26 Sep 2017

Part 6

So there I was totally helpless waiting for my wife Cindy to return not knowing what she was up to and what was in store for me when she finally returned all sorts of dirty things were going through my mind getting me even more excited if that was possible that to my shame I could feel cum leaking from my cock soaking the thong I was wearing.

Then after what seemed like forever my wife bursts into the room looking flustered but excited then followed by two young black men that burst out laughing when they saw me I have never felt so humiliated in all my life but also couldn't help get a raging hard on again

Then Cindy walked over to the bed and straddled my face and pushed her gaping spunky holes into me making me lick it up to the amusement of them all especially when they notice I was enjoying it. And believe me I was loving it so much so I couldn't control myself as I shot my load while doing so

It was totally humiliating I was then untied and told to sit in the corner and watch the three of them go at it they striped naked and Cindy got to her knees and started sucking there massive black cocks commenting how much bigger and better than me while looking at me .

I couldn't believe that my dirtiest fantasy was playing out right in front of me

They then told me to watch how a real man who has a real cock fucks a slut wife like mine and that is exactly what they did taking turns with Cindy's holes whilst she begged them to never stop and telling them how much they were better than me .they fucked for hours filling her with their spunk several times in all holes when they finally left I was made to lick my wife clean whilst she told me what happened when she was out

We then fell asleep and when we woke up in the morning I was hoping to get my turn but to her word I was denied again therefore I didn't get any attention from my wife on our wedding anniversary but she certainly got plenty just not from me.

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