Written by Jacques/jill

15 Dec 2007

It all started innocently enough. A weekend invitation by Natalia to a secluded cottage on a private island she and her boyfriend Greg rented for the summer. George, my current boyfriend and I drove up Friday afternoon after work.

I must admit I was shocked and somewhat turned on when we arrived and Natalia greeted us wearing nothing more than a skimpy thong, displaying the most delicious pair of nipples adorning her perfectly pear-shaped firm breasts. Natalia shares with other Latino women plenteous strong curvy hips and thighs, rounded magnificent buttocks and a mane of curly jet-black hair, not to speak of temptingly sensuous full lips that betray the promise of similarly luscious lips concealed behind the brief triangle of her thong.

Greg showed us to our room and invited us to join Natalia and him on the beach. “How about Natalia” I said to George! I wouldn’t dare displaying myself like this, even if it is summer and all”

“Oh chill Jill. Maybe she is a naturist. George undressed in front of me. I couldn’t help notice by his semi-erect cock that he had not been indifferent to the charming display of Natalia’s luscious curves. He put on a fairly conservative Speedo bathing suit, and with me in tow wearing a long dress and an oversized straw-hat we made our grand entrance on the beach. I hate getting sunburned.

Greg was simply naked, not even wearing a concealing thong, proudly displaying the most amazing cock that even only semi-erect was of a temptingly tantalizing size. I have always liked solid firm buns on a man. And Greg did not disappoint me. From behind, when he stood his legs apart, deep in between the furrow of his magnificent buttocks hung invitingly the heaviest balls I have known.

Not that my poor George lacks in endowment, but it was the element of unexpected display of all this natural beauty in our guest that made me dizzy. We lay on beach long- chairs chatting and sipping Long Island cocktails on crushed ice as if we were at a regular happy hour downtown and not at some semi-nude beach party.

Natalia finished her drink and slipped out of her thong revealing a neatly shaved cunt adorned with a thin slip of pubic hair crowning the top near her clit. She announced she was going in for a dip to cool off as she swayed her generously proportioned buttocks past me. I wish at that moment I could join her in the water naked also.

We stayed on the beach late into the night. Greg, now wearing shorts barbecued for us. Natalia, covering her hips only by brief tie-dye wrapper displaying her incredible breasts served more drinks.

The heat, the alcohol and the intense emotional arousal I experienced all evening had worn me out. I excused myself and left George in the company of our hosts to get some rest.

But I was just too turned on to sleep. I needed an outlet to all that pent-up sexual power in me. I took a shower and just enjoyed the sinfully erotic feeling of the shower water caressing my nude body. I took hold of the hand held shower and felt the full jet power of the water against my clit. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation of the water jet shower driving me closer and closer to my orgasm, when suddenly I felt a hand taking the shower from mine, and with the other hand spreading my thighs exposing my cunt to the full blast of the jet. Sill my eyes closed I assumed it was George coming in for the night. He was ready for a good fuck I thought, just as I was.

My breathing betrayed how close I was to reaching my climax. I was wondering what kept George to penetrate me with is cock. You can imagine my surprise and my embarrassment of this compromising situation when I opened my eyes and saw Natalia in the shower with me giving me the most incredible tongue-fucking that drove me to incredible heights of ecstasy I did even knew could be possible.

“You needed that,” she said as I moaned in utter bliss. Her wrapper made semi-transparent by the wetness of the shower was plastered to her hips, suggesting more than concealing what was being covered.

“Follow me,” she ordered me. “Don’t bother putting on any cloths.” I asked Natalia where were we going that I should be nude. Natalia didn’t answer. Instead she slipped her middle finger into the furrow of my ass, close enough that as we walked, I could feel Natalia’s finger stimulating my anus. It was unexpectedly pleasant. I felt somewhat surprised to be enjoying the new experience of what otherwise I wouldn’t have thought to be an erotic area of my body.

I made my nude entrance led by Natalia still holding by my ass in the brightly lit living room. Greg and George were enjoying Cognac and cigars. At the sight of my complete nudity both men expressed their ecstatic approval at my forms so suggestively revealed to them, while being finger-fucked by Natalia up my ass.

