Written by dave

28 Jan 2014

hi this is the 2nd time I have mete this awesome couple,

was a sunday tea time I got a txt of them saying meet us at the res at 7.30 that night

so off I went for a bath and get ready to go, I got there just on time to meet them both in the car park,

all 3 of us walked in the dark only lit by the moon light, it was a cold night as we walked around to the top of the res to the picnic table we used last time,

when we arrived at the table she was told to sit on the table to which she did both me and her husband started to undo her coat and release her tits from a black basque both of us sucking ion her nipples after about couple of mins I moved around the table to the top end where her head was I pulled down my pants and mounted the table and I told her to suck my cock deep slut,

she didn't need telling twice she had my cock nice and deep in her mouth at this point her hubby was teasing her pussy with his cock then moved away,

at this point I wasted no time and moved forward and starded to lick her sweet wet pussy she was loving it a cock in her mouth and having her clit licked, this lasted for about ten mins before I nneed to come up for air (lol)

then I started to finger fuck her one then two fingers then 3 pushing in her slow and very deep then I built up speed she loved it making her cum with me hands all while she was sucking my cock I figer fucked her for 5 mins or so before her hubby came back over and stared to fuck her for a min then I got off the table and moved around to play with her clit while he pulled out of her and he told me to push my bare cock into her for a couple of strokes,

she just said no get a condom on, he held her down to told me to enter her so I did but only for a couple of strokes she was loving it,

then I pulled out and told him to fuck her hard and deep and cum up her as she sucks my cock clean and to taste her juices and takes my cum over her face,

he pushed hard and just as he spunked up her I did the same but didn't remove my cock from her mouth till I knew she had the real taste of me she was licking her lips showing me she had taken it and swallowed the lot,

we all got up and dressed then we walked back to the car park I did tell him I wanted to fuck her in my car he said ok

so when we got back to our cars we stared to snog while she wanked my cock and I fingerd her then he told her to get into the car

the slut did as she was told and got into my car I striped off my pants then reclined the seat while sucking her tits my hand moved down to find the wetest pussy ever so I finger fucked her deep for while till she was ready to take my cock up her,

condom on I moved between her wide open legs and pushed it in slow and deep then woring up to a faster pase,

with my hands under her ass fucking hard calling her a slut I looked up to see her hubby looking through the car window fuck at that point I shot my spunk up her but into the condom, fuck it was awesome to meet a nice clean couple who are genuine and where the lady is a real horny dirty slut,

I pulled out and moved back to my seat she got out of the car and walked to the picnic table where he was standing then they stared to snog,

I was going to go and stand beind her and rub her clit with my cock but a car came into the car park so we all got back into our own car then I drove off,

since then we have done some dirty phone calls while she was getting fuked by her hubby

the next meet up we are going to tie her to a picnic table and use her like a true slut and spunk over her face and pussy

will post the story after the weekend