Written by Yummicreme

23 Apr 2010

As they say in all the best stories: the names of the guilty have been changed to protect the innocent. I'm not sure that any of us are exactly innocent but I also don't think that making our names public would be good for our careers as our careers revolve around discretion and diplomacy.

I shall call myself Maria, which is as good a name as any for an Irish girl from Dublin. I spent most of my childhood there but moved to London with my parents when I became a teenager and then studied at university in Amsterdam. With each move I appreciated the extra freedom I was getting. Catholic Ireland can be excessively conservative and has a level of social control which I find unpleasant. So it's a good thing that I don't live there any more.

A couple of years ago I took at job at an international organization based in Washington DC and I have been living here ever since. Shortly before I started the job I married my long-time boyfriend, who I met when I did my postgraduate degree back in London. He was born and grew up in London and he also works for an organization giving him something akin to diplomatic status here in Washington DC.

But maybe I should go back to my time in Amsterdam to explain the context. I had had a fairly normal time as a teenager in London. I had a few boyfriends while I was studying for my A Levels, lost my virginity to some of the most unexceptional sex of my life and generally couldn't wait to see what would happen to me in cosmopolitan Amsterdam, with its coffee shops, red light zone and so on.

I think it's fair to say that while I didn't have to count beyond both hands to work out how many boys I slept with during my freshman year at university I didn't have many free fingers. I loved it. If I liked the boy and he liked me then we could find somewhere and fuck our brains out. If we really liked each other then we could do it again and again.

So while I was there I would sometimes find that I was dating more than one boy at a time. I wasn't secretive about it and some boys didn't like that but some boys reveled in the fact that I was also going with others. And frankly, I liked the fact that they were going with other girls and occasionally other boys, too.

Eventually I found a group that was into polyamoury and we settled into a relationship where we only had sex within our group. This was really great. Because we were only having sex within our group we could do away with condoms and use non barrier contraceptive methods. At first I tried the pill and then I got an IUD. This was when I found out that I loved feeling a man's sperm spurting against my cervix and also loved it when I had two or more men in bed with me.

When I graduated from university in Amsterdam and moved back to London for a postgraduate degree course I had to leave my poly family and I wasn't sure what would happen. So I was very surprised when I fell in love with just one man and found myself getting married. Of course, it wasn't quite as simple as that. I hadn't quite slipped into the conservative ways of my Dublin roots. We both liked to swing and London was big enough to have a lot of couples and single men who wanted to swing with us.

It wasn't quite the same, of course. Swinging clubs and casual meets meant that I had to rely on condoms rather than the IUD but nonetheless we had a great time together, both when we were just together and when we were together with others.

So now we have left university and have fairly responsible jobs for organizations that do fairly important work. We have to be discreet and make sure that our personal preferences stay private. Fortunately, there are other young couples and singles in our social circle who also enjoy swinging. They are sexy, trustworthy and clean.

It's not exactly the same as the poly family I lived in at university in Amsterdam because we all live as separate couples or singles but we all remain committed to the group and don't have sex outside it. And now I've discovered something quite wonderful and I love it.

While I have always loved having sex with two men at one time and enjoyed double penetration I don't like anal sex. So in the past I have been happy to suck off one man while the other fucked my pussy. I would never let one man fuck my pussy while the other fucked my arse. And then one evening we were with one of my favourite single guys, a New Zealander who shaves his public area to help get his cock that little bit further inside a pussy. He suggested that both he and my husband try and penetrate my pussy at the same time.

I don't know why I had never thought of trying that before! It was just so naughty it was sublime! I love being stretched by a really fat cock and I love the feel of a cock blowing inside me and the feel of the sperm spattering against my cervix. But now I could feel so much more.

When I have two cocks inside me I feel really very stretched, even if neither cock is particularly large on it's own. But what really gets me going in the fact that I don't just have the men having sex with me I have them having sex with each other inside me. Their cocks aren't just rubbing and stimulating me -- and they rub and stimulate me in the most sublime way, I assure you -- they are also rubbing and stimulating each other.

Both men can feel the other man's penis rubbing and pushing against his own. Both men are lubricated by the other man's precum as well as my own vaginal lubrication. The sperm of each man covers the other man's cock after if spurts deep inside my pussy.

And as you'll probably have guessed, I'm around that age where I want to have my first baby. I've stopped using any contraception lately. My husband as do all my lovers. So now I have the extra thrill that when I have two cocks spurting their sperm inside my fertile pussy, one of them might get me pregnant. Most likely it will be my husband getting me pregnant as we have sex together several nights a week and I try to only have sex with him when I am at my most fertile. But a few nights a month we invite another man or another couple to our bed and so it is possible that one of our guests could be the fact her of our first child.

We've only been trying for a baby for a couple of months and I haven't caught yet but I'm sure it will happen soon enough.