“Jill, you mean you kept these delicious breasts and that awesomely tempting cunt hidden from us all day?” said Greg. There was something deliciously embarrassing to be nude like that in front of all these people. I was living one of my secret erotic fantasizes: Being put nude on display in some hot, sultry market, to be auctioned off to the highest bidder offering gold and precious stones for my virginity, while dark skinned swarthy men noisily bid on me in some foreign language I couldn’t understand.

The fantasy goes on. A handsome young man, his face covered by his turban and riding on his white stallion drove his horse right in the middle of the haggling crowd of hungry men. He approaches me as I lower my eyes betraying the emotional confusion in my heart, and I coveri modestly my cunt with one hand and cross over my breasts the other, I am standing nude before the man on the white horse who has so suddenly stolen my heart. He removes my hand and overcomes my resistance to spread my thighs. I offer to the noisy crowd of men a full view of the pale rose lips of my cunt exposing the jewel of my virginity. Yes no man had taken away that precious prize, now reserved for the mysterious young rider who pays a handsome sum for his prize.

He scoops me off to ride with me naked in his arms to a far away oasis. There the other women of the harem prepare me for the night of delight ahead, lavishing perfumes and balms on me, shaving my cunt and enhancing my vaginal lips with a light rose coloring. The women even visit my anus to adorn it with a white cream coloring to cover the natural dark brown blemish around that hole, all the while admiring my natural beauty.

“We envy you” they seem to clamor in words I don’t understand. The women demonstrate for me how to enhance the pleasure for my mater, as I am about to give himself to him. I am grateful for the lesson.

Bejeweled with gold and precious stones as my only cloths, otherwise completely nude I am blindfolded before being led into the tent where my mysterious master who had bought me is waiting to take me. I offer my virginity and myself as the gift of my love for him. I am at the height of arousal. My vaginal lips close ever so tight against his throbbing penis. He removes my blindfold and for the first time I gaze at my lover. He makes me promise I would always be nude for him. The fantasy ends when exhausted I fall in his arms.

Natalia suggested the boys should strip naked. Greg and George stood proudly displaying their full throbbing erection. I had never seen George so big. Greg stroked gently himself in full view of everyone, not caring about that we were all watching him.

Natalia stood between the two men stroking them simultaneously. Their cocks were by now glistening with their juices. I thought, looking at George we was ready to explode his seed. Natalia deftly squeezed the head of his dick, preventing him from coming yet.

“Would you like to watch a double plug Jill?” Natalia proposed. Not knowing what a double plug meant I said I was curious. Natalia spread her thighs wide apart at the edge of the couch, inviting Greg to fuck her cunt. I assumed George would slip his dick up her ass. But I was wrong. George caressed the furrow between her ass cheeks before joining Greg in her cunt. What a lucky girl, I thought two cocks fucking her cunt.

But it was me who got the DP feeling inside me as Greg’s cock in my ass was rubbing against George’s dick in my cunt. I have always been a clit woman. While those two guys fucked me from behind and from the front simultaneously Natalia managed to squeeze in to rub my clit. Rapidly I was reaching an incredible orgasm, squirting profusely all over George’s face, who by now had taken over from Natalia and licking furiously my clit. Greg warned me he was about to discharge as he pressed harder his cock up my ass sending shivers of painful pleasures up my spin. He let go, filling me with his hot juices. As he pulled out George entered my mouth I sucked him tasting Natali’s musty cunt juices she had left on his cock as he was fucking her while Greg was rimming my ass. George warned me he was about to come. I kept furiously sucking him until he came in hot delicious spurts in my mouth. When he pulled out Natalia kissed me parting my lips and searching with her tongue to share George’s discharge…

By now we were all exhausted. I felt fulfilled, as I had never been before. Near tears I closed my naked body against that of my three lovers. An unforgettable week –end continued till when we drove back to town my cunt, my mouth my ass and my breasts had lost their virginity in the most delicious ways I never imagined possible.