Written by Gaz stockport

16 Nov 2009

After along time watching vids and talking about getting someone else involved with my ex and myself we decided to try dogging.. We had been to a few dogging sites and not had much luck with the police int erupting on a few occasions. On the night in question we went to a local spot and pulled up in the back of the carpark we where the only 1's there and decided that after driving round horny for hours we'd just have some fun together. V had been playing with herself while we had been driving so was lovely and wet her pussy lips where a deep pink and very wet her clit swollen and sensitives running my finger deep inside her she moaned it to my mouth as we kissed deeply.. Lifting her short skirt alittle so i could see in the little light we had.. She then got my cock out which was hard and hurting to be inside her she began to suck me deep in her mouth.. At this point i saw head lights coming down the lane to where we were.. I told v and she stopped and sat back down covering herself again expecting 5-0 to turn up. instead a lovely jag pulled in and parked up opposite us. i could make out the driver but no 1 else. Myself and v carried on touching each other and knowing it may finally happen made the air in the car electric.My cock in her hand she moved and put her knees on the passenger seat and took my cock deep into her mouth again.. lifting her skirt over her waist and getting her lovely tits out her nipples stood right out with my left hand i fingered her lovely wet pussy with my right i played with her beautiful erect nipples.. Leaving her nipples for a few seconds i switched the inside light back on. the doors where locked and we could have driven off at any time.. A minuet or so went by and i saw the door on the jag open and a man about 40 came over to the passenger side watching me playing with v's pussy and slipping a finger up her now well lubed arse. Me being only 35 and v being 36 but both very horny.. The man then got his cock out and was wanking like mad. V looked over her shoulder and went back to sucking me. I asked v if she wanted him to touch her and fuck her which she didnt answer just moaned on my cock and took it deeper in her mouth.. At this i opened her door and the man put his head in and started to finger and lick v's pussy and arse.. this was to much for her and she came hard.. I again asked if she wanted him to fuck her she lifted her head and said yes. he didnt need asking twice and slipped his cock into her now very horny little pussy she moved back on the seat so he went into her deeper. Sucking my cock like mad now this man pumping into her for all he was worth her moaning as my cock was in her mouth the man didnt last long and come deep inside her now used pussy as she came.. She then rolled over so he could get a good view of her sucking me now it was my turn opening her mouth and telling me to wank into her mouth my hand a blur as i got myself to the point of no return i slowed and she started licking the tip of my cock as i came into her open mouth watching my cum sliding over her tongue was amazing and i came loads closing her mouth and swallowing it all.. the guy pulled his pants up and went. we got our selves sorted and went home.. all the way me playing with her used pussy.. She went and got a bath as soon as we got in.. When she got out in the bed room both still in the mood we went at it again we fucked all night. She even asked me to do her up the arse, who am i to say no.. Just wish we were still together and doing it more and more..So this is to you honey thank you..