a life time.

So I pretty much bluntly told them where hubby was and what I wanted to do and they didn't believe me at first but once I convinced them it was for real they were well up for it but they said that they have to fuck me once before we go to the room and do it again in front of my hubby

So we went straight out to the car park and across to the woods behind I dropped down and pulled both their cocks out and shuddered at the site they were the biggest and blackest I have ever seen

I sucked on them both in turn then one laid down and pulled me on to his massive shaft stretching my pussy more than ever before then the other guy got behind and started lubing my arse and his cock then pushed it into me which was at first a bit painful but the pleasure over took and I had the most intense orgasm Of my life and it didn't stop it was like I was cuming continuously while they were fucking me hard and calling me a dirty married white slut till they both filled me with their hot black man spunk

We then made our way back to our room and that moment when my hubby saw us walk in was priceless and the guy's couldn't help but laugh at my husband on the bed in just my thong that was clearly soaked with his cum as it was obvious to anyone that he had spunked without any type of touch .what a total cuckold I will let him tell you what happened next after he has licked my clit till I cum on his face.