Written by willthewood

15 Nov 2012

Well wow wot a couple to have the privalage to meet, Pete n Sam Replyed to my message to them on here and as they lived near where I am in my workshop premisis agerred to pop in and say Hi to me. I thought It was only going to be a chance to say hi and wasnt expecting what happened when they turned up. I was just in my scruffy work clothes when Pete n Sam walked in. Well I knew straight away I liked what I saw of beautifull blonde big boobed Sam mmmm. I showed them around and we ended up in my small office upstairs when she unbuttened her low cut top showing me her lovely tit and very errect nipples mmmm As i put my arm round her,kissing her slipped my hand up her very short skirt to find out she has no knickers!!!! Pete says she never wears them lol. Then before i know it shes feeling inside my boxers and starts to suck my cock. Wow I got a hardon and she didnt stop untill I had shot my load in her mouth, the sexy lut lol mmmm.So it was decided she wanted more of me. A week later i get atxt from Sam to say she wanted to visit me again and as her hubby was laid up in bed not feeling well. So she turns up wearing skimpy skirt n stockings n heels. We start kissing and i fondle her boobs and she takes her top off, no bra mmmm she sits down and opens her legs wide and i stroke a very wet errect horny clitt and slide two fingers in making her moan mmm. I get down on my knees and open her pussy lips and lick her juices and suck n tease her clitt mmmm. She then sucks my cock beautifully licking my smooth balls and pushing me down on the floor and straddling me teasing my throbbing cock before taking me deep inside her and riding me deep n slow till i shop my cumm deep inside,mmmm I fingered her and made her cumm good after licking her large clitt and with three fingers in her fingered her soaking wet g,spot mmmmmmm. Thank you Sam your so hot n sexy and im here for you anytime lol. Please fuck me again soon. you make me very happy and im enjoying the pics i took.Untill next time when your hubby may join in, stay horny lol xxxxx Wanton W