Written by Arlington_49

20 Aug 2014

Judi and I were invited to Elaine and Nick’s home on a Sunday eve…to be joined by several other couples. Most of the guests were strangers to one another…Nick & Elaine being the common thread. We understood that was their intent…bringing in ‘fresh couples’ to potentially interact. It worked well!

Nick shrewdly divided the couples into two camps. 4 couples were more dominant, professional-level…men and women who usually command their presence and those around them. 4 other couples appeared more timid… They weren’t necessarily lower social strata, but they appeared men and women who could be easily influenced into following orders! To be candid, I enjoyed the split…I was into having some fun without all the pressures to posture and cajole another lad’s wife into my bed. Of course, it was as natural and more easy for Judi to spec out the gentleman…OR gentlemen…she would engage.

I gravitated to Bradley’s wife…Simone. She’s a 38 year old, admin assistant to a local municipal center. Simone is quite the lovely. I’d say size 14…nicely shaped derriere and breasts…enhanced by toned, muscular ankles and legs. She obviously works out regularly. Her hubby is around same age…perhaps at 40-mark. From the get-go, he was perusing the other wives at the party…made it quite easy for me to introduce myself to Simone. NOT only did I intro, I garnered her attention for drinks. Within the hour I had her…!

Of course, as I nurtured Simone’s attentions, several of the other husbands were focusing on Judi. Clear once again, my wife would become sex resource for several men that night! Nick noted I saw what was happening. He came over to assure I had no objection. I assured him I would be totally taken up with Simone. He laughed…said…”Good to know Arli… Some of the lads have already begun to prep Judi for a fun group session…” I asked what he meant by “prep my wife.” He explained the boys made sure Judi’s champagne would be ‘potent.’ I immediately understood. By the time Judi taken to one of the bedrooms, she’d be oblivious to who…and how many…would enjoy her assets and talents. I learned later after Simone and I had our time together, Judi had been fucked by 4 of the husbands…AND 2 of the wives pleasured themselves off my wife as well… Poor old me…;) It was strictly Simone and I in bed. I assure everyone, Simone has not forgotten how to suck cock! Her pussy, shaved and bear freshly for the party, was a joy to eat out. And, ultimately, enough time for me to re-engage Simone in more ‘classic’ manner. I missionary her most appealing gash…!

Oddly, Judi was returned to the main reception room about the same time Simone and I re-entered. For Judi it was a quickened series of encounters…men who wanted to make sure they got a nice piece of her pussy. AND, for the ladies, an opportunity to subjugate Judi’s “slut reputation” with a variety of dildos…meant to instill retribution with modest pain. Judi did NOT escape the pain…BUT odd as it was for some, she was ready for more! Nick and I saw that Judi was still in the ‘sexual moment’…still under influence of whatever libation or sedative used earlier. I tried to excuse myself from Simone, but she accompanied me as I approached Nick.

I wasn’t finished for the evening…I sensed Nick had yet to start his…AND, clear for me and Nick, Simone was still into the passion of her swap time. I looked at Nick and Simone (forget about her hubby…he was fucking one of the other wives downstairs) and said…”I want to have my wife…the two of you join me…!” With no reaction from Nick, he got up…went over to Judi. Simone took my arm as if to say…”Don’t forget me…!”

Nick escorted Judi back upstairs as I followed with Simone. For the next hour or more, Nick and I…along with Simone…took Judi…my wife Judi…as a harlot! Simone ate out my wife’s cunny…Nick and I followed spit-roasting my woman. To Simone’s surprise…and a little by me…Nick ravished my wife’s derriere. It almost cost me a bite on my swollen cock!! When I realized what Nick was doing, I pulled out of her mouth, awaited my turn between her legs. Smart move on my part…Judi winced in pain AND pleasure. I would have been at risk. As it were, I subsequently fucked Judi missionary once Nick had his way with her. At creaming her well-used cunny, Simone pulled on my attentions to retreat to another guest room. I left Judi to recuperate and regain composure. By the time I ‘gathered’ my wife to return home, I realized another lad had taken her…as she was regaining her ‘composure.’ Semen freshly covered her breasts, mouth and eyes. Days later, Judi claimed to have NO recollection of what happened at the party. However…interesting gossip from Nick…two of the husbands met Judi one afternoon last week. Nick told me it was a repeat performance…ultimately FOUR gentlemen having their way with her. Judi didn’t return to her office that day. NOR did she come home that evening…staying with a female friend on grounds of a ‘business need.’ I’m circumspect re-connecting with Simone, though she’s tried to reach me on the private Mobile I provided her. If I do set a date, it’ll likely be with another friend or two…Nick included as he was instrumental in my first fuck meet with her... I believe we 'conditioned' her to anticipating more than...one-on-one play time...;)