Written by wesleyomand

22 May 2013

Part 1 18 October 2012

Part 2

It was after midnight that I heard Helen in the bathroom and I switched the light on. "Are you alright darling?"

"This isn't our room is it?" She asked.

"No love it's Bill's room. He's gone to the reception with Mike." I said.

"Oh." She said still standing by the bathroom door naked. "Are they coming back here?"

"I expect so. It's Bill's room." I said.

"Are we staying here?" She said.

"I thought we'd get some sleep and have a party when they get back."

"A party?". She said.

"Yes. A party like before." I paused for a moment. "We had a good time didn't we?"

"I suppose." She said. "I was very drunk... I wouldn't normally."

"Of course you wouldn't. You're not regretting it are you?"

"I don't know." She said.

"I'm not." I said. "I thought we really enjoyed ourselves."

"I thought you'd be jealous." She said.

"Well there is that." I said. "If I thought I was going to lose you I would be jealous but that's not going to happen. Is it?"

"No that's not going to happen." She said.

"You did enjoy it. Didn't you?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, I was very drunk." She said.

"You certainly seemed to enjoy it. We all did. You were on fire. I think it will be even better now that we've sobered up a bit. Tell you what, let's get some water and a cup of tea and see how we feel then?" I said.

She nodded. I got up, made tea and we chatted some more. She had some paracetamol to stave off a headache and drank plenty of water. We got back into bed and continued talking.

We had been quiet for a while and it was approaching one O'clock. "I'm getting a hard on again, Helen, just thinking about the guys getting back." After a minute I went on. "But listen if you want to leave, go back to our room, you just have to say the word." She didn't say anything and took hold of my hardening penis.

We were snuggled up and must have nodded off because the next thing I know there's a rumpus at the door and in comes Bill and Mike followed by three men who looked to be in their twenties. "Hello." Says Bill who goes on to introduce Stuart, Steve and Simon. "This is Helen and Wesley. Helen's the sexiest woman in the world and Wesley's the best husband in the world."

We sat up a little and said hello, Helen demurely holding the bed clothes over her breasts. Mike started to take his clothes off.

"You don't mind us bringing the lads back do you? They really want to meet you and I thought you'd like them." Said Bill enthusiastically.

I turned to her and said. "I don't mind. Do you?" She shrugged. I guess that meant that she didn't mind.

Mike now naked, came to the side of the bed and said. "Shall I go first again?" Helen moved to the middle and lay back, I helped him slip the covers onto the floor. She closed her eyes and opened her legs. He climbed aboard and entered her. I watched the other guys get undressed.

She opened her eyes looking at me and I mouthed. "I love you." She did the same back then turned to face Mike who was getting into his stride. I glanced around the room at the others who were playing with themselves and watching just like it was a porn film. My gaze settled on Stuart's enormous penis, I'd never seen anything like it.

She had started panting by the time Mike ejeculated into her and, at Bill's invitation and with Helen's aquiecance Steve took his place. Stuart's penis was hardening as was Simon's, Bill's and mine were still pretty limp. Steve was a bull in a china shop and after only a few minutes had Helen moaning, panting and making all kinds of noises as she reached a climax. When he orasmed Helen held him around the neck and kissed him as he made the last few jerky slow and powerful thrusts into her.

He started to climb off leaving her out of breath and hot with beads of sweat starting to appear on her breasts and forehead. She lifted herself up on her elbows, legs still wide open and her vagina covered in goo as Simon stepped forward to the end of the bed. His penis was now hard and ready. He knelt on the end of the bed and started shuffling up between Helen's legs. He placed a hand on the bed by helen's chest and used the other to feed his penis into her. He shuffled a little more, put his hands either side of her chest. She dropped down flat and he started thrusting into her. She lifted her legs into the air and became very noisy, very quickly.

He added his mess and climed off grinning. Helen was now lathered in sweat and quite out of breath. Bill handed her a glass of water. "Do you want to have a little rest Helen?" She nodded, took the water and drank it straight down. "You'll want to get your breath back befor you you take on Stuart won't you." He indicated towards Stuart who was holding his penis to his body. Bill turned to him and said. "Let the the girl see what you've got man." He moved his hands away and his long, thick, stiff penis stood proudly in front of him. Bill turned back to Helen. "Not too big for you is he."

"I don't know. I don't think so" She answered.

Stuart spoke directly to Helen. "I think it'll be alright. If you go on top you can control how deep we go. Shall we try?"

"OK." She answered simply and Stuart climbed on the bed lay on his back and Helen climbed aboard. After a little adjustment he slipped into her and she settled onto him. I was amazed she lifted herself up and down a few times and was taking his full length within seconds. She leaned forward and Stuart's hips started working and he was soon fucking her from below slapping into her as his penis went up to the hilt at each stroke. He picked up the pace and fucked her viusly causing her to make laud, appeaciative noises. Eventually he started jerking as he too added his load and plopped out of her.

They stayed in position on the bed she was breathing loadly and leaning on Stuart's chest. Her vagina was gaping open with semen in and all around it. Bill climbed on the bed put two fingers into her vagina and spread semen onto her anus then pushed a finger in that tight little hole. Helen made a little griunting noise. He climbed up and slipped his penis into her vagina and she pushed back into him. He pulled out smeared a little more goo onto and into her anus then followed it in with his penis. She again pushed back onto him and he proceeded to fuck her virgin arse hole.

Helen took cock for the next couple of hours. For the first time in my life I fucked her arse. More than once she had three cocks in her at the same time. The guys eventually went back to thier own rooms. Helen slept between Bill and I. I woke up alone in the bed hearing familiar sounds coming from the bathroom. I opened the door to see Helen bent over in the shower being fucked from behined by Bill. They both smiled at me. I waited my turn with my piss proud cock in my hand.