Written by Deppy72

20 Mar 2008

this happened just last sunday am.jackie had asked me to call round and take some crap to the tip.i arrived round there bout half 9.i went round the back and began to take the crap to my car.then jackie appeared i nthe kitchen and came outside to me.

she had just had a shower, her hair was still wet and she had her dressing gown on and slippers. morning she said, wheres paul i asked 'still in bed''the lazy pig' she said!

fancy a brew? yep but i fancy a fuck 1st! i said, and with that i ushered jackie into the outhouse joined onto the house where she keeps her washing machine,driere etc.i opened her dressing gown revealing her naked body, ive never actually seen jackie or fucked her totally naked before and i must admit shes far hornier and sexier partially clothed!

anyway she still looked fuckable! her nipples were stickin out as it were a cold morning i discarded her dressing gown turned her round and bent her over the washing machine. i parted her legs and rubbed my fingers up and down her arse crack and rubbed her hairy minge. by this time i had a hard-on,i dropped my shorts and i rammed my erect cock up her fanny and pummelled her from behind. i fucked so hard the washing machine was rockin back and too. i felt her tits as i pumped into her, jackies big arse was shakin as i layed into her pussy. i jetted my load up her fanny within a few minutes.

i removed my cock from jackies pussy, pulled up my shorts and carried on filling the car up.jackie put her gown back on and went to make us a coffee.

we sat together in the kitchen having our drink talking.i told her i had plans to buy her some stockings this week,she told me she had never worn stockings in her life before and didnt know what all the fuss was about.i said your legs look really sexy in tights i like them alot but ive wanted to fuck you with stockings on for the past 10 years! you better get some then jackie said!