Written by Happy Husband

9 Jul 2015

Liz and I have been married for 32 years. Liz is 54, has 38dd breast which are still round and firm even after two kids. She still has a great shapely body as she swims twice a week and does Zumba once a week. She has a smooth shaven pussy and takes great pride in keeping it smooth by shaving every two days. We have a great sex life and we fuck about four to five times a week, more at the weekends. We do go to naturist beaches in the UK and abroad.

Liz is not shy and does not mind blokes ogling her naked body. She likes to be a prick tease. I have tried over the years to get her to try having sex with another man but she says she is happy with me. I do have a decent prick, eight inches erect and a girth of six inches and I came come two or three time a night, which Liz likes.

Liz works as a secretary in a private hospital. She wears stockings and suspenders to work with a G-string. Over the last couple of weeks Liz has told me that one of the doctors, a divorced Australian aged 57 has been flirting with her. She said it might have been because due to the hot weather she has been wearing light flimsy dresses to keep cool and one was a bit short. She bent over in her office to pick up some paper clips on the floor. As she did a gust of wind blew her dress up over her bum, showing off her tanned cheeks just as the doctor walked into the room. He commented on her all over tan and asked if she had any white bits. She replied “don’t be cheeky and for your info I do not have any white bits”.

For the next few days he kept spending a lot of time coming in and out of her office. Liz wound him up by crossing her legs and making sure he saw plenty of exposed flesh above her stocking tops. He did tell he was going to go back to Australia and be with his kids. I did ask Liz if she fancied him and she told me he was quite good looking. I asked if she would fuck him and she said “If I was single I most probably would”. I told her that she should fuck him before he leaves the UK. So we chatted and surprisingly Liz agreed to us inviting him around and see if it ended up in her having sex with him and me. I told her to invite him to a dinner party and see what developed

On Saturday evening, Kev arrived. Introductions were done and Liz told him some friends had let us down and were not coming, so it would only be the three of us. Liz was wearing a short, low cut summer dress, which buttoned up at the front and was totally naked underneath. We went outside to our garden. We are the end house in a small cull de sac. The garden is very secluded, not overlooked by anyone. We have a Jacuzzi spa on the patio, along with a BBQ. The drinks started to flow and I left them chatting as I cooked some food on the Barbie. I looked over and saw that Liz had unbuttoned a couple of buttons at the top. This gave Kev a good view of her ample bosom.

As the meat cooked I returned to the table and topped my drink up and noticed that Liz now was sitting close to Kev and running her hand up and down his leg. Liz was on her favourite drink Rum and coke and had consumed about five in the space of 15 minutes. I topped Kev’s beer up and returned to the Barbie. Kev had consumed a few tins of Fosters in the 15 minutes as well. Liz got up and went inside to get the salad. She returned and I saw that she had undone some buttons at the bottom of her dress, giving a good view of her shaven pussy.

I returned to the table with the meat and we ate the food. Kev commented on the Jacuzzi. Liz told him after dinner we could use it as it was switched on, all we had to do was remove the cover. Kev asked if he could borrow a pair of my swim trunks. Liz told him he did not need them as we used it naked. Liz was quite tipsy by now. She asked Kev if was shy about being naked. He told he was game. She then stood up, undid the final few buttons of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She turned around and said to Kev, “there, see no white bits”. She walked over to him and pulled him up. She then pulled his shirt over his head, unbuttoned his trousers, pulled the zip down and put her hand inside his pants. He looked at me and I said “Enjoy”. He then felt her tits as she eased his stiff prick from his pant. He had a fair sized prick, about 7 inches and thick, with a large bulbous purple head. Liz then pulled his trouser and pants to the floor and he stepped out of them. Liz got on her knees in front of him and started to lick his rigid shaft, as she massaged his balls. She then took the head into her mouth. She then moved her hands to his bum and pushed his prick into her mouth.

He needed no encouragement and took hold of the back of her head and proceeded to moth fuck her. I decided to strip off and take the cover off the Jacuzzi. I knew that Liz loved to be fucked in it, especially doggy style. Liz had now stood up and they were kissing each other and feeling each other up. He with one hand squeezing a tit and fingering her pussy with the other as she slowly wanked him. I joined them and stood behind Liz and eased my stiff prick in between her arse cheeks and grabbed both tits.

Liz then moved away and took both our hands and led us both to the Jacuzzi. We all climbed in and sat either side of Liz. Kev and I took it in turns kissing Liz and groping her tits and playing with her pussy. I let Kev have a longer play with her pussy, letting him finger fuck her for a few minutes as I gently tweaked her swollen nipples. Liz was moaning with sexual delight and some came with a loud moan. She then stood up and sat on Kev, easing his prick up her cunt. He wasted no time, grabbed her tits as she rode him. She went up and down on his prick. She then got off him and moved to the side and lent over the side exposing her arse to him. He stood up and slipped his prick into her and fucked her doggy style. I slowly wanked my prick as I watched another man fuck my sexy beautiful wife. As he pounded her with his prick, she was shouting out “fuck me, fuck me harder you dirty fucking man, push your big prick up me, harder, harder”. I had never seen Liz so sexually charged. Her tits were bouncing up and down as he fucked her. I stood up and got out of the Jacuzzi. I grabbed her tits and played with them, especially her nipples. She then came again with a loud shout”Oh my god keep fucking me Kev, you bad boy, I want your big prick up me. Fuck me harder”.

I was impressed with Kev he had quite a staying power. I went inside and got some condoms and on my return he was still fucking Liz. She was gripping the sides of the Jacuzzi as he pounded away at her. She told me not to bother with a condom she wanted his hot spunk up her pussy. She moved towards the steps and I knelt on them as she took my really hard prick, which felt it was going to burst into her mouth. Kev was gripping her hips and told us he was about to come. Liz released my prick from her mouth as Kev came. As he came he slapped her arse cheeks. Liz also came again and just “Fuck, that was heaven feeling your prick explode inside me”. She told me later that she felt his prick expand inside as he came and felt it pulse as he came in three spurts up her. I got in the Jacuzzi and entered Liz from behind and fucked her. Her pussy was warm and wet with Kev’s spunk. I pumped away at her for 10 minutes before I came with one big spurt. I pulled out of her and Liz got out of the Jacuzzi and bent over on the patio, giving Kev and me a good view of her swollen pussy lips and our spunk oozing out of her cunt. Both Kev and I stood up at the side of the Jacuzzi and Liz came over and took turns on our pricks licking them clean.

We all sat naked on our patio and had a few more drinks. We told Kev he must stay for the night and we all ended up in our king size bed fucking Liz again. Liz occasionally likes her arse fucked and that night both Kev and I fucked her arse, filling it with cum. At one stage she was straddling me, with my prick up her pussy and with Kev’s prick up her arse. She even had us both put our pricks together up her pussy. She lost count of how many times she came during the night. In the morning I prepared breakfast while they carried on fucking in our bedroom. After breakfast we had one last fuck in the garden. Liz was spit roasted in the middle of our lawn. I fucked her while she sucked Kev off, swallowing any spunk he shot into her mouth. When Kev left he has invited us over to Australia to stay with him and meet some of single doctor friends. An offer we think we will not refuse.

Liz did thank me for letting her go wild and is now thinking of expanding it to three men I will let you know how we get on.