Written by notts-lads

5 Nov 2010

I met Kerry 2 years ago through an internet chatroom, we swapped email addresses and over the next few weeks chatted regularly. The texts and emails were quite filthy and I'd often go wank thinking about fucking Kerry in the arse. While chatting online one evening she said she needed a fuck and why don't I come to see her as she was at home alone. I drove the hour to her place with a constant hard-on and when I knocked at her door she let me in with a wicked grin on her face. She was abour 5'5, size 12, big boobs and a nice round arse that just needed fucking.

She wasted no time and was kissing me hard as soon as we wre in the living room. i was so turned on, I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her onto her knees, within secounds she had my cock out, it sprang to attention - 7'' of hard meat in front of her face. Her warm, wet mouth felt fantastic on my engorged helmet. She licked up and down the length of my shaft like an expert while occasionally putting as much of my cock in her mouth as possible. By now I had handfuls of her hair in both hands and started fucking her sluts mouth for all I was worth. She loved me calling her a filthy little whore, I told her that she had to do whatever I told her to do that night. She agreed saying she was my slut, but I was going to be her slut too, I said fine - not really knowing what she had in mind.

After about 15 mins of expert cock sucking I ordered her on all fours in the middle of the living room and I pulled her trousers and knickers off. I plunged my rock hard cock in her sopping pussy in one thrust, she screamed out i pleasure and told me to fuck her tight pussy hard, which I duly obliged. She came quickly and I pulled out and made her suck my juices off my cock. I alternated between fucking her pussy and mouth till she'd come another twice. I still hadn't cum but wanted to fuck her more before I did. I pulled out of her now dripping snatch and told her to get upstairs and on the bed.

In the bedroom I told her I was going to fuck her tight arse. She just smiled and spread her milky white arse cheeks for me. I positioned myself behind her and after couple of attempts my helmet slipped inside. Kerry let out a gasp and i slowly eased my cock inside her arse. God you're such a fucking slut i told her, just fuck my arse hard now you fucker she screamed. I didn't need any more invitation and banged her arse as hard as i could. I pulled out and grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth onto my cock, she greadily sucked and lapped her arse juices off it. I fucked her arse and mouth a few more times before telling her I was about to cum. She got on her hands and knees as I positioned my cock in front of her face. I came and came loads all over her face, mouth and hair. She greedily lapped it up from around her mouth and I scooped all I could into her eager mouth. After draining the last few drops off my helmet she smiled and said now it's my turn.

She positioned me on all fours and knelt behind me, she started by gently lapping my balls from behind and gently sucking each of them in her mouth. It was my turn to gasp as she started to lick my arsehole, lightly at first, then with greater energy and enthusiasm - fuck this girl really was filthy. She darted her tongue in my tight hole a few times then kissed me, shoving her tongue deep in my mouth letting me taste my arse on it. She returned her attentions to my arse again licking it and then she slid a finger inside. I'd not had anything in my arse before but was so turned on I didn't care. Before long she had 2 then 3 fingers up my arse, she pulled them out and offered me them to suck. You're my slut now - suck them. How could i refuse? She then pushed an anal vibrator inside me and flipped me on my back and deep-throated my cock while fucking my arse with the vibe. I was in ecstacy and it wasn't long before I shot a second load in her mouth. This time she didn't swallow but kissed me on the mouth and shared my salty cum with her. This was the dirtiest night of my life and there was more to come.

Kerry showed me her box of toys that she kept under her bed. There were beads, a big strap-on which must have been about 9'', love eggs and other toys. What do you want to do to me now? It's my turn to be your slut again, she said. Put the love eggs in my arse i told her, she popped them in and I got her on all fours again. I'm going to shove the 9'' dildo in your cunt and then I'll fuck your arse. Her eyes lit up and was on her hands and knees in no time. First I slid the rubber cock in her pussy, then slowly eased my cock into her willing arsehole, it felt so fucking tight with her cunt full with the dildo. She came strainght away as I fucked both her holes at the same time. I pulled my cock out a few times so I could tongue her arse and so she could lick her arse juices off my cock. I lost count of how many times she came before I came a third time in her mouth - which she shared with me.

I was spent by now and was ready to fall asleep, but Kerry had other ideas. She told me to lie on my back, then she strapped the 9'' rubber cock on. Now you'll be my bitch! Get you legs spread and up in the air now. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to take all of that thing. It hurt as she pushed the head of it inside my ring. She poured some lube on theshaft of it and slowly eased it in my virgin arse. I thought it was going to split me but it also felt strangely pleasureable. You're gonna take it all bitch she told me - and I did. Once it was in to the hilt she slowly pulled out then plunged back in - fuck! it felt so intense. I started biting and sucking her nipples as she fucked my arse. After about 10 minutes I came one mre time and she pulled out in 1 swift movemant and shoved the rubber cock in my mouth. I sucked it eagerly and we both eventually fell asleep exhasted.

I carried on seeing Kerry for several months after that and we met some couples and bi guys from here - but they're other stories.