Written by Jnt3

15 Aug 2009

We thought we would go out to the xxxx water place near the motorway last night and Mrs JN3 got all dressed up in fishnet stockings, suspenders, short pleated skirt, high heels and a white blouse tied in a knot under her ample boobs. She looked fantastic & so very sexy.

All the way from Home she was playing with my cock licking her fingers and massaging the tip until it ached so much it hurt, then she would go down on me and with her hot mouth flicking her tongue over the tip and then swallowing it whole. I had all on not to cum before we got there.

When we arrived on the single lane track going around the xxx when we spotted a guy in a Porsche in a passing place, I smiled and waved at him and he immediately started to follow us hoping to see some action.

Unfortunately the place we last stopped had a car parked there so we drove around for ages with him behind us looking for somewhere quiet to park up. At one point we drove down a lane to only end up in someone's driveway, we turned around and the poor chap had to reverse all the way back! Still Mrs Jnt3 would make up for that later.

Eventually we ended up back on the single track where we first spotted him and parked along side. Mrs Jnt3 got out of the front seat and got in the back somehow managing to lose her panties along the way.

She looked amazing as she strode around in her short skirt and tied blouse in the warm evening air. He quickly got out of his car and came along side the back window which was a heavy tinted window. We discussed leaving the interior light on for him to see better but there was still a few cars passing by despite the single track, lots of single guys although we did see one other couple drive past later. So Mrs JNT3 decided it would be best to leave the back door open so he could watch, but then the interior light remained on all the time, after a few attempts to get it to switch off she just shrugged and said to the guy you may as well get in and shut the door which he willingly did.

This was strange, we had talked about a threesome lots but now this stranger was sitting in the back of my car with my beautiful wife sat in between looking as sexy as hell. I could tell she was horny and wanted to get on with it so I kissed and fondled her while the guy politely sat there watching without speaking but starting to play with himself. I heard him grunt approval at the sight of Mrs Jnt3's breast when i pulled down her bra, I then sucked her nipple and took out my own cock.

His was already stood to attention and in full view so I asked him if he would like Mrs JNT3 to wank him off, he nodded and so she sat there with a cock in either hand jerking us off whilst we each played with her breasts.

I then went down on her swollen clit and started licking and spitting on it. Meanwhile she told me later he sucked on her left breast whilst I did so.

The she went down on my cock the way only Mrs JNT3 knows how, spitting on it first and then filling her hot wet mouth with it up to my balls. She was bobbing her head up and down on my cock and moaning when I noticed he was fingering her Pussy from behind, using two fingers she told me later. By now I just wanted to fuck her so I sat her up and turned her to face the guy sliding my cock into her from behind.

She took hold of his cock and was wanking it whilst I fucked her. I could not help but notice how near her mouth kept getting to the tip of his rampant cock, so I said would you like to suck him off, she nodded and immediately went down on him causing him to groan. Now Mrs JNT3 is an expert at sucking cock and within a few seconds of her attentive tongue doing its work, I heard the Guy say oh no, no, I am going to cum, she carried on oblivious wanking and sucking whilst I fucked her harder and faster. Then she told me later he came just as she took it out of her mouth all over her chin, having satisfied one cock already she now turned to me and went down on me again whilst he contented himself with playing with her pussy.

It was strange seeing how another guy treated her pussy by gently flicking and tickling it with his fingers, she was certainly enjoying the attention and I was enjoying wanking over her whilst he did so.

With my other hand I inserted two fingers into her pussy and pumped away hard until I felt her starting to cum, as pulled them out she squirted her juices all over the centre consul of the car in three big explosive spurts, the guy gasped approvingly.

Then I felt my balls starting to explode I wanted to cum on her tits but only made it to her stocking tops before shooting my spunk all over her suspender belt. Still she leant forward and sucked the last drops of cum from my cock whilst the guy watched in silence.

to be continued..../...