Written by John S

6 Jan 2018

This is a true story that happened to me 8 years ago when I was 31 and my wife and I were looking to buy our first home.

We had seen through a house that a building company had built as a Showhome, an older but quite attractive woman called Lauren who worked at the house had shown us around and left us with a myriad of brochures with various building options/configurations on them. We became quite interested and my wife wanted to confirm what some of the measurements in the showhome were, particularly kitchen and bathroom, so I said I would drop in after work one day when I was out that way.

The day I stopped in was terrible, high winds and heavy rain. Lauren was there but had just put the closed sign up, closing early due the lack of customers in that weather, she agreed to let me inside. At the door you take off your shoes it being a showhome and that was the first time Lauren made a slightly flirty remark at me "take your wet clothes off too if you like". I laughed at what I thought was innocent flirting and made a cheeky comment myself. It was then I guess that I really took a closer look at Lauren, she wasn't as old as I had thought, still older than me at about 43-45 , married, blonde, quite a toned fit body, she would of been very pretty in her 20s. We spent the next half hour going over house fittings etc and ended up in the bathroom measuring out different shower sizes. That's when it happened!

Lauren made a couple of comments like "this showers big enough for two" "you should have a hot shower to warm up" and a couple of other blatant come-on remarks. She obviously got tired of dropping hints because she then just said it straight "Im having a shower, join me" and took her blouse off, beautiful large full tits barely held in by her bra. Im male so I got aroused almost instantly and despite being married I just couldn't resist, told myself I wouldn't go all the way just play a little. That's not how it went though, we stripped each other off and had very passionate, even on her part violent, sex in the shower and on the floor! I say violent because after giving me the most amazing deep BJ she bit me hard on the soft part above my hip leaving a deep bruise. One other weird thing was when I was deep in thrusting she was screaming "im a spinner, f**k me harder" , I have no idea what a spinner is?

After our goodbyes I made a point of avoiding the showhome and her again which was hard at times as we did buy a house through that company. My wife Denise went there a number of times and to my great discomfort became quite friendly with Lauren, going out for coffee more than once. One day Denise said she was going to a local play with Lauren and her husband Roger and afterwards maybe a wine at their place, I should join them after the play, I made some excuse about having a callout at work (Im a tiler). Denise came home around midnight slightly tipsy and seemed slightly upset although she jumped on me in bed and we had a quick wham bam. I asked how the night went and she just said she didn't want to see Lauren again because her and Roger were 'Spinners', my god that word again! The next morning I noticed when Denise showered she had 2 bruises in a similar place to the one Lauren had given me, she said she had fallen at work (shes a hairdresser) and I didn't pursue the matter.

8 years later, still married to Denise with now 2 children, I know my lovely wife must of had sex with Lauren and Roger and maybe it got too physical for her, shes never said a thing more about that night and ive certainly kept quiet about my time with Lauren. Ive never cheated on Denise again, learnt my lesson, however I can only speculate on whether or not she has